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Our journey through the 80s will take us to Germany where once reigned an undisputed queen by the name of Sandra. Her real name Sandra Ann Lauer began her career in 1974 thanks to a radio hook organized in her hometown. Then plays the choristers 4 years later in the group Arabesque. And finally knows the consecration and the glory in 1985 with a title written to measure by Michael Cretu (who will become her husband some time later) namely Maria Magdalena. The Sandra phenomenon will stretch over 5 years, during which time she and her husband will produce a dozen planetary tubes. In the early 90s, Sandra put her career on hold to devote her time to her family but nevertheless participated in the ENIGMA albums, where she regularly lent her voice to it. The beautiful German still continues the adventure in the world of the record nowadays where unfortunately successes and failures succeed one another, like many old glories of this blessed era. But will always remain in the collective unconscious as the sexiest Walkyrie of all time! Discography (among others ...): • Andy mein freund 1976

• Japan ist weit 1984

• Maria Magdalena 1985

• In the Heat of the Night 1985

• Little Girl 1986

• Innocent Love 1986

• Hi ! Hi ! Hi ! 1986

• Loreen 1986

• Midnight Man 1987

• Everlasting Love 1988

• Stop for a Minute 1988

• Heaven Can Wait 1988 

• Secret Land 1988

• We'll Be Together 1989

• Around My Heart 1989

• Hiroshima 1990

• (Life May be) A Big Insanity 1990

• One More Night 1990

• Don't Be Aggressive 1992

• Johnny Wanna Live 1993

• Forever 2001

• Infinite kiss 2012

• Stay in touch 2012

Clips :

1976 ... yes, yes, it's the same one that a few years later will smash everything on a planetary level. You have to start one day !

1984 ... the original title dating from the same year has been a real success worldwide. This luxury cover will go completely unnoticed. Pity...

1985 ... the HUGE hit that will reveal it. The world is in shock, and especially the charm, of this beautiful German who will smash everything in the years that will follow. Surely one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade. MAS-TER-FUL !

1985 ... second mega hit in stride. An absolutely exceptional year for the singer, the Dancefloor still remember it !

1986 ... no more mega Dance hits, we calm down a bit, we stop sweating and we listen quietly to this much more intimate track. She can do too !

1986 ... well, it couldn't last, that's clear ... The Dance tube machine works again at full power and the least we can say is that it rocks !

1986 ... the Diva Teuton at its best. The hits are linked at an incredible speed and undoubtedly make the singer one of the biggest phenomena of the moment

1986 ... we leave temporarily in the register of emotion with this magnificent title with certain lyricism. A lyricism which paradoxically will not pay with a title which will pass almost under the radars ...

1987 ... slight air gap which does not last with a new year which starts with a fanfare with this title. A title that hits home ... like all the others !

1987 ... which will surely remain one of its most emblematic titles ! Huge hit based on a luxury cover of the title of Robert Knight dating from 1967. The title will have been repeated many times but it is this version which will undoubtedly remain as one of the very best !

1988 ... the years go by and the Premium quality is constant. Despite a Premium quality, this title will know a course in the Charts all in all quite modest. Go figure ...

1988 ... another exceptional year which saw the singer record no less than 3 mega hits and 1 'small' hit. His 2nd best year after 1986 ...

1988 ... his biggest hit of the year. And one of the biggest hits of his entire career. A huge title where the beautiful can give the best of herself !

1989 ... a year that inevitably ends in beauty with this 4th hit which once again demonstrates all the talent of the artist ... as well as his mentor Michael Cretu

1989 ... after a bloated 1988 year in terms of titles, the year 1989 will display only one title on the counter. But given the quality of the latter, we will be largely satisfied !

1990 ... a gentle change of decade with this magnificent humanist ode in tribute to one of the greatest dramas of humanity

1990 ... an energy and an inspiration always at the top in this beginning of decade 90. Paradoxically, the singer does not make any more recipe and sees competition taking serious lengths in advance ...

1990 ... new intimate parenthesis with this title that literally floats in the air. Despite all his efforts, this will not change the situation unfortunately ...

1992 ... something has changed ... A darker style, a certain form of carefreeness that is no more, a Sandra who is also different ... Her latest notorious hit ...

1992 ... the decline is underway and nothing and no one can stop it. An incredible adventure that is coming to an end but that will still have produced an impressive number of mega hits. What more !

2001 ... after a decade of 90 which saw her sink gradually, we find her transformed in early 2000. And my faith, it still works !

2012 ... almost 30 years after its debut and still there. And far from being ridiculous ! The phoenix is constantly rising from the ashes for our greatest pleasure !

2012 ... come on, a little last for the road. We will not sulk her pleasure especially when we see what she continues to offer us !

1990 ... the WONDER. One of the most incredible hits of the end of the 20th century. Another breathtaking realization of the magic duet Cretu-Lauer

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