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Novelties... June 2023

Dear friends,

Every month I inform you of the new releases of your favorite singers and groups.

For the month of June, here are the releases :

June 2 :

Jil Caplan - Animal animal June 13 :

Shatoo - Call me over June 15 :

Dexys Midnight Runners - Coming home

The Alarm - Another way

June 16 :

Laid Back - My baby blue

The Lilac Time - The long way

Laura Pausini - Il primo passo sulla luna

June 17 :

Pretenders - I think about you daily

June 21 :

Rick Astley - Dippin my feet

June 22 :

PIL- Car chase

June 23 :

Psyche - Love satellite


Clips :

Jil Caplan


Dexys Midnight Runners

The Alarm

Laid Back

The Lilac Time

Laura Pausini


Rick Astley



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