You, buddies, I'll never forget you ...

Sheila, whose real name is Annie Chancel, is a French singer who can boast of being referenced today as the singer with the most hits between 1963 and 1982 in France. She can also boast of having sold no less than 85 million records to date and to be one of the very rare French to have been classified in the American Billboard, just that !

It was at the end of the year 1960 that the career of the young singer really began when she played apprentice singers for a group of young people who had just been created. An adventure that comes to an end and sees her join another group called Guitares Brothers, a group founded by the Desplanches brothers. A group that will only stay in history because of Sheila's presence among them.

It was nevertheless with this group that she stood out when she auditioned in 1962 in Paris in front of producers Jacques Plait and Claude Carrère. 2 renowned producers who are looking for a young singer to produce. A successful hearing that allows her to sign a first contract the next day while she is still a minor.

A year 1962 which saw her release her first 45 rpm called ..."Sheila", title of a record which will also become her stage name. Title which will unfortunately go somewhat unnoticed.

What is not the case of the following one, a 45 RPM called "L'école est finie", title which leaves in 1963 and which, not only will make a real success in the hexagon, but will also be a real success in all Europe. The career of the young singer is well and truly launched and how !

In the aftermath, "Pendant les vacances", "Première surprise party" and "Le sifflet des copains" were released, which were also to become huge successes.

Success confirmed but above all amplified the following year in 1964 with the release of titles such as "Hello petite fille", "Chaque instant de chaque jour" but also, and above all, "Vous les copains, je ne vous oublierai jamais".

A dazzling success that quickly exceeds her as the pace of tours and recordings is exhausting. Only 18 years old, she suffered from burnout syndrome and was forced to stop performing for a year. The treatment he is prescribed to recover is based on male hormones, which may turn his voice into a much more masculine tone. The tabloid press makes it fat and the rumor that the singer is a man begins to spread throughout the country.

Rumor that the producers of the singer will knowingly let spread to make talk about her throughout her absence. Unfortunately, this false rumor will haunt the singer for years and years and impact her private life far beyond what the producers imagined ...

The same producers who make the most of the “Sheila” phenomenon by marketing clothes in her name, beauty products, dolls bearing her effigy…

Back in force from the year 1965 with the release of several successful 45s including "Toujours des beaux jours", "C'est toi que j'aime", and especially, "Le folklore Américain" which is sells more than 500,000 copies. New successes a year later in 1966 with titles such as "Le cinema", "Heure de la sortie" and "Bang-Bang", a flagship title of his early years and which remains one of his titles to this day among the most emblematic.

The incredible adventure continued in 1967 with the release of new hit titles such as "La famille", "Dans une heure" and "Adios amor". She was even elected that year as the favorite star of young people by the magazines Elle, Salut Les Copains and Mademoiselle Age Tendre !

The year 1968 brought its share of new successes such as "Quand une fille aime un garçon", "Dalila" but also, and above all, "Petite fille de français moyens". The end of the 60s which nevertheless saw her begin to decline, slowly but surely ...

A slight decline that did not last long since we witnessed a total reversal of the situation at the beginning of the 1970s when the title "Les rois mages" was released, a title which, like "L'école est finie", goes no only a hit in France but also all over the world !

An early 1970s when everything smiles on her as she finally meets love in 1972 in the person of Ringo. A magical duo which, a year later in 1973, produced the enormous single "Les gondoles à Venise", a title which sold over 600,000 copies, making this duo one of the most glamorous duets of the moment. The same Ringo with whom she married the same year, wedding event of which she will have as official witness a certain…Claude François !

Solo came back in 1974 on the song side with huge hits with "Le couple" and "Ne laisse pas tanguer le bateau". Then in 1975, are the titles "C'est e coeur (les ordres du docteur)" and "Quel tempérament de feu" that will become huge hits. An exceptional year for the singer since 1975 gave birth to a little boy named Ludovic, thus silencing for good rumors about his alleged male constitution ...

The tubes are occurring at an impressive rate in 1976 with the release of "Patrick mon chéri, "L'amour qui a brulé en moi" and "Un prince en exil".

But again, the decade purposes are more complicated to manage than the debut for the singer. She can not stand criticism of the fact that she sings too often backing and decides to leave France to settle from the United States.

An exile who will succeed her as she will begin to sing in English and rushes into the incredible wave Disco which was then at the height of its power across the Atlantic. She took the opportunity to completely change your look, joins three black singers and mounts the 'B. Devotion' group with whom she released her first single "Love me baby" in 1977. The title is a big hit in Europe and allows the singer to make a comeback on the front of the French scene of the end of the decade 70. Success largely confirmed with the release of the same year as "Singin' in the rain", a title that will clearly win at the planetary level.

In 1978, it was the title "You light my fire" which in turn enjoyed the favor of an almost global audience. The same year, the French public will praise the title "Kennedy airport" with a little more than 400,000 copies sold.

The very end of the 70s is quite contrasting with painful moments related to his divorce from Ringo and other times much happier with the incredible success of the title "Spacer", huge Dance title directed by the magic tandem Edwards/Rogers from Chic. A title that undoubtedly remain one of the biggest hits Dance on the French side.

Like many singers from the same generation, the transition to the 80s will be unfortunately more complicated than expected to manage. Even if she knows a new success on the track "Et ne la ramène pas" in 1981, it is clear that the singer tackiness and unable to adapt to new musical trends.

She will continue to release titles during the decade but most will not know the success of titles released during the previous decade. And the singer will slowly disappear, but surely from the radars. And will never come back to the race unfortunately ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Sheila 1963

  • L’école est finie 1963

  • Première surprise partie 1963

  • Pendant les vacances 1963

  • Le sifflet des copains 1964

  • Hello petite fille 1964

  • Chaque instant de chaque jour 1964

  • Vous les copains je ne vous oublierai jamais 1964

  • Le folklore américain 1965

  • Toujours des beaux jours 1965

  • C’est toi que j’aime 1965

  • Il fait chaud 1965

  • Devant le juke box 1965

  • Le cinéma 1966

  • Bang bang 1966

  • L’heure de la sortie 1966

  • La famille 1967

  • Adios amor 1967

  • Dans une heure 1967

  • Dalila 1967

  • Petite fille de francais moyen 1968

  • La vamp 1968

  • Long sera l’hiver 1968

  • Arlequin 1969

  • Love, maestro, please 1969

  • Oncle Jo 1969

  • Julietta 1970

  • Reviens, je t’aime 1970

  • Les rois mage 1971

  • Samson et Dalila 1972

  • Le mari de Mama 1972

  • Poupée de porcelaine 1972

  • Les gondoles à Venise 1973

  • Adam et Eve 1973

  • Mélancolie 1973

  • Le couple 1974

  • Tu es le soleil 1974

  • Ne fais pas tanguer le bateau 1974

  • C’est le cœur (Les ordres du docteur) 1975

  • Aimer avant de mourir 1975

  • Quel tempérament de feu 1975

  • Un prince en exil 1976

  • Patrick, mon chéri 1976

  • Les femmes 1976

  • L’amour qui brule en moi 1976

  • L’arche de Noe 1977

  • Love me baby 1977

  • Singin’ in the rain 1977

  • You light my fire 1978

  • Kennedy airport 1978

  • Seven lonely days 1979

  • Spacer 1979

  • Pilote sur les ondes 1980

  • Little darlin’ 1981

  • Et ne la ramène pas 1981

  • La tendresse d'un homme 1982

  • Runner 1982

  • Glori, Gloria 1982

  • Tangue au 1983

  • Jeanie 1983

  • Plus de problème 1984

  • Film à l'envers 1984

  • Je suis comme toi 1985

  • Chanteur de funky 1985

  • Comme aujourd'hui 1987

  • C'est ma vie 1987

  • Pour te retrouver 1988

  • Fragile 1988

  • Partir 1989

  • Le tam-tam du vent 1989

  • On s'dit plus rien 1992

  • Dense 1999

  • Confidences 1999

  • Vivre mieux 2002

  • Toutes ces vies 2002

Clips :

1963 ... at the origin of the beginning of the genesis of one of the most beautiful musical careers of the end of the 20th century on the French side. The Sheila saga is now underway and it will last a hell of a lot of years ...

1963 ... THE title of revelation ! This is the title that will change everything, be so sensational young Annie and launch his career for good. HU-GE !

1963 ... in just 1 year, the young singer will have become one of the biggest phenomena of the moment. Now, every title that comes out immediately turns into solid gold !

1963 ... tailor-made melodies, a top trendy look, in short, the perfect recipe for guaranteed success ! And success, there will be. Profusely !

1964 ... the dynamics of success are now firmly in place and young Annie just has to unroll. And to unroll, it will unroll. For almost 20 years !

1964 ... each title is inspired and that's what makes all the difference on the competition. Perfectly in tune with the times, she hits the mark every time now !

1964 ... she takes another step forward in her irresistible ascent to the highest peaks with THIS title ! A title that will undoubtedly remain as one of her most emblematic. MAS-TER-FUL !

1965 ... here she arrives in country mode. And even in this particular register, she shatters everything. There is no need to say, a real phenomenon !

1965 ... even if this title will do less well than its predecessor, it does not come out of the Top10 on the hit parade side. No worries for the rest of the events ...

1965 ... whatever field she explores musically, everything works. Whether in fast or softer rhythms like on this track, it always works !

1965 ... a BIG year 1965 with a plethora of titles and of course quality on every level. But with her, quality is the basic ingredient of each of its titles !

1965 ... here she is in duo mode of shock, but especially of charm, to use this title of Gene Pitney dating from 1962. A revisited version which works my faith very well !

1966 ... the years may change, but the dynamics of the incredible success she enjoys does not weaken by an Iota. And let's go to last like that for another bunch of years ...

1966 ... here she covers the title of Cher released the same year and the least we can say is that the copy is almost worth the original !

1966 ... still so light, still so playful. Another title that will remain among its most emblematic and which confirms, if necessary, its undeniable place as a phenomenon of the moment

1967 ... even if one feels the dawning of a very slight beginning of a slowdown, the young Annie continues to unroll in an impressive way to say the least. No one at this stage is able to compete with her, that's clear !

1967 ... the number of titles released each year continues to be bloated. This is at least 5 to 6 titles per year with a minimum of 3 major titles. Quite amazing !

1967 ... she is able to explore all areas, from the lightest to the most serious. A range of possibilities that literally crushes the competition and leaves it with only a few crumbs ...

1967 ... in the series of luxury covers, here comes the one of Tom Jones' flagship title dating from the same year. Quite simply a good job !

1968 ... we set off again in the light and airy, a field where its musical efficiency is formidable. Here comes a popular song made by a popular singer for a popular France. What more !

1968 ... it is clear that nobody will be able to counter her during this decade 60. The competition has only to chomp on the brakes while waiting for better days ...

1968 ... the great adventure continues. Admittedly, the level of production of titles begins to slow down but this in no way affects the overall quality level ...

1969 .... a decade of the 60s which saw her hatch, literally explode and smash everything in its path. At this stage, we imagine that the 1970s should look more or less to the previous one ...

1969 ... she will still have to think about evolving by closely following the latest musical trends of the moment. Nothing to worry about for the moment but vigilance is essential ...

1969 ... we end the Sixties in joy. A decade 60 which will have consecrated the young Annie as one of the major singers of the moment. But also to come ...

1970 ... which says new decade, says new opportunities and above all new possibilities. Well, for now, we are starting again on the same bases as during the previous decade. Be careful to think about evolving ...

1970 ... it is clear that she does not intend to change anything for the moment. Be careful not to overdo it easily ...

1971 ... then THIS title comes ! A providential title, in truth a luxury cover of the title "Tweedle dee, tweedle dum" of Middle of the Road dating from the same year, which will make a penoménal success in the French hexagon and position ideally the singer for the continuation of the events ...

1972 ... a group Middle of the Road which inspires her to the highest point since she covers here one of their titles namely "Samson & Delilah". And as before, it works godly fire !

1972 ... a year 1972 which saw her at the top of her form. All the titles that come out that year will almost instantly turn into solid gold !

1972 ... a year 1972 which ends in apotheosis with this title. The singer has perfectly negotiated the turn of the 70s and certainly does not intend to give an ounce of success to the competition ...

1973 ... a couple that will surely remain as one of the most glamorous of the decade. She already reigned hands down over the French musical landscape and she asserts her domination even more by adding a luxury lover. HU-GE !

1973 ... to 2 is necessarily better ! The singer is in top form, career and personal life. What more !

1973 ... the production of titles has nothing to do with that of the 60s, but it is clear that the quality level is constant. This is the essential as they say !

1974 ... the Sixties will have been the decade of light and playful songs. It is clear that the 1970s did not really take the same path ...

1974 ... we feel that everything related to the emotional and to romantic, even passionate relationships, obsess the singer as much as they inspire her. Be careful not to drown in it ...

1974 ... and it continues in the same register. A year 1974 definitely placed under the sign of existential and above all love questions ...

1975 ... a change of year which does not bring much novelty in terms of the theme approached but which at least allows the tempo to get carried away a little. All thanks to this excellent revisited version of Carol Douglas' title "Doctor's orders" dating from the same year

1975 ... from one extreme to another. After the track that sets the Dancefloor on fire, we go directly into Intimist mode with a dark but particularly captivating track in a large caliber version. Astonishing transition !

1975 ... and we follow the path in the opposite direction. Here she is setting fire to the Dancefloor without having had time to regain our senses ...

1976 ... we start again in a register that is already lighter and much more festive. After the beginning and the middle of the 1970s where she was obviously looking for herself, we feel like the beginning of relaxation ...

1976 ... another luxury cover with this revisited version of the Kiki & Pearly title dating from the same year. Nothing extraordinary but the title is sufficient in itself ...

1976 ... an uncomplicated Sheila at the top of her form and which is a pleasure to see. Everything unrolls quietly with disconcerting ease. Hope it lasts ...