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Throw away the key...

Not much interesting information about Linx other than the fact that it is an English group originally made up of David Grant, Bib Carter, Andy Duncan, Canute Edwards, Peter Martin and Junior Giscombe.

Group which will remain mainly in the musical history of the end of the 20th century for the high caliber Single “Intuition” which will be released in 1981.

For this reason alone we had to dedicate this article to them.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Rise and shine 1980

  • You’re lying 1980

  • Intuition 1981

  • Together we can shine 1981

  • Throw away the key 1981

  • So this is romance 1981

  • Can’t help myself 1981

  • I don't want to learn 1981

  • Plaything 1982

  • Don't hit me with love 1982

  • Billie Jean (Got soul) 1997


Clips :

1980...a first title which will go somewhat under the radar but which at least has the merit of launching the adventure... much as the previous title will not have been talked about, this one will not go unnoticed. To the point of offering the group the biggest success of its - short - career...

1981...the previous title was their biggest global success but it was this title that gave them their biggest success across the Channel...

1981...return of success in the United States but it will indeed be the only place that will see this new title work. It's already that...

1981...the situation will be reversed with a return to favor on the England side. Country which will now be the only one to support them...

1981...a beautiful and BIG year 1981 which will undoubtedly remain as their best Vintage. It must be said that there will be few others...

1981...five titles just for this year alone and five ranked titles which still underlines the level of performance achieved during this year 1981...

1981...a title which will not be released as a Single but which frankly would have deserved to be. It would have been a shame to hide it...

1982...we started again on almost the same basis the following year. Afterwards it could be that this new title will be the last to benefit from the public's enthusiasm... adventure which will not go further than this year 1982. Several members will decide to play it solo and they will have been damn right ! they are again 15 years later in a totally unexpected way, to say the least, all thanks to this revisited version of one of Michael the Great's flagship titles. Astonishing comeback...


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