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April moon...

Sam Brown, whose real name is Samantha Brown, is an English singer-songwriter who began her artistic career at the age of 14, notably playing backing vocals on the Small Faces album "78 in the shade". But it will take another 10 years and the year 1988 before she can finally fly its wings. It was thanks to the A&M label, with whom she signed two years earlier in 1986, that she was finally able to release her first track "Walking back to me", a single that unfortunately went almost unnoticed. The next one is not, far from it. The title “Stop !” which comes out in the wake, will make a real planetary success and launch in a sensational way the career of the young singer. Title taken from the album of the same name which was also released in 1988. An album which will sell more than 2.5 million copies worldwide and which will produce two other very high-caliber singles which are "This feeling", always the same year and "Can I get a witness", a luxury cover of Marvin Gaye's title, which was released a year later in 1989. Planetary success confirmed in 1990 with the release of the album "April moon", an album with less success than the previous one and whose flagship singles will be "With a little love" and "Kissing gate". Unfortunately, the great adventure will take a much darker turn when her mother dies prematurely of cancer, a death that deeply affects the singer. So much so that she slams the door of her record label and decides to produce her new album "43 minutes" on her own. Album which leaves painfully in 1992 and which will inevitably be a failure, for lack of sufficient promotion. Failure from which she will never recover and which will definitely put a stop to a career which was nevertheless more than promising ... To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

  • Walking back to me 1988

  • Stop 1988

  • This feeling 1988

  • Can I get a witness 1989

  • With a little love 1990

  • Kissing gate 1990

  • Once in your life 1990

  • Mindworks 1990

  • As one 1990

  • Fly up to the moon 1991

  • Fear of life 1993

  • Just good friends 1995

  • Whisper 1997

  • Intuition 1997

  • Timebomb 2000

  • Breathe in life 2000

  • Blood run cold 2000

  • Make it tonight 2004

  • You'd think i'd know by nom 2007

  • Void 2007


Clips :

1988 ... a particularly punchy first title, so punchy that it will go completely under the radar. Nice try but it will not be for this time ...

1988 ... the rest will be the exact opposite of the previous title, that is to say all in finesse and softness. And this time, the result will exceed all the singer's expectations by offering her her first global mega hit. She sees herself propelled in a sensational fashion on the front of the stage and signs here one of the Intimist titles among the most emblematic of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1988 ... an Intimist area which is particularly successful for her. The proof with this new top hit which comes to close an absolutely exceptional year 1988 for the singer

1989 ... new year and above all new style. She returned to the Dance register and even if this title was a significant success, we can see that this is not the area in which she expresses herself best ...

1990 ... here she has already happened in the following decade. One would have thought that she would further amplify the success she had in previous years. Unfortunately, it's not quite going to turn out like this ...

1990 ... the last notorious hit. And yes, already. A career to say the least dazzling and that we would have liked to see last, last, last ...

1990 ... she rediscovers the fundamentals that have so far been quite successful. Even if this Intimist title is of a certain quality, the singer will never be able to catch up with the leading pack again ...

1990 ... and yet it wouldn't have taken much for her to get back into the race. She will not have been able to take the measure of the musical evolutions of this decade 90 and will pay it cash

1990 ... a pretty ballad, unclassifiable, timeless and above all unlike anything that can be done on a musical level in this decade of 90 where everything goes at the speed of light ...

1991 ... one would have thought that the meeting with Black was going to produce sparks. The result is certainly very nice but totally outside what the public expects at the beginning of the decade. Pity...

1993 ... the salutary metamorphosis. Unfortunately it is far too late and the delay with the competition will never be made up. Hard law of the trade ...

1995 ... whether alone or with others, this unfortunately does not change the situation. The singer's fate definitely shifted in the wrong direction during the 1990s, but only she did not notice it ...


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