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Following in their footsteps...

Canada is a French group formed in 1976 and originally composed of brothers Gildas and Gwenn Arzel, Jacques Veneruso, Erick Benzi and Robert Prud’Homme. Group originally called 'Alenda' before taking its final name of 'Canada' in 1982.

It was only three years later that they managed to land a first contract with the EMI label, a label which allowed them to release a first Single called “Les yeux dans les yeux” in 1984 then “Touché au coeur” in 1985. Singles that will go somewhat unnoticed…

Which is not the case with the following song, “Mourir les sirènes”, a title which was a real hit during 1986 and brought the group from the shadows to the light in a way that was, to say the least, resounding.

Two years later, in 1988, their first album “Sur les traces” was released, an album which was a hit in its turn.

A success that they would later have difficulty managing and which would see them separate at the end of the 1980s.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others...) :

80s  Decade :

  • Les yeux dans les yeux 1984

  • Touché au cœur 1985

  • 23ème étage 1985

  • Mourir les sirènes 1986

  • Un bout de ciel 1987

  • Le loup s’endort 1987

  • Angélina 1988

  • Chattanooga 1988

  • Bouge ma vie 1988

  • Les fantômes 1988

  • La fille du lac 1988

  • Ne m’oublie pas 1989


Tracks :

1984...a first title that is certainly nice but which shows that there is still a little work left for the group to hope to fight on equal terms with the best...

1986...and that to work, they are going to work because we find them 2 years later with THIS title and what a title ! They will produce here what will remain as one of the most beautiful titles of the decade in terms of emotional register, no less. MA-GIC !

1987...impossible to compete with the previous title as the bar was set high but they show here in any case that they can also be good at a tempo that is already significantly faster...

1987...a group which will remain mainly in French musical history for one title but the rest will not have been without interest, that's clear...

1988...their only weakness was this fluctuating inspiration which produced an exceptional title and other more in the mix...

1988...because there was potential in this group, that’s clear. But he will have missed his story and will have passed through the French musical landscape like a shooting star...

1988...they will always be able to boast of having produced one of the benchmark titles of the decade, which is already a feat in itself...

1988...the rest will therefore only have been a bonus for them. We would have liked the adventure to last a little longer but unfortunately that will not be the case...

1988...afterwards, in music nothing is ever finished as they say. And as more and more groups from the 80s decide to come back, who knows if there won't be a sequel to this adventure... last title or not ? Only the future can answer this question but at this stage it looks very much like the last one...


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