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Letter to France...

Michel Polnareff is a French singer songwriter who started playing the piano from the age of 4 and received the 1st Prize for Solfège at the Conservatoire du 8ème arrondissement at the age of 12.

It was in 1965 that his fate changed for the first time when he won a rock competition at the Locomotive, a trendy club of the time, the first prize of which was a contract with Barclay. Let him refuse.

A year later he agreed to sign with the record company Disc’AZ. With which he realizes his 1st Single "La poupée qui fait non" and which will become a huge success.

From 1967 to 1970, he went on to success with "Love me, please love me", "Ame caline", "Le bal des Laze", "Tous les bateaux, tous les oiseaux", "Dans la maison vide".

1970 was a pivotal year as he faced many attacks on his appearance and his lifestyle. He responds with the song "Je suis un homme".

He also canceled the tour that was scheduled for that year following an assault and he suffered a fairly serious depression.

In 1971, he redid the famous tour abandoned the year before and took the opportunity to change his look : he now wears the famous white glasses and bleached blonde hair which will become his trademark for decades to come.

New scandal in 1972 when he appeared on posters in Paris showing his buttocks for the promotion of his upcoming concert at the Olympia. He was condemned by a court for indecent assault.

The year 1973 will be the year of forced exile in the USA following the scam of which he was the victim by his trusted man and that he purely and simply ruined him (without counting the huge tax debt that he left him at the same time).

New depression for the singer who ultimately decides to give up everything to flee abroad.

We must wait until 1977 to see him come back in force by song interposed with the title "Lettre à France" which expresses his nostalgia for his country.

It will take another four years, this time in 1981, for him to once again find a success worthy of his rank with the album "Bulles". Album that will sell more than a million copies, notably thanks to the flagship titles "Tam tam" and "Radio".

In 1984 the album "Incognito" was released, a relative success despite the presence of the title "Viens te faire chahuter" which, however at the time, cost a real fortune in terms of production.

He resettled in France and five years were to pass (including 800 reclusive days at the Royal Monceau hotel) before the album "Kama Sutra" was released.

Album also sold around 1,000,000 copies, from which the cult "Goodbye Marylou" as well as the hits "Kama Sutra", "LNA HO" and "Toi et moi" will come. These will be his last notable successes.

Since then, the artist has been absent from subscribers despite some sporadic compositions.

And this despite his incredible talent, his extraordinary personality which always allowed him to rebound inexorably and his multiple announcements of new album releases.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

60s Decade :

• La poupée qui fait non 1966

• Love me, please love me 1966

• L'amour avec toi 1966

• Ta, ta, ta, ta 1967

• Ame caline 1967

• Mes regrets 1967

• Le bal des Laze 1968

• Y'a qu'un cheveu 1968

• Tous les bateaux, tous les oiseaux 1969

• Tout, tout pour ma chérie 1969

• Dans la maison vide 1969

70s Decade :

• Un train ce soir 1970

• Gloria 1970

• Je suis un homme 1970

• Qui a tué grand maman 1971

• Nos mots d'amour 1971

• Hollidays 1972

• La mouche 1972

• On ira tous au paradis 1972

• I love you because 1973

• Tibili 1974

• If only you believe (Jesus for tonight) 1975

• Lettre à France 1977

• Une simple mélodie 1978

80s Decade :

• Tam Tam 1981

• Radio 1981

• Je t’aime 1981

• Viens te faire chahuter 1984

• Dans la rue 1985

• Goobye Marylou 1989

• Kama Sutra 1989

• LNA HO 1989

• Toi et moi 1989

90s Decade :

• Je rêve d'un monde 1999

2000s Decade :

• Ophélie flagrant des lits 2006

2010s Decade :

• L'homme en rouge 2015

• Grandis pas 2018


Tracks :

1966 ... the shattering arrival of the Alien. An extraordinary artist who will achieve a career...extraordinary !

1966 ... a second title which immediately shows the boy's huge potential. And there are, it's clear !

1966 ... an exceptional year which saw him literally explode. The legend is now on the move ...

1967 ... ta, ta, ta, ta ... A title that means ... nothing. But it's not big deal...! No fuss, no chacha ....

1967 ... his first WONDER. A sublime melody which reveals all the incredible power of composition of the artist

1967 ... a little-known title which already contains all the ingredients for future great compositions by the artist

1968 ... the second WONDER. An extraordinary sound for a track inspired by the utmost. Surely one of his most emblematic pieces. A musical monument from the 60s on the french side !

1968 ... we go from sublime to completely barred ... Pure Polnareff !

1969 ... normally, he manages to rank at least one N°1 title in the hit parade each year. We start with this one. But there will be a second ...

1969 ... no, no, it will not be this one the second N°1. And yet, this title will remain as one of the most emblematic of the singer

1969..this is the second. After an exceptional year 1966, we can say that 1969 also particularly succeeds. The artist is then at the height of his popularity and one of the greatest French singers of the time

1970 ... a perfectly negotiated decade change where there is an obvious sound evolution. Polnareff Season II is on !

1970 ... the WONDER of WONDERS ! An artist at the height of his possibilities and who masters the elements like a virtuoso. Surely one of his most beautiful titles if not the most beautiful !

1970 ... the beginning of the revolt, but also of the metamorphosis. A title where the artist settles his accounts and sets the record straight. Glory has to come at a price ...

1971 ... all in lightness, all in finesse, all in softness. A title that literally floats in the air ... And yet, with such a title, we could have feared the worst ...

1971 ... and what about that one. It floats just as much. Its N°1 of the year. With him, everything seems so easy ...

1972 ... N°1 of the year is this one. Another incredible inspiration, another piece of legend. An ever-growing list of titles ...

1972 ... another delirious title of which he is undoubtedly one of the Masters in the matter. Small interlude between 2 huge hits ...

1972 ... because the N°1 of the year, it is also that one. Another year of Double Jackpot. Physically speaking, if there is a Polnareff who will remain in history, it is the one we see on the screen !

1973 ... the beginning of the 'Without' years. Ruin, forced exile, success that is no longer really there despite titles of certain quality ...

1974 ... a new parenthesis crossed out in a particularly troubled period for the singer who lost all his bearings ...

1975 ... one of his rare songs in English, exile obliges. And my faith, it works too !

1977 ... the title of rebirth and reconquest. A cry from the heart for his native land which will put the artist back in the race and this in a shocking way

1978 ... in the process he signs a new magnificent ballad of which he has the secret. The end of a decade saved in extremis !

1981 ... 3 years have passed .... 3 healthy years, during which the artist has recharged his batteries. 3 years which allowed him to prepare in the best conditions the transition to the following decade. The result is amazing and we see a Polnareff coming back in great shape and at the peak of its possibilities. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... a second mega hit in stride which confirms the artist's resounding return

1981 ... each WONDER every decade. For the 80s, and concerning him, it will be this one. He signs here one of the biggest Ultimate Slow of the decade on the French side, even of this end of the XXth century. MA-GIC !

1984 ... he was one of the most brilliant composers of the 60s and 70s. He is now also for the 80s. Mind-blowing !

1985 ... what is certain is that it is not...on the street ! In full possession of his means the boy !

1989 ... what, a new WONDER ?! Yes, yes, there are 2 for the 80s. Two jewels with an incredible inspiration and which will remain as musical monuments of this blessed era on the french side

1989 ... a little erotic delirium to end the decade in style, what could be better ?

1989 ... his last notorious hit of the decade. When you see the number of hits he has produced since its inception, the list is staggering. Surely one of the most beautiful awards of all French song, all generations combined ! And it's not over !!

1989 ... come on, a little bit more for the road to end the decade in style. Not sure that the following decade will be as favorable for him ...

1999...he will return almost 10 years later but this too long absence will penalize him to the highest degree. The public has already left to look elsewhere...

2006...especially since these, to say the least, episodic returns will not help to retain customer loyalty. An astonishing strategy, to say the least...

2015...afterwards he leads his career as he wishes and above all at his own speed. But the public doesn't quite see it like that at first glance...

2018... whatever happens, we will greatly appreciate each return, even furtive. Because there is still talent in this man, that much is clear...


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