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Novelties... November 2023

Dear friends,

Every month I inform you of the new releases of your favorite singers and groups.

For the month of November, here are the releases :


November 2 :

The Lilac Time - The band that nobody knew

The Lilac Time


November 4 :

Force Mds - I'm gonna tell her

Sarah Brightman - Le bonheur est multicolore

Jean-Michel Jarre - Epica maxima

Force Mds

Sarah Brightman

Jean-Michel Jarre


November 10 :

Laura Pausini - Zero

Chris Norman - Crazy

Rick Astley - Forever and more

Melissa Manchester - Confide in me

The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden

Kenny G - Lullaby tres

David Lee Roth - Hi-Fashion girl

Laura Pausini

Chris Norman

Rick Astley

Melissa Manchester

The Rolling Stones

Kenny G

David Lee Roth


November 11 :

The Lilac Time - Yam

The Lilac Time


November 13 :

Peter Gabriel - And still

Laid Back - Art of love

Peter Gabriel

Laid Back


November 16 :

Johnny Hallyday - Un cri

Johnny Hallyday


November 17 :

The Doobie Brothers - Lahaina

Juads Priest - Trial by fire

Bon Jovi - Christmas isn't Christmas

The Doobie Brothers

Judas Priest

Bon Jovi


November 18 :

The Danse Society - If you were only listening

The Danse Society


November 19 :

Arnold Turboust - Sur la photo

Arnold Turboust


November 24 :

War - (Yes, it's Christmas)

Chris Norman - In a heartbeat


Chris Norman


November 26 :

Icehouse/Simple Minds - Get it on

Icehouse - Simple Minds


November 29 :

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Jamcod

The Rolling Stones - Bite my head off

Cerrone - StripteaseBokoko

The Jesus And Mary Chain

The Rolling Stones


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