Unfinished sympathy...

Massive Attack is an English group formed in 1988 in Bristol and composed of musicians Robert "3D" Del Naja, Grantley "Daddy G" Marshall and Andrew "Mushroom" Vowles.

The first single from the group "Any love" was released in 1988. A single with a pretty esteem success.

They had to wait until 1991 to see their efforts finally rewarded when the album "Blue lines" was released, which contained their first big hit with the hugely successful "Unfinished sympathy". Album in which a luxury choir singer by the name of… Neneh Cherry will take part !

Success increased three years later in 1994 when the album "Protection" was released, from which the hit of the same name was mainly extracted. The album is a real hit.

The ultimate consecration came in 1998 with the release of the album "Mezzanine", an album which was a real hit across the Channel and in Australia. And which allows them to classify their first titles across the Atlantic. In particular thanks to the flagship title "Teardrop". The album will sell more than 4 million copies.

In 2003, the album "100th window" was released. New success.

The same seven years later when the album “Heligoland” was released in 2010.

In nearly 20 years of existence, this particularly innovative group will have produced excellent titles, some of which are considered to this day as true pieces of anthology.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Any love 1988

• Daydreaming 1990

• Unfinished Sympathy 1991

• Safe from Harm 1991

• Sly 1994

• Protection 1995

• Karmacoma 1995

• Risingson 1997

• Teardrop 1998

• Angel 1998

• Special cases 2003

• Live with me 2006

• Paradise circus 2010

• The spoils 2016

Clips :

1988 ... a promising start to say the least. It remains to find the small point of detail that will make all the difference ...

1990 ... this band really has something different from the others and the potential is real. We can sense that something big will happen ...

1991 ... the small point of detail that was missing, there it is ! They finally found the inspiration and the unique sound which go well and which will especially allow the creation of this huge hit. The group here simply signs one of the most emblematic hits of the 90s. MA-GNI-FI-CENT !

1991 ... a decidedly exceptional year with a second mega hit in the process. The notoriety of the group literally explodes as a result and makes him one of the biggest phenomena of the moment !

1994 ... 3 years of absence and here they are again in a much more gentle fashion. The evolution is obvious but unfortunately does not really benefit the group with a level of success in free fall ...

1995 ... a suite also very fine. In collaboration with the group 'Everything but the girl', see that. And always this somewhat strange inspiration that makes him a group apart

1995 ... a year 1995 which will not remain as the best vintage of the group, that's clear. An inspiration that is sought and sorely lacking in this piece ...

1997 ... the sound darkens somewhat. An inspiration and a style which fluctuate enormously according to the years. And for now, it's the minimum union as we say ...

1998 ... their 2nd biggest hit. The magic is working again. And thanks to whom...? Thanks to Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins, one of the most incredible voices of the decade !

1998 ... change of scenery and atmosphere ... Day and night with the previous title...as well as the level of success which relapsed dramatically. An instability that can only harm them ...

2003 ... 2nd change of decade with a sound that evolves again. What does not change, however, is the absence of the group in the best places of the Charts. When it doesn't want anymore, it doesn't want anymore ...

2006 ... back to obscurity and last notorious hit. An amazing musical adventure to the end and which will have produced the best as the worst ...

2010 ... the last hit. They try to advance as good as it is and spend the decades one after the other. But this will be the last ...

2016 ... other titles will be released during this decade but very few will have the level as they say. Only this one will pretty much pull out of the game ...

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