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Taxi Girl is a French group that has operated for almost a decade, from 1978 to 1986, the date of the release of their last major single. Basically, the group is made up of 5 members. And it is above all his extraordinary singer Daniel Darc who will build the legend of this group, a group which will have deeply marked the French musical landscape of the 80s. It was in 1980 that the adventure really started with the release of the singles "Mannequin" but especially the now cult "Cherchez le garçon", with a sound so particular and incredibly innovative for the time. Nearly 300,000 copies will be sold. Their one and only album "Seppuku" released in 1981 will unfortunately experience only relative success. And it was not until 1983 that the group, which has since been reduced to 2 members, namely Daniel Darc and Mirwais Stass, more or less returned to success with the release of the single "Quelqu'un comme toi. Their last hit "Aussi belle qu'une balle" was released in 1986. 2013 will see the death in dramatic conditions (overdose of alcohol and drugs) of Daniel Darc, despite a fairly successful solo career and some fruitful collaborations. To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

• Mannequin 1980

• Cherchez le garcon 1980

• Viviane Vog 1981

• Les armées de la nuit 1981

• Jardin chinois 1981

• Quelqu’un comme toi 1983

• Dites le fort 1984

• Paris 1984

• Aussi belle qu’une balle 1986

• Je suis déjà parti 1986

Clips :

1980 ... the aliens arrive ! A simply revolutionary sound for the time in France and which will quickly set them apart from the competition...

1980 ... the title of the revelation ! HUGE hit which literally explodes the notoriety of the group and remains to this day one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80's on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... hard to compete with the previous gem. A piece that has gone somewhat unnoticed and which does not lack interest, it is clear ...

1981 ... the business resumes with this title to certain quality. And always this unique sound and style !

1981 ... a very pretty Chinese garden which allows them to express another facet of their talent. And talent, this group had it !

1983 ... an inspiration constantly renewed which allows them to hang a new hit on their record. Just recognition for one of the most gifted groups of its generation !

1984 ... the group has known how to evolve with the times but by adapting, it has lost part of its soul and especially of its charm. Cruel Paradox ...

1984 ... a piece apart, transitional. The sound of the group is no longer the same, it is obvious and this reorientation will unfortunately seal the fate of the group ...

1986.. a final in apotheosis with what will remain as one of their best titles. Surprisingly, this group will not remain as one of the best known of this blessed period when he did, and especially that he had, everything it needed to be. The story can sometimes be very thankless ...

1986 ... a sumptuous title to end the adventure in style. The group will have shown an obvious versatility capable of embracing all styles and all tempos. So much finish on this title while finesse ...

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