The ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead...

XTC is an English group formed in Swindon in 1976 by Andy Partridge, singer guitarist, Colin Molding, singer bassist, Terry Chambers, drummer and Barry Andrews, keyboardist.

The first two albums "White music" and "Go 2" are more of an experimental music type and have enjoyed only esteem success.

Everything changed in 1979 with the release of the album "Drums and Wires" from which the planetary hit "Making plans for nigel" was extracted.

The group becomes known worldwide. In 1980 released the album "Black sea" with very rock sonorities.

Followed in 1981 by “English settlement” with much more pop sounds.

Album that will stay in history as their best.

The album "Mummer" was released in 1983 and proved to be a real fiasco, the album coming out in general indifference.

In 1985, the group quickly renamed itself "The Duke of the Stratosphear" and released a mini album "25 o’clock".

It is a success, the critics believing they are dealing with a new group.

Still under the same name, they released 2 years later "Psonic Psunspot", a new success.

Who will be their last notorious. XTC was one of the most promising bands of the early 1980s.

Unfortunately, the adventure will turn out to be rather disappointing.

But we will remember for a long time a certain Nigel and the plans that had to be made for him ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Are you receiving me ? 1978

• Life begins at the hope 1979

• Making plans for nigel 1979

• Generals and majors 1980

• Towers of London 1980

• Sgt Rock 1980

• Sense working overtime 1982

• Ball and chain 1982

• Knucle Down 1982

• Wonderland 1983

• Love on a farmboy’s wages 1983

• All you pretty girls 1984

• This world over 1984

• Wake up 1985

• Grass 1986

• Dear God 1987

• The Mayor of Simpletown 1989

• King for a day 1989

• The disappointed 1992

• The ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead 1992

• Wrapped in grey 1992

• I'd like that 1999

Clips :

1978 ... the first steps that we will describe as promising. We immediately feel that this group has potential, a potential that is just waiting to burst ...

1979 ... the ramp-up is linear and it would only take a tiny bit for the group to do something big for us. It won't be long ...

1979 ... then comes THIS title ! They simply sign here one of the biggest Dance hits of the year and of the decade. A consecration widely deserved and which offers them a direct ticket for posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... a nice continuation which confirms that this group really has talent. But very difficult to compete with the previous gem ...

1980 ... plethora of titles in this 80's with a level of success that fluctuates considerably between each title. This will be more of a 'minus' ...

1980 ... in the same vein. With a hint of Clash sound in addition. An endless 80's, that's clear ...

1982 ... the sound and the style have changed, it's obvious. Everything is lighter, more airy. The group obtains here its biggest hit of the decade, a top hit which will unfortunately be the last ...

1982 ... then the group regains its original sound. And who says original sound, says dropout in the Charts. The world is changing around them and it is time that they realize it ...

1982 ... a title which will not be classified but of certain quality. The group really alternates the good and the less good. Difficult under these conditions to remain among the elite ...

1983 ... this one too will not be classified. And yet, the group is making efforts to renew himself, it's obvious. But the delay with the competition is now too great to be made up ...

1983 ... new turn on the sound side. It doesn't stop. Difficult to follow by force ... even if this song has a certain quality

1984 ... on average, it is 1 title out of 2 which works almost correctly. We will therefore deduce that this one is rather the one that works ...

1984 ... a year 1984 which saw the group recover and produce titles already clearly more in line with their times. A little late unfortunately ...

1985 ... the adventure continues but the group still does not manage to find the brilliant inspiration which he knew at the end of the decade 70. When that does not want, that does not want ...

1986 ... in any case, they are not discouraged, to say the least. They haven't touched the stars for a long time, but they still believe in it and that's it already ...

1987 ... they leave it to God. At some point, there is more than that to bring success back ...

1989 ... prayer had some positive effects at first sight. A title much more inspired and which allows them especially to find the way of Charts !

1989 ... the upturn was unfortunately short-lived. The group is rediscovering directly, despite a title with significant quality

1992 ... which does not prevent them from moving on to the next decade. And the passage is rather successful given the notorious success of this title

1992 ... the group finds a new breath in this new decade, new breath which allows them to record two successive hits. It's already that !

1992 ... BIG year 1992 with several heavyweight titles including this pretty ballad, which paradoxically, will not even be classified. Pity...

1999 ... well, this time, it is indeed the end. The end of an adventure which will have produced several large caliber hits including 1 of exception. A balance more than flattering in the end !

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