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Kassav’ is a French group formed in 1979 in Guadeloupe by Pierre-Edouard Decimus (ex member of the Vickings) and Freddy Marshall. Who will be joined quickly by Georges Decimus (brother of Pierre-Edouard) and Jacob Desvarieux.

The name Kassav’ is actually a reference to the word’ cassave’. Creole word which designates a cassava pancake sprinkled most often with coconut.

The group released their first album "Love and Ka dance" in 1979, album which unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed.

It was the arrival of Jocelyne Béroard in 1980 that was to change the situation somewhat. Then that of Patrick Saint-Eloi from the year 1982.

The group was finally consolidated from 1983 and it was a year later in 1984 that the group really took off when the title "Zouk la sé sèl médikaman nou ni" was released. A rise in power which was confirmed in 1985 when the album "An ba chen’n la" was released, an album which was to be a significant success.

But it was 2 years later in 1987 that the group achieved consecration with the album "Vini pou", the flagship album of the group's career and which will produce what will remain as their biggest hit single, namely the enormous "Sye bwa".

Other albums were released later such as "Majestik zouk" in 1989, "Tékit izi" in 1992, "Difé" in 1995, among others. Three albums which will know a significant success but which will struggle to produce an equivalent to "Sye bwa".

A great adventure which will continue during the 2000s, but which will never allow the group to regain the incredible level of success they will have experienced during 1987 ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Kassav' 1979

  • Soleil 1980

  • Oh Madiana 1982

  • Eva 1982

  • Zouk la sé sèl médikaman nou ni 1984

  • Mwen malad aw 1985

  • Mové jou 1985

  • Sye bwa 1987

  • Ayen pa mol 1987

  • Wep 1989

  • Sé dam’ bonjou 1989

  • Djoni 1989

  • Ou lé 1990

  • Mwen alé 1992

  • Ba nou zouk la 1992

  • Mwen viré 1992

  • Difé soupapé 1995

  • Rara 1995


Clips :

1979 ... a first title to break in and especially to start making talk about the group. It's well tried but there is still a little work, it's clear ...

1980 ... this time will be the good one. The group finally manages to break through a little and brings an obvious wind of novelty with this very particular musical style ...

1982 ... the rise in power has been constant for several years and now positions the group as one of the phenomena of the moment. And the years to come will prove that this band is truly one of a kind !

1982 ... a certain talent which outclasses the competition. There are them and there are the others unquestionably. We are therefore impatiently awaiting the rest ...

1984 ... the year of the big takeoff. The group has reached a level of maturity sufficient to play in the big leagues. Even very large ...

1985 ... even if the group is now in orbit, he still cannot produce THE title that will change everything. Patience, patience ...

1985 ... what is certain is that it will not be during this year 1985 that the group will win the cup. But it will not be long...

1987 ... they will have to wait 2 more years to finally reach the consecration after which they have been chasing for years. They deliver here quite simply the biggest title of their career and take the opportunity to set fire to all the Dancefloor in France. HU-GE !

1987 ... impossible for this title to compete with its predecessor as the bar has been raised. Anyway, this is not the kind of underperformance that is likely to prevent the group from continuing to advance !

1989 ... the end of the decade that rhymes with joie de vivre and obvious good humor. Two qualifiers that perfectly sum up this hyper-dancing music from the other side of the Atlantic ...

1989 ... it is clear that the group will never repeat the feat achieved with 'Sye bwa' but whatever, the adventure continues to be beautiful and that is the main thing !

1989 ... a good mood that we find on each title delivered. Nothing fancy, just a good job. We will therefore be largely satisfied with it !

1990 ... they can slow down the tempo whenever they want, who would have believed it ! And it pleases, it is clear when we see the level of success achieved by this title !

1992 ... the adventure continues for some reason even if it is clear that the best years of the group are now behind. The main thing is to participate as they say !

1992 ... what is certain is that they will not let go and continue to believe in it. And frankly, who would blame them when we see what they continue to offer !

1992 ... a BIG year 1992 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. Even if the group is not necessarily as trendy as before, he has not lost any of its splendor !

1995 ... inspiration, a musical style that still works very well and a good will which is pleasing to see, what more could you ask for !

1995 ... even if the group does not let go in the mid-90s, it is clear that the end of the adventure is near. A magnificent adventure anyway which will have made of this group one of the Masters in the matter in a unique musical field !


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