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Master in the art of watch...

Patrick Coutin is a French singer, writer, journalist who started his artistic career by writing detective novels, then became an art critic for newspapers such as Le Monde and Rock’n’Folk.

It was in 1981 that his singing career took off when the album "Coutin" was released. Album which contains the intergalactic hit "J'aime regarder les filles", tube which remains to this day one of the most emblematic of the last 30 years on the French side.

The notoriety of the singer explodes literally and he becomes one of the flagship figures of this beginning of decade.

A year later, the album "Un étranger dans la ville" who despite the presence of two Singles hits such as "Danse" and "Tellement belle... Si belle" will only have relative success.

Return of success in 1983 with the album "L’heure bleue" whose Singles "Rends moi mon coeur gamine" and "Louise" made a good journey in the hits.

In addition to his singing career, he also painted, exhibited and wrote a novel.

Between 1985 and 1988 he experienced some relative success on the song side with Singles like "Le sable chaud", "Tous des salauds".

His last major success took place in 1993 with the Single "Aimez-vous les uns les autres" from the album of the same name.

Other albums will be released later but none will be successful enough to bring him back to the front of the stage...

But who does not know these mythical words that are "I like to watch the girls walking on the beach, their hips swaying and fleeting smiles, I watch the waves playing with their bodies ... I loooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee".

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s Decade :

  • J’aime regarder les filles 1981

  • Lolita gardenal 1981

  • Danse 1982

  • Tes héros sont morts 1982

  • Seule dans la nuit 1982

  • Rends moi mon Coeur…gamine 1983

  • Louise 1984

  • Le sable est chaud 1985

  • Tous des salauds 1986

90s Decade :

  • Rock’n’roll (où tu veux quand tu veux) 1991

  • Aimez-vous les uns les autres 1993

  • Angelina 1993

  • Les anges de poussière 1993

2000s Decade :

  • Frustration (Je drague) 2001

  • J'irai mourir un jour 2001

2010s Decade :

  • Le bleu 2010

  • Justice 2010

  • Mets la gomme 2012

  • La grande ville 2012

  • Maryline est folle 2019

  • Yer blues train 2019

  • My oh my 2019

  • Pas très loin de minuit 2019

2020s Decade :

  • La ballade de Jésus Cat 2022

  • A part ça tout va bien 2022

  • Maman 2023


Tracks :

1981 ... the intergalactic hit that will reveal him. A mind-blowing title, out of nowhere and which will undoubtedly remain as one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade, or even of this end of the XXth century, on the French side. MAS-TER-FUL !

1982 ... in the same vein but the side completely barred in less. A barred side that made all the success of the first ... paradoxical as it may seem, he also knows how to do things that are much more calm. Definitely a pleasant surprise...

1982...he did it again with a title once again with finesse. A know-how in this field that surprises but also reassures about the overall potential of the artist...

1983 ... an obvious sound evolution. For good or for bad...? Anyway, a style that contrasts radically with previous titles ...

1984 ... a title which contains a first name particularly used in the songs of this time there, will know why ...

1985 ... the comeback in strength and success with a title that still speaks of sand. Definitely, a substance that particularly succeeds for him !

1986 ... a swaying title that looks nothing like everything he has offered so far. We will undoubtedly put this title in the category of good surprises ...

1991 ... a 100 % Rock'N'Roll ending ! Admittedly, it is a bit off the mark but it will not be enough to get back to the leading pack unfortunately ...

1993... which does not prevent him from continuing the adventure, far from it. The main thing for him is to continue to have fun and it doesn't matter whether there is success - or not - in the end...

1993...the only problem for him during this decade is that the musical trend is Ultra Dance and he is far, very far, from this kind of musicality...

1993... whatever it is, what he continues to offer is far from unworthy, that's clear. In any case, it's not the basic fans who will complain about it, that's for sure...

2001...we will lose sight of him for almost 8 years but here he is again, determined not to let go of anything as always. Tireless little guy...

2001...even if he still doesn't stick more to the latest musical trends of the moment, we will still appreciate what he continues to offer... big air hole of 9 years old but he comes back again. With each title we tell ourselves that it may be the last and he loves to make us lie every time... long as he enjoys doing what he does, he will come back again and again, that's what he tells himself every time. Who would blame him...

2012...a 2010 decade that will see him return more often than in the past. A desire to finish what has not yet been finished, good question...

2012... with each new opus, the basic fans say to themselves that he is still there and that he does not intend to abandon them like that. They definitely want more...

2019...a 2010 decade that ends with a bang with a new opus, who would have thought that possible ? We feel that he needs to produce more and more because now time counts... still have to remember that he started the adventure in...1981 ! It's starting to take quite a while and yet it's still there !

2019...we have rarely seen him so active for decades. A comeback that says a lot about his desire to believe in it until the end...

2019... now remains to be seen if he will have the courage to move on to the next decade. But given his level of productivity at the moment, the answer is likely to be positive...

2022...we suspected that he was probably not going to throw in the towel so easily ! He begins his 5th decade of career here, just that !

2022... a desire to believe in it until the end which undoubtedly commands respect. We therefore imagine that this title will surely not be the last...



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