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A very strange boy ...

Visage is an English group that can be considered in retrospect as one of the founding groups of the New-wave, a musical current that will reign supreme over England and much of the world during the 1980s. Founded by Steve Strange, a colorful character from the punk wave, the group was born in London in 1978 and took their first steps at the "Billy’s" club frequented by a rather high-end clientele. It also includes Dj Rusty Egan, former drummer of the Rich Kids and a certain Midge Ure ... notorious unknown at that time and who will become some time later one of the heavyweights of the New-wave by becoming the leader of the group Ultravox. The Single "Fade to grey", musical monument of the decade, was released in 1980. Title that marks the entrance as much by its particularly innovative sound as by the whimsical and provocative personality of Steve Strange who completely shakes up the codes of the time. Will release "Mind of a toy" in 1981, "The damned don't cry" in 1982, "Love glove" in 1984 which certainly will not have the success of the planetary hit that could have been "Fade to grey" but remain however, more than interesting pieces to discover or rediscover. Visage will remain in posterity not only for the musical quality of his compositions but also for these few now mythical sentences which are : "A man on a lonely platform, one case sitting by his side, two eyes staring cold and silent, show fear as he turns to hide"…

Steve Strange will pass away on February 12, 2015 following a heart attack, leaving many New Romantics orphans ...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

• Tar 1979

80s Decade :

• Fade to grey 1980

• Mind of a toy 1981

• Visage 1981

• The damned don’t cry 1982

• Night train 1982

• Pleasure boys 1982

• Love glove 1984

• Beat boy 1984

2010s Decade :

• Shameless fashion 2013

• Dreamer I know 2013

• Never enough 2013

• Hidden sign 2014

• She's electric (Coming around) 2014

• Aurora 2015

• Loving the alien 2015

• Star City 2015


Tracks :

1979 ... the alien arrives ... He and his extraordinary style which will produce things never seen and especially never heard before ...

1980 ... the intergalactic tube which truly reveals the group. Surely one of the most important hits of the 80s in terms of musical influence on other groups thereafter. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1981 ... in full delirium as the English knew so well how to do it at the beginning of this decade ! A group with a totally extraordinary imagination ...

1981 ... an absolutely exceptional beginning of the decade which saw the group chain tube on tube ...

1982 ... a group with melodic inspiration among the best of this early 80. The proof with this new title ...

1982 ... and the delirium continues, nothing and no one can stop them. So British !

1982 ... Steve Strange as a bad boy, you can't believe it for a second ... but you're not delirious !

1984 ... the last notorious hit of the group. A totally surrealist clip title. Surreal like this group, totally Aware !

1984 ... this time, it is indeed the end. The end of an incredible adventure for a decidedly incredible group !

2013 ... we thought the case was folded and the artist was forgotten, but it was bad to know him. Here he is reborn from his ashes in a spectacular way ...

2013 ... an unexpected comeback which puts him back on the front of the stage in a spectacular way. Who could have imagined seeing him come back and still manage to surprise us ? Not many people, it's clear ...

2013 ... especially since he happens as if by miracle to mix new and old influences, a real feat. But given the boy's talent, no wonder ...

2014 ... 30 years after having thrown in the towel, it seems that he still had things to say and especially to be heard. We take, we take !

2014 ... and always these typical '80s' sounds that are recognizable among all that he happens as if by miracle to bring up to date. He had to dare, he did it !

2014 ... a totally improbable version of the Masterpiece, one more you will tell me. But this one has a very particular scent because it will surely remain as one of the very last ...

2015 ... this resurrection in this decade of 2010 is totally bluffing. Several other 'colleagues' will have resuscitated in the same way during this decade, surely in a hurry to deliver their last compositions. Both literally and figuratively ...

2015 ... when an 80s star pays homage to another 80s star. All thanks to this particularly successful revisited version of David Bowie's title dating from 1985 ...

2015 ... on the other hand, what is on this time is that the story will unfortunately not go further. Because the flamboyant Steve will leave us for good that year and will thus disappear one of the most creative and above all exuberant members of this incredible 1980s ...


Top Bonus: orchestral version with certain originality and which shows that this extraordinary title can be declined in many forms...

Top Bonus : the adventure of New Romantics


Top Bonus : 1983...the story of a lifetime I

Top Bonus : 1983...the story of a lifetime II

Top Bonus : 2014...the story of a lifetime III


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