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The One Shot Festival - 35

An anthology of cult titles or very high quality but whose group has produced only a "One shot" or so few titles that it would have been ridiculous to devote an entire article to it.

Part 35 :

  • Leigh Jaeger – Johnny and Mary 1989

  • Toy Toy – Don’t play dummy 1989

  • P.S. & The Footnotes – Final love song 1983

  • I-Ten – Alone 1983

  • Roaring Boys – Every second of the day 1985

  • Lilian Day Jackson – Got to control it 1985


Clips :

1989... almost no info on the performer of the title apart from the fact that she revisits here Robert Palmer's flagship title dating from 1980. A revisited version ultra Dance special Dancefloor, it's the least we can can say...

1989...almost no info about this trio except that they are Dutch. Trio that will stay in history only for this title, logical because it will not do another...

1983...almost no info about this band except that it's Dutch. Group that will stay in history only for this title, logical because it will not do another. Hey, I feel like I'm repeating myself...

1983...flagship title of the only album produced by the duo Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly and which will only know a level of success, to say the least, limited. On the other hand, the version of Heart which will arrive 4 years later will be a real worldwide hit. Known this time, the copy has far exceeded the original...

1985...almost no info on this group except the fact that he is English and that he will produce only one and unique album. It will therefore be necessary to be satisfied...

1985...the only solo title of the singer of the Dutch group Spargo. As much as the group will have make talking about him, the singer in her solo version will have gone unnoticed to say the least...

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