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Universal Hymn...

Boxcar is an Australian band formed in Brisbane in 1986 and originally composed of Carol Rohde and David Smith. Which will be quickly joined by Brett Mitchell and Crispin Trist.

A group that stood out in its infancy by performing on stage wearing gas masks, an excess that was as much to get them noticed as to be the source of mockery from an audience that was, to say the least, hermetic to their very particular style.

This did not prevent them from signing with the Volition Record/Sony Music label, a label that allowed them to release a first single "Freemason (You broke the promise)" in 1988. And for a first try it was rather successful since the title went perform one of the most honorable careers in the Dance Charts, especially in the United States.

Success which is confirmed later with the successful release of 2 other singles, "Insect" in 1989 and "Gas stop (Who do you think you are") in 1990. Singles that will be found on their first album "Vertigo" which will also be released in 1990.

The sequel will unfortunately turn out to be less ostentatious than one could imagine with, to begin with, many criticisms on the fact that the group would be inspired too much by the New Order style in its compositions.

And especially two albums, "revision" in 1992 and "Algorhythm" in 1994, which will only experience a fairly average level of success and limited mainly to Australia...

Two counter-performances that will de facto precipitate the end of the group...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Freemason (You brake the promise) 1988

  • Insect 1989

  • Gas stop (Who do you think you are) 1990

  • Lelore 1991

  • Hit and run 1992

  • Universal Hymn 1993

  • What are you so happy about ? 1994

  • People get high 1996


Clips :

1988...first title and...first big success ! The group makes a remarkable entrance on the international music scene thanks to this title which works perfectly. We couldn't have dreamed of a better start !

1989 ... a sequel to the height which proves in a certain way that the success encountered on the previous title was anything but an accident. This group really has talent, it is clear ! is clear that they will not stay in history as the most prolific of their generation, but the few titles produced will still have been enough to make them part of the musical legend of this end of the 20th century. Isn't that the main thing ? the rate of only one Single per year, it is clear that their entire discography risks being a little light. Afterwards, if quality outweighs quantity, we won't complain, quite the contrary...

1992...even though the 90s is a notch below in terms of success compared to the 80s, what they continue to offer largely holds up. We will therefore be satisfied with it !

1993... they in any case continue to believe in it and they are quite right. The results in the Charts are not everything and the main thing is to take pleasure in what we do as they say...

1994...a group which remained somewhat unknown when it had everything to do great things. The destiny of a group, for good or for bad, is often played out on a few things...

1996 ... the adventure will not go further than this year 1996 but whatever the case, the balance sheet in the end is very positive. We can therefore only congratulate them for the work accomplished !


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