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This girl is completely GoGo .... the 2nd !

Jane Wiedlin is an American singer-songwriter who began her artistic career with the all-female group The Go-Go's. She left in 1984 to begin a solo career.

She released a first eponymous album in 1985 which produced the hit "Blue kiss".

But it was only three years later in 1988 that she experienced any semblance of consecration when the album "Fur" was released. Album from which her biggest success will be extracted, namely "Rush hour". And to a lesser extent “Inside a dream”.

The album "Tangled" which was released in 1990 was only relatively successful.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • Cool places 1983

  • Blue kiss 1985

  • One heart one way 1988

  • Rush hour 1988

  • Inside a dream 1988

  • Song of the factory 1988

  • The end of love 1988

90s Decade :

  • World on fire 1990

2000s Decade :

  • Die now! Pay later! 2000

  • The good wife 2000

2010s Decade :

  • Bliss 2017

  • Stop, drop & swallow 2017

  • Lost at sea 2017


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Clips :

1983 ... a first solo parenthesis that she combines with 2. A paying paradox since the title is a success. Auspicious !

1985 ... but the real start, here it is. A first real light and airy solo title and which allows the singer to record her first notorious success as a singer in her own right

1988 ... then nothing for 3 years. The artist returns in great shape in this year 1988 since she signs here what will remain as the biggest success of her career

1988 ... decidedly her BIGGEST year with a notorious second hit. And who will already be her last. A dazzling solo career ...

1988 ... a year to say the least provided in titles. And of quality, which does not spoil anything. The pinnacle of a career. His 2nd already !

1988 ... after the light and the air, here we are now in the Intimist. An astonishing foray, at the antipodes of its usual style. And my faith, it works too !

1990 ... well, this time it's definitely the end. A last title which spins at 200 km/h and which borders on leaving the road. Far, far from the style that will have allowed her to be in the limelight a few years ago ...

2000 ... when we thought the case was definitely closed, here she is back 10 years later ! We're not lying to each other, a return that won't really be a winner unfortunately...

2000...she did not know how to take the real measure of the musical evolutions of the moment and her style remained too close to her original style, hence a return that will go somewhat unnoticed. Too bad, too bad...

2017...we could have thought that this time she would never come back but it was very bad to know her. Because here she is again 17 years later and in duo mode moreover, who would have believed it...

2017...a duo she formed with Pietro Straccia and which this time will allow her to offer something really new. Surprising resurrection... original musical production, that's for sure. A really resourceful artist who will have surprised us until the end...


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