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Too good to be forgotten...

Amazulu is an English group formed in 1982 and originally composed of 5 women and 1 man. Including Sharon Bayley and Rose Minor who will be the 2 spearheads of the group when it starts. A group whose original name is taken directly from the dialect of the Zulu people.

Group which knows a first success one year later in 1983 with the title "Cairo". But they will have to wait until 1985 to finally see their efforts rewarded up to their expectations thanks to the release of 2 Singles that are "Don't you just know it" but also, and above all, "Excitable" , flagship Single which gave them their first notorious success.

Success confirmed and especially amplified a year later with the release of their first album which bears the name of the group. Group that has passed from 6 members to 3 and now consists of Anne-Marie Ruddock, Sharon Bailey and Lesley Beach. Regardless, the trio's album is a real global success, thanks in particular to the Singles "Montego bay" and "Too good to be forgotten", the latter allowing them to achieve the biggest success of their entire career.

New album "Spellbound" in 1987, album which will not know anything of the success met by its predecessor. Album from which the minor hits "Mony mony" and "Wonderful world, beautiful people" will be extracted. Two small hits that will be the last of the group, which will eventually separate the following year in 1988.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Cairo 1983

  • Smiley stylee 1983

  • Moonlight romance 1984

  • Excitable 1985

  • Don’t you just know it 1985

  • The things the lonely do 1986

  • Too good to be forgotten 1986

  • Montego bay 1986

  • All over the world 1986

  • Mony mony 1987

  • Wonderful world, beautiful people 1987

  • My heart belongs to you 1989


Tracks :

1983 ... a successful start, to say the least, with a first success. Certainly low amplitude but it's always better than nothing as they say

1983 ... unfortunately, the bellows fell as quickly as it was mounted. Yet the group's potential is obvious. But that's not always enough ...

1984 ... a single title year with a title that goes completely under the radar. This is called the double penalty ...

1985 ... after 2 titles that went somewhat unnoticed, one could think that the future of the group was quite compromised. Oh no, quite the contrary. The proof with this title which sees them return in a shattering way in the Charts !

1985 ... as much the year 1984 was a year 'without', as the year 1985 is a year 'with'. Everything succeeds for the group which connects the hits with obvious ease !

1986 ... the year 1986 starts slowly, literally as well as figuratively. But given what is on the horizon, no worries about what will happen next ...

1986 ... then THIS title comes ! The group signs here the biggest success of all its discography and offers himself a direct ticket for posterity. A light and airy title with wishes which is in truth a revisited version my very sympathetic faith of the title of the Chi-Lites dating from 1974. HU-GE !

1986 ... the year of the covers. After the Chi-Lites, the group covers Bobby Bloom and his title dating from 1970. A luxury cover that also works with great success and especially their one and only title classified in the USA...

1986 ... the end of 1986 will unfortunately not be so favorable. And this despite a title that works very well however. Go figure ...

1987 ... new luxury cover this time of Tommy James' title dating from 1968. The group delivers here a Dance version for the less original and which offers a new youth to this emblematic title of the 60s

1987 ... the last notorious hit of the group. The group's career will have been ephemeral to say the least but will still have left in the musical history of the 80s several titles of great caliber and just for that, we can only salute the performance !

1989 ... an adventure that is not quite over. The proof with this title, moreover, very nice but which will unfortunately go completely under the radar


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