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No regrets to have been fade to grey...

Midge Ure, real name James Ure, is a Scottish singer-songwriter who, aside from being the historic frontman of the group Ultravox, is also the co-writer and producer of the nation's best-selling single musical history across the Channel, namely the now legendary “Do they know it's Christmas ? ".

Humanitarian single performed by internationally renowned artists and grouped under the Band Aid banner, a legendary group whose goal was to help fight hunger in Ethiopia. The single will sell over 3.7 million copies in England alone !

Ure made his debut at the end of the 60s in a group called “Stumble”, then joined another called “Salvation” in 1972. Which became “Slik” in 1974, a group which achieved a top hit in 1976 with the single “ Forever and ever ”.

In 1977, a new name change from "Sik" to "PVC2", a parenthesis that will last only one year. Ure decides to leave the ship in 1978 to form what will become one of the major groups of the future New-Wave namely "Visage".

Their first single "Tar", released in 1979, was very successful. But the second, a certain "Fade to grey", will become a world hit in 1980 and literally explodes the notoriety of the group, and that of its singer in particular, the fantastic Steve Strange.

At the same time, Ure collaborates with the group "Thin Lizzy" for which he co-wrote some songs. With the "Thin Lizzy" parenthesis closed, he decides to open the "Ultravox" parenthesis by resuscitating this dying group. This is how the album "Vienna" was released in 1980. It was a great success in esteem, but nothing more.

It was later, in 1981, that everything changed when the single of the same name was released, which was a real hit, in particular thanks to a hallucinating clip that allowed the album to regain a second youth. This time, the album is a real success. The group suddenly finds himself propelled to the top of the charts.

Huge year 1982 for Ure who released a second album for Visage but left the group shortly after due to deep disagreements with Steve Strange. He also produced "Quartet" for Ultravox, an album which allows itself the luxury of placing 4 singles in the English Top20. Still the same year, he made his first solo steps with the single “No regrets” which became his first personal hit.

1983 saw the release for Ultravox of the album "Monument" and 1984 the release of the album "Lament", the latter enjoying considerable success. On the solo career side, he released the astonishing single "After a fashion" which he recorded in duet with the extraordinary bassist from Japan. Single with a unique sound which will make a very honorable journey in the charts.

It was in 1985 that the artist achieved personal recognition with the enormous success of his single "If I was", the flagship track taken from his album "The Gift". Album that will remain as his one and only major success in his solo career.

Ultravox broke up in 1987 and his personal albums "Answers to Nothing", which he produced in 1989, and "Pure" which he released in 1991, unfortunately did not bring him the expected success.

Midge Ure will stay as one of the most prolific and talented English singer-songwriters and have participated in an impressive number of musical projects. Some of which will stay in the musical history of the 1980s as some of the most important projects of the decade, notably across the Channel.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • No regrets 1982

  • After a fashion 1983

  • If I was 1985

  • That certain smile 1985

  • Wastelands 1986

  • Call of the wild 1986

  • Dear god 1989

  • Cold cold heart 1991

  • Breathe 1996

  • Guns and arrows 1996


Clips :

1982 ... a particularly successful first solo title which launches the artist's personal career as best it can

1983 ... an extraordinary title, unclassifiable where 2 geniuses of English music from the 80s give the best of themselves for a very surprising result

1985 ... which will stay as his highest ranked title of all. The artist is at the height of his art and literally walks on water, whether solo or in collaboration with others

1985 ... a beautiful and big year 1985 which saw him produce a 2nd big caliber title. Certainly, this one will not have the success of the previous one but it doesn't matter, the quality is once again at the rendezvous

1986 ... a year 1986 with 2 big hits as well. A dynamic which does not weaken and which sees the artist succeed in everything he undertakes !

1986 ... the biggest hit of the year. One last title before a break that will last almost 3 years ...

1989 ... this title will remain as the one having had the best audience at the planetary level. In particular across the Atlantic. A well-deserved consecration !

1991 ... nothing to eat during the year 1990. It is found on the other hand the following year in great shape. An Olympic form which allows him to sign his 2nd biggest success

1996 ... then new 5 years air gap. A shattering comeback in 1996 with this sumptuous title. A colorful and particularly inspired title !

1996 ... the last hit. Of course, we are far from the top of the Charts but Ure remains Ure and just for that, we savor without moderation !

2017 ... he covers his baby here, a AMAZING title dating from 1980 and which became a global mega hit thanks to the group Visage of which he was one of the founders


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