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Very beautiful arabesques...

Arabesque is a German trio formed in 1977 in Frankfurt and composed of Michaela Rose, Jasmin Vetter and Sandra Lauer. A certain Sandra who will become a few years later one of the biggest suppliers of hits of the 1980s ('Maria Magdalena', 'In the heat of the night'…).

The group remains to this day one of the most popular of the 1980s in Japan and the former USSR.

After having had some nice successes in Japan at the end of the 1970s, it was from the 1980s that things really took off. In particular thanks to the Single "Take me don’t break me" which has achieved a remarkable performance in the Charts across the Rhine.

Success amplified a few months later when the title "Marigot bay" was released in 1981, which ranked even better. Followed by little "In for a penny" which will in turn be far from ridiculous.

The year 1982 saw the release of two new Singles hits, "Indio boy" and "Tall story teller". Less successful but success nonetheless.

But it was not until 1986 to see them return to success for the last time, thanks to the flagship Singles "Ectasy" and "Time to say goodbye". Two notorious hits that will be released after the band has already broken up !

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

  • Hello Mr Monkey 1977

  • Friday night 1978

  • Pepermint Jack 1979

  • Rock me after midnight 1979

80s Decade :

  • High life 1980

  • Take me don’t break me 1980

  • Hell driver 1980

  • In for a penny 1981

  • Billy’s barbeque 1981

  • Hit the jackpot 1981

  • Tall story teller 1982

  • Indio boy 1982

  • Jingle jangle Joe 1982

  • Why no reply 1982

  • Sunrise in your eyes 1983

  • Heart on fire 1984

  • Time to say Goodbye 1985

  • Ectasy 1986


Tracks :

1977 ... some DISCO made in Germany. As astonishing as it may sound, there were some. And the girls are far from being ridiculous ...

1978 ... the first steps of what will become one of the biggest phenomena of the following decade. An ideal playground to break in ...

1979 ... there is still an aftertaste of ABBA, it is obvious. But the copy is not worth the original, that's clear ...

1979 ... a perfectly oiled Dance hits machine that produces titles of certain quality. What more...

1980 ... move to the next decade. The sound evolves to adapt to new trends. Always so kitsch but still as effective !

1980 ... a very astonishing popo-rockabilly delirium, which contrasts radically with the previous titles. And why not...

1980 ... we start again in the ABBAienne copy. With a level of success at the antipodes of the Swedish group. Unfortunately for the 3 girls ...

1981 ... the beginning of the decade where inspiration was fairly average. Can and must do better !

1981 ... some titles are even bordering on caricature. Why not for weddings, to set the Dancefloor of the planet on fire, that's something else ...

1981 ... the whole of 1981 will be roughly on the same register. It's nice, it doesn't eat bread as they say, but it's still quite minimalist in terms of inspiration ...

1982 ... welcome to the Oktoberfest ! They are charming, it is undeniable. But there, frankly, there is really something to laugh about ...

1982 ... this is already a little better. We are far, very far from the summit of the Charts but it's still nice, that's already it

1982 ... and we start again in ABBA copy mode. A little bit, why not. There, it starts to do a lot ...

1982 ... come on, finally a title that stands out a bit. Like what, when they want, they can make the original that holds the road !

1983 ... Sandra is establishing herself more and more and we are already seeing the emergence of the future diva that she will become in the years that will follow ...

1984 ... well, the constant is the Dance side. For the qualitative side, on the other hand, it's very random ...

1985 ... ooh there, on the other hand, something happened. Everything has changed, the style, the sound, the tempo. Clearly more in tune with the times ...

1986 ... the end of an adventure that will have lasted nearly 10 years and revealed that she will become one of the greatest singers of the 1980s, just that !


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