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A lover’s discourse...

The Lover Speaks is an English group formed in 1985 and composed of David Freeman and Joseph Hughes. Who will be joined quickly by Barry Gilbert. The name of the group would actually be a reference to the book A lover's discourse by Roland Barthes.

It was by sending a demo tape in 1985 to Dave Stewart that the band managed to get noticed. Demo which will pass from hand to hand, notably those of Chryssie Hynde of the Pretenders, and which will end up with A&M Records, label which allows them to release their first track "No more I love you’s" a year later in 1986.

And for a first title, it is a real success because the title allows the group to obtain their first ranked title. And above all, allows the group to emerge from the shadows.

The same year released a first eponymous album. Unfortunately, the album did not meet the expected success. Just like the new single "Tremble dancing" from which it is extracted. Only "Every lover's sign", still taken from the same album, will save the furniture.

They will release a second, and last album later in 1987, but this one will not do much better.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Every lover’s sign 1986

  • No more I love you’s 1986

  • Tremble dancing 1986

  • I close my eyes and count to ten 1986

  • Face me and smile 1986

  • Never to gorget you 1986


Clips :

1986 ... a trendy sound, a style that is no less so, everything to achieve an ideal career start

1986 ... their one and only classified title. Despite an obvious sound quality, the group will still have remained fairly confidential. And it's a shame because they would have really deserved a recognition much higher than what it was ...

1986 ... it is true that they will have had a more than ephemeral existence which makes a possible consecration more than difficult. But the little produced will have been of high quality !

1986 ... of course, some titles will be a notch below but it is the lot of any group. No one escapes it and it is easy to understand ...

1986 ... and others are much more inspired. We will always remember the inspired people. We will therefore appreciate this one at its true value !

1986 ... in the same style, this one is not bad either. Few titles produced but quality on all levels. Well done !


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