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Born to sing...

En Vogue is an American group formed in 1989 in Oakland and originally composed of Terry Ellis, Dawn Robinson, Maxine Jones and Cindy Herron. A group (which will start as a quartet and end as a trio) composed exclusively of girls and which can boast of having sold no less than 20 million records around the world.

The first album "Born to sing" was released a year later in 1990. First attempt and master stroke for this album which ended up being certified Triple Platinum and which produced 4 hits, the most important of which was "Hold on". Single flagship which will be a real hit in the Charts. Three more hits that were slightly less successful followed, namely "Lies", "You don’t have to worry" and "Don’t go".

New album "Funky divas" in 1992 and new colossal success. The album will sell around 5 million copies ! The singles "My lovin (You’re never gonna get it)" and "Giving him something he can feel" will be the biggest hits. Little followed by "Free your mind" (which won no less than 3 MTV Video Music Awards) and "Give it up turn it loose".

The group joined forces in 1993 with another group, in this case Salt-N-Pepa, to produce the single "Whatta man" which in turn hit the peaks of the Charts.

It was in 1996 that the group achieved its biggest success with the track "Don‘t let go (Love)". Despite these repeated successes, Dawn Robinson decided to leave the group in 1997. It therefore continued as a trio and released the album "EV3".

Whether the girls are 4 or 3 doesn't change much, the hits follow one another in an impressive way. The album will be certified Platinum and the single "Whatever" it comes from will experience its heyday.

But which will indeed be the last notorious success of the group. The singles that will be released subsequently cannot compete with their predecessors.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Hold on 1990

  • Lies 1990

  • You don't have to worry 1990

  • Don't go 1991

  • Strange 1991

  • My lovin’ (You’re never gonna get it) 1992

  • Giving him something he can feel 1992

  • Free your mind 1992

  • Give it up, turn it loose 1992

  • Love don't love you 1993

  • Runaway love 1993

  • What is love 1993

  • Whatta man 1994

  • Don’t let go (Love) 1996

  • Whatever 1997

  • Too gone, too long 1997

  • No fool no more 1998

  • Riddle 2000

  • Ooh boy 2004


Clips :

1990 ... a very R'n'B start and which from the outset propelled the 4 girls to the top of the Charts. A shattering start that already says a lot about the group's potential ...

1990 ... and success started to be global, an extremely rare thing. It's a wave sweeping the world that nobody and nothing can stop

1990 ... the 'little' hit of the year. After the previous 2 huge steamrollers, it's hard to compete as they say. But we will largely be satisfied with it !

1991 ... a title which literally floats in the air and which will meet only a limited level of success. Go figure ...

1991 ... the years go by but are not necessarily alike. As much as 1990 was remarkable from all points of view, 1991 will prove to be somewhat disappointing on the Charts side. And this despite pieces of more than certain quality ...

1992 ... but it is to be better reborn the following year. They sign here one of their biggest successes to date and surely one of the flagship titles of the decade. Good job girls !

1992 ... a little foray into Glamor, an area where girls can play the femme fatale. And my faith, they are as at ease in the Dance as in the Intimist

1992 ... a parenthesis that closes as quickly as it opened. Return to the pure and hard Dance and in tigress mode moreover. Day and night with the previous track ...

1992 ... 1992 will undoubtedly stay as THEIR best year. They align the mega hits with such ease that we see them parties for 20 years minimum career. To be continued...

1993 ... the adventure continues unabated. Girls are at the top of their game and it shows. Especially it can be heard !

1993 ... as a rule, even years do better for them than odd years. The year 1993 will be a good vintage but nothing more ...

1993 ... a title which will pass somewhat under the radar. And yet it is far from unworthy. But in an ocean of mega hits, it's hard to find your place ...

1994 ... only one title for the year 1994 but of a very large caliber. The girls play it in duet mode with one of the heavyweights of the moment namely Salt-N-Pepa. The result is necessarily up to the task !

1996 ... small air hole in 1995. It is better to return the following year. They deliver here one of their biggest hits to date, and as paradoxical as it may seem, in Intimist mode. Tigresses yes. But tigresses with a big heart !

1997 ... the last mega hit of the decade. One of many. A busy career that will have made this group one of the leading groups of the end of the 20th century

1997 ... an essentially Glamor-oriented end of the decade. After the dance mega hits of the beginning of the decade, we ended very gently. And why not...

1998 ... further proof of their special talent for the Intimist. A song that literally floats in the air ...

2000 ... and here they are in the 2000s. Even if the best years are now behind, they will still sign their last mega hit here. 10 years at the top, a sacred feat as they say !

2004 ... the last hit. This time the adventure is drawing to a close and the girls are doing more of the extras than anything else. Hard law of the trade ...


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