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Love-hate relationship...

Schnell Fenster is a New Zealand band formed in Melbourne in 1986 and originally made up of Noel Crombie, Michael Den Elzen, Nigel Griggs, Phil Judd and Eddie Rayner. All former members of another group and not the least since it is 'Split Enz'.

Group name - 'fast window' in German - which would be a reference to the experimental steam locomotive built in the 1930s, a locomotive that will reach extreme speeds but with proven dangerousness...

A first album "The sound of trees" was released in 1988, an album that will not go unnoticed in the southern sphere and produce their first 2 high-caliber Singles, "Whisper" and "Love-hate relationship".

New hit Single two years later in 1990 with "Ok alright a Huh Oh yeah", title taken from their new album which bears the same name as the Single and which will be released a year later in 1991.

Album which will produce another successful title "Heroes let you down" the same year, title which will be their last major title because the adventure will not go further than this year 1991...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Whisper 1988

  • Love-hate relationship 1988

  • Sleeping mountain 1988

  • That's impossible 1988

  • The spound of trees 1988

  • Long way away 1988

  • This illusion 1989

  • Ok alright a Huh Oh yeah 1990

  • Fire ball 1991

  • Rebecca 1991

  • Same boat 1991

  • Heroes let you down 1991


Clips :

1988...first title and already first major success in the entire southern sphere. It must be said that for former members of Split Enz we expected no less...

1988...certainly the group will never be able to match the level of success achieved by Split Enz but what they have to offer is far from deserving, that's clear !

1988... they will only release 2 small albums during this - short - adventure but there is quality in all that, it is clear...

1988...a group that would have deserved a little more important planetary recognition but like any New Zealand group it will not have been easy to shine further than the southern sphere...

1988... and it is precisely the purpose of these articles to bring these groups back to light because they are an integral part of this blessed decade on a musical level...

1988...they will even have been good in titles with finesse and lightness, which does not spoil anything, quite the contrary. A group with the most complete profile...

1989...a year 1989 which allows them to get a third hit, certainly less important than the first two but all the same... opus but also last opus. We will therefore have to make the most of what they will offer later...

1991...a new opus with less success than its predecessor but which it would have been a shame to hide because there is quality in all that once again...

1991...between the Split Enz adventure and the Schnell Fenster adventure, the members of the group will have shown the full extent of their talent. And there's talent in all that, that's for sure... adventure that is almost coming to an end. But as always it is better to have a short but full career than a long career with insipid taste...

1991...might as well end the adventure by going out the front door with this latest hit. Good job from start to finish !


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