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Our lips are sealed...

The Go-Go’s is an American group formed in 1978 and whose characteristic is to be composed exclusively of women.

Originally composed of Belinda Carlisle, singer, Jane Wiedlin, singer and guitarist, Margot Olavarria, bassist and Elissa Bello on drums.

The group at its beginnings rather evolved in the punk movement but quickly reoriented itself towards pop.

A first model of 5 titles was recorded in 1979.

The real start will not take place until 1981 with the signing with the I.R.S. label. Records and the first album "Beauty and the beat" released in 1982.

Album which will know an immediate and unexpected success. As well as the flagship Single “Our lips are sealed” from which it is extracted.

The second album "Vacation" does not know the same craze except the title of the same name which will end in the Top 10 US.

It took two years to see the release of the third album "Talk show" from which will be extracted "Head over heels" and "Turn to you".

Despite good reviews, the album sells even less than the previous 2.

Between the drug problems of certain members to which are added conflicts of people, nothing goes well.

To the point that Jane Wiedlin bows out in October 1984.

Departure from which the group will not rise and the latter disappears in May 1985.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

• Our lips are sealed 1981

• We got the beat 1981

• Vacation 1982

• Get up and go 1982

• This old feeling 1982

• Head over heels 1984

• Turn to you 1984

• Yes or no 1984

90s Decade :

• Cool jerk 1991

• The whole world lost its head 1994

• Good girl 1994

2000s Decade :

• Unforgiven 2001

• Stuck in my car 2001

• Here you are 2001

2020s Decade :

• Club zero 2020


Tracks :

1981 ... the huge tube that will reveal these new look amazons. The world is in shock...but above all under the spell of these 4 girls who came out of nowhere and who are going to smash everything. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... that, to have the rhythm, they have it. It hits as hard as guys. Girl Power !

1982 ... one would have thought that the group would be a shooting star group like many other groups of girls assembled from scratch by crooked producers. She proves here in a striking way that they are anything but beautiful jugs ...

1982 ... the problem with them is that the level fluctuates enormously from one song to another. Unfortunately, this one will be one of the minor hits as they say ...

1982 ... a BIG year 1982 with a plethora of titles but a level of success that varies all or nothing between each song. It will not even be classified ...

1984 ... the adventure continues all the more beautiful. Another of their most emblematic titles, which vividly confirm their status as a phenomenon of the moment. HU-GE !

1984 ... an energy that overflows from everywhere ! Permanently connected to Duracell batteries the Amazons ! A truly inimitable style that will forever remain their trademark

1984 ... another title that will go under the radar. The girls are far from deserving but the level of inspiration is very variable with them and on this one, it is rather fairly average level ...

1991 ... big air hole of 7 years old and here they are back in this new 90's decade in a shape that we will qualify as average. In any case not enough to hope to get back to the frontrunners ...

1994 ... 13 years after their fanfare debut, they damn little girls grew up ! And on the rhythm side, it's always feet on the floor. Not many little guys to compete, I'm the one telling you. Unfortunately, the adventure will not go any further for the pretty Amazons ...

1994 ... a great adventure which comes to an end with this title. An adventure, my faith, very sympathetic and 100 % feminine, something extremely rare for the time. We can only salute the performance !

2001...and no, when we thought the case was definitely over, here they are back at the start of the 2001 decade. Who would have thought tant possible...?

2001...certainly, the girls will never come back in the race but what they offer today is far from unworthy, that's clear. Anyway, we'll be happy with that...

2001 ... it could well be that this unexpected return is indeed the last. But with them, you should never say never as they say...

2020...and here they are again 19 years later ! We know that it's more a title to have fun and get out of the ambient gloom than anything else. But it's nice anyway to see them again...


Top Bonus : the story of a lifetime...


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