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Who's Johnny...

El DeBarge, whose real name is Eldra DeBarge, is an American singer-songwriter who began his artistic career within the family group DeBarge. Group notably known for its title "Rhythm of the night".

Coming from a family of ten children, of which he was the sixth, it was from 1985 that he gradually moved towards a solo career. Forced orientation following strong tensions related to certain rivalries between the DeBarge brothers, some members accusing him of pulling the blanket too much.

He had his first solo success the same year with the single “Love always”.

Followed a year later in 1986 by the release of his first album. Eponymous album which will meet with enormous success, notably thanks to the flagship titles "Who's Johnny" and to the title previously released in 1985.

It took three years and the year 1989 before the next album "Gemini." And again three years and the year 1992 to see the album "In the storm" released. The two albums were to be only relatively successful.

The album "Heart, mind and soul" released in 1994 will not do much better.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • You wera it well 1985

  • The heart is not so smart 1985

  • Who's Johnny 1986

  • Love always 1986

  • Someone 1986

  • Starlight express 1987

  • Somebody loves you 1989

  • Real love 1989

  • Broken dreams 1989

  • You know what I like 1992

  • My heart belongs to you 1992

  • Where is my love 1994

  • Can't get enough 1994

  • Slide 1994

  • Where you are 1995

  • Lay with you 2010

  • Second chance 2010

  • Format 2010


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Clips :

1985 ... good, very good, very, very good funk. A first title to the height and which launches the solo career of the artist in the best possible way

1985 ... a smooth sequel. And a voice that surprisingly recalls another. That of a certain Michael J ...

1986 ... but it is THIS title which will consecrate the artist in a definitive way. A BIG Dance hit that sets fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet and makes him definitively become a musical legend of the 80s

1986 ... he excelled in Dance. But he also knows how to do in the Intimist. The proof !

1986 ... a decidedly exceptional year with a 3rd top hit. It was worth going solo, that's for sure !

1987 ... when I said he was good at the Intimist business. A piece of finesse and softness. MA-GIC !

1989 ... after an empty year 1988, we find him particularly in good shape with this track which works perfectly

1989 ... henceforth, it is 1 Intimist title for 1 Dance title. An obvious talent that allows him to excel in both areas !

1989 ... a track that grooves deep and allows the artist to return to success in a spectacular way

1992 ... the artist once again disappears from the radar at the turn of the decade. We find him 3 years later and my faith, he has not lost any of its characteristic style

1992 ... a comeback in great shape which allows him to align hit after hit. He will have exploded during the 80s, he confirms all the good that we thought of him during the following decade

1994 ... a status of charming singer which is confirmed year after year. And always that unique voice that makes all the difference

1994 ... a career that lasts, that lasts, that lasts. Rare to last so long in the profession while remaining on top !

1994 ... a BIG year definitely with a third hit of big caliber. Always so efficient !

1995 ... well, this time, it's definitely the end. For the 90s. Because he will allow himself the luxury of making a furtive comeback during the 2000s. What a career !

2010... when we thought the case was definitely over, here he is back almost 15 years later. A totally unexpected return but a winning return in any case...

2010... the singer has lost nothing on the talent side and proves it on each title. Too bad he disappeared for so long because a comeback could have been done long before...

2010...will this title be the last ? Not sure because we now know that with him everything is possible in terms of a comeback. To be continued...


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