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A smile in a whisper...

Fairground Attraction is an English band formed in 1987, originally consisting of Mark Nevin, Eddi Reader, Simon Edward and Roy Dodds.

Group which signs the same year with the label RCA Records, label which will allow them to release a year later in 1988 a first Single named "Perfect". And for a first try, it's a real masterstroke since the Single will make a real worldwide hit and project the group to the forefront of the international scene in a sensational way to say the least.

Flagship Single from the album "The first of a million kisses" which also released the same and which in turn will be a hit all over the planet. Album which will produce a second very high caliber Single with the title “Find my love”.

Unfortunately the adventure will be cut short with the arrival of very strong tensions within the group which will cause its implosion during the year 1989...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Perfect 1988

  • Find my love 1988

  • A smile in a whisper 1988

  • Clare 1989

  • The wind knows my name 1989

  • Walkin’ after midnight 1990

  • Winter rose 1990

  • Do you want to know a secret ? 1990


Clips :

1988...first title and direct planetary jackpot, what more could you ask for ! The group will get One Shot its direct ticket to posterity with this title with a musical style that is very far from the standards of the moment, to say the least. And yet it will work with the fire of God !

1988...a sequel that will not be able to compete as the bar was set high with the previous title. But he won't come out so bad in the end...

1988 ... the unscrewing in the Charts will be at the very least violent thereafter. The group may have started too strong and above all too quickly and is starting to pay the price...

1989... as much as their atypical musical style will not have posed a problem on their first title as much as it will cause them problems on the others...

1989...a nice title which will not be released as a Single but which frankly deserved to be. It would have been a shame to hide it...

1990...the last title classified, and yes already ! The group will have passed like a shooting star in the musical landscape of this end of the 20th century...

1990... the dazzling successes from the first title are often followed by dizzying falls thereafter. The group will have learned this the hard way.....

1990 ... anyway they can always boast of having produced one of the biggest titles of the end of the 80s which is not nothing ...


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