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A street called desire ...

René & Angela is an American duo composed of René Moore and Angela Winbush. Magic duo which released their eponymous debut album in 1980. The album had only limited success.

It was a year later in 1981 that things started to pick up steam with the release of "Wall to wall", their first ranked album. An album mainly carried by the hit “I love you more” which came out the same year.

Not much to eat during 1982. So we had to wait for 1983 to see the album "Rise" released. Album with less success than its predecessor. Then new air hole in 1984.

We find them in 1985 with the album "Street called desire" and this time it is jackpot. The album is a real hit and will produce 2 mega planetary hits that are "Save your love (For # 1)" but also and above all," I'll be good ", huge Single that will set fire to all Dancefloors of the planet. The album will produce a third hit, on a smaller scale, with the title "Your smile".

1986 will be their last year of activity and they will experience one last notable success with the Single "You don’t have to cry".

The duo will end up exploding following very strong tensions between the 2 partners. Moore criticizing Winbush for putting her talents as a composer at the service of others (especially for the Isley Brothers). And Winbush will blame Moore for his violent outbursts. Moore will rebound thereafter by participating actively on 2 albums of Michael Jackson, “Dangerous” in 1991 and “History” in 1995. Winbush, as for her, will continue a solo career of good scale with several hits R&B to the key.

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Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Do you really love me 1980

  • Everything we do 1980

  • I love you more 1981

  • Imaginary playmates 1982

  • Banging the boogie 1983

  • My first love 1983

  • Save your love (for #1) 1985

  • I’ll be good 1985

  • Your smile 1985

  • You don’t have to cry 1986

  • No how no way 1986


Tracks :

1980 ... the first steps of those who would become one of the most famous duos of the decade. Very nice beginnings where we feel the beginnings of the very particular style that will make their glory and their fortune

1980 ...usually, the big-caliber Ultimate Slow is more in the middle of his career, just to definitely assert his heavyweight status. There, they dare from their beginnings. And why not...

1981 ... the machine starts to get carried away. The duo is inexorably growing in strength and the results inevitably follow. New major success !

1982 ... we start again in the Intimist, an area they particularly like at first sight. A quality always essential but it still lacks that touch of genius which makes an ordinary song an exceptional song. Let's be patient ...

1983 ... quite a boost on the tempo side. We go back to dance with this particularly punchy track. We are getting closer to the exceptional, it feels ...

1983 ... every year its Ultimate Slow. A bias assumed and desired by the duo. But once again, the result is high level but still not exceptional. We will be satisfied with it all the same !

1985 ... small air gap in 1984 and a shattering comeback in 1985. A year that will prove to be absolutely exceptional for the duo. Starting with this title which allows them to obtain their first global hit. It smells good all that !

1985 ... then finally arrives the exceptional, the huge song which will make them fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. A huge song which will undeniably remain as one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and the twentieth century period. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... the Ultimate Slow, 1985 vintage. Like all the others, it performs particularly well. But it is clear that this is not where they will reach the stars ...

1986 ... we take the same ones and start over. They will have been among the biggest suppliers of Ultimate Slow of the decade and yet this is not where they have had their greatest success. Like what, when it does not want ...

1986 ... an adventure that comes to an end for a magical duo which will have produced several singles of very, very large caliber, including an anthology. Hats off !


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Discography :

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