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Air Supply is an Australian group formed in 1975 and originally comprised of Graham Russel, Russel Hitchcock and Jeremy Paul.

A group that released their first single "Love and other bruises" a year later in 1976, a single which achieved great esteem but only in Australia. Just like the album which bears the band's name and which comes out soon after.

New album "The whole thing's started" in 1977, album with less success than its predecessor and which will mainly produce the single "Do what you do". The album "Love and other bruises" which will also be released in 1977 will not even be classified.

It took two years and the year 1979 to see the group return to success thanks to the album "Life support". In particular thanks to the title “Lost in love” whose success will go beyond the Australian borders, a first for the group.

A rise in power which intensified the following year in 1980 when the album "Lost in love" was released. Album which remains to this day their biggest success on the album side, which will sell more than 3 million copies in the United States alone and which will above all produce their first mega hit namely "All out of love".

Planetary success that was not denied in 1981 when the album "The one that you love" was released, mainly from the single of the same name. Ditto for the album "Now and forever" which came out in 1982 and which produced the mega hit "Even the nights are better".

The final consecration came in 1983 with the release not of a new album but of a compilation ! Named “Greatest hits” (the opposite would have been surprising), it will sell at record levels (around 7 million copies) notably thanks to the flagship single “Making love out of nothing at all”, one of the few unreleased tracks on this compilation.

A consecration that allows them to appear in 1984 on the soundtrack of the film 'Ghosbusters', an appearance that will paradoxically be their only achievement of the year.

The year 1985 saw the release of the album that bears the name of the group, album that will be their last major album. Two singles will be extracted mainly, namely "Just as I am" as well as the astonishing cover of Jennifer Rush's flagship title "The power of love".

All the albums that will be released subsequently will not experience the success of the previous opus, resulting in a gradual, but irreversible, disappearance of the group ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Love and other bruises 1976

  • Empty pages 1976

  • Do it again 1978

  • Lost in love 1979

  • All out of love 1980

  • Every woman in the world 1980

  • The one that you love 1981

  • Here I am (Just when I thought I was over you) 1981

  • Sweet dreams 1982

  • Even the nights are better 1982

  • Young love 1983

  • Two less lonely people in the world 1983

  • Making love out of nothing at all 1983

  • I can wait forever 1984

  • Just I am 1985

  • The power of love (You are my lady) 1985

  • Lonely is the night 1986

  • One more chance 1986

  • In the eyes of a child 1987

  • Without you 1991

  • Goodbye 1993

  • Someone 1995

  • Strong strong wind 1997

Clips :

1976 ... a smooth start with this sumptuous ballad which shows from the outset that this group has obvious potential. We can't wait to see the rest, especially to listen to it !

1976 ... their talent in the Intimist is evident and produces sumptuous title after sumptuous title. A shattering start to say the least that augurs well for great, even very great things in the future

1978 ... we continue in the luxury romance with a title once again highly inspired. The increase in power is linear but we will have to be a little more patient to see the group pass into the big leagues ...

1979 ... then THIS title comes ! The first version dating from the previous year will be a significant success but it is this version, re-recorded, which will propel the group under the spotlight. A first global success that will appeal to many others. HU-GE !

1980 ... one could have imagined that the sequel would be of a lower caliber, which is often the case in these cases. Not only will this sequel make even stronger but remains to this day one of the biggest successes of the group. MAS-TER-FUL !

1980 ... an absolutely incredible 1980 for the group with this 3rd top hit. A succession of planetary successes to say the least mind-blowing and which positions the group as one of the biggest phenomena of the moment

1981 ... it is clear that the group does not risk setting the Dancefloor on fire. Their chosen field is the Intimist and they do not intend to leave it. Not at the moment anyway ...

1981 ... a know-how in the Intimist among the best of the moment, it is clear. It may be that at some point the band gets bored but for now, each title released is a real success !

1982 ... once again the proof with this title. Their inspiration is constantly regenerating, something extremely rare in the Intimist. But where are they going to get all this ?

1982 ... new planetary top hit. They sign here their second biggest success and confirm, if it was still necessary, a talent well above the average. Hats off, gentlemen !

1983 ... impossible to get them out of the Intimist. A brand that will forever remain theirs and which they claim loud and clear. And my faith, they are quite right !

1983 ... anyway, as long as it works, why change anything ! It is not sure that they can maintain themselves for decades and decades at this level of inspiration but for now, it works like hell !

1983 ... for the year 1983, the planetary top hit, it will be this one. Already 4 years spent familiar with the stars and all with disconcerting ease. BLU-FFING !

1984 ... they even allow themselves the luxury of appearing in the soundtrack of a little movie called...Ghosbusters ! Once again, the result is up to par and maintains the group at a level of excellence among the best of the moment

1985 ... the great adventure continues unabated. Title after title, year after year, the group has established himself as one of the flagship groups of the decade. Because they are worth it !

1985 ... a male version of Jennifer Rush's flagship title from the previous year. And my faith, the group is far from being ridiculous on this revisited version even if the latter will not equal the original ...

1986 ... unfortunately, at some point, the fact of not evolving or at least not renewing himself inevitably penalizes. A beginning of deceleration that they will not be able to stop despite an obvious goodwill ...

1986 ... despite everything, quality is always the order of the day, especially when you see this kind of title. A longevity in the Intimist absolutely astonishing and almost unique in its kind !

1987 ... only one title in 1987 but what a title ! A sumptuous title which literally floats in the air for our greatest pleasure. All good little guys !

1991 ... big 4 years air gap and here they are back with this revisited and quite successful version of the enormous Badfinger title dating from 1970, the most famous version of which will undoubtedly remain that of Nilsson, and to a lesser extent measure that of Maria Carey

1993 ... the last major success. A magnificent adventure which draws to its end and which sees the group gradually disappear from the radars. Hard law of the trade ...

1995 ... they hang on and do better than resist. Even if the public is no longer really there, what they continue to produce largely holds up and that is the main thing !

1997 ... a decade of 90 which saw them gradually disappear without their talent weakening in any way. They will return the following decade but they will never manage to catch up with the leading pack unfortunately ...

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