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Interview of Made In 80

Hi friends, today we have the pleasure of receiving Cédric from Made In 80 radio, the leading radio station on the broadcast of hits from the 80s.

So Cédric, Made in 80, what is it ?

Made in 80 is a radio that only broadcasts songs from the 80s.

For us, the listeners must come across a hit from the 80s as soon as they arrive on Made in 80.

For this we have selected a playlist of 1,000 titles that we modify by about 5 % every month to air the programming.

But suddenly, Made in 80 is only a playlist of music from the 80s ?

Not at all, it's a radio !

Even if our priority is to broadcast music from the 80s. Every day animators are present on the air.

On Made in 80, we offer you news flashes, daily chronicles (weather, horoscope, tip of the day, TV program, cinema outings, etc.)

You will also find DJs with new mixes (Phil Mixcoast from DMC France, DJ Toche, Dj Eddy, DJ Pat, Guy Macquart, etc.)

But also interviews with artists from the 80s (more than fifty to date). They are also available to listen to on the main podcast and streaming platforms.

And finally every Saturday morning the records on demand like in the 80s.

So precisely Cédric, what is the difference with other FM radios that have the same style of programming ?

The biggest and most appreciable difference is that we do not run any ads on Made in 80.

We also broadcast in HD quality. Which is well above the standards of FM radio broadcasts.

For us, the quality of listening is our priority.

And who are the listeners of Made in 80 ?

The 80s are intergenerational even if the majority of our listeners knew the 80s.

What relationship do you share with them ?

There is really a closeness with our listeners via our antenna and social networks. It's radio 2.0. We question them frequently and they participate in the life of Made in 80.

They intervene on the air during live broadcasts and even participate in the drafting of questions asked of the artists.

They also regularly offer us titles to broadcast, judge on the relevance of titles already in the program or on the too frequent repetition of a song.

It may be a cliché but the success of Made in 80 is really made thanks to our listeners.

Last question, where to listen to Made in 80 ?

First on but not only.

For 10 years we have multiplied partnerships and we are present almost everywhere :

Deezer, Apple Music, connected speakers, TV boxes from the main internet operators, smartphone applications and broadcasts on radio portals such as Tunein,, radioking, etc.

A conclusion Cedric ?

Perhaps a phrase that is often said on Made in 80 “Take care of the 80s !" and may the adventure continue.

But absolutely Cedric !

So I have only one word to say : long live the 80s and long life to Made In 80 !

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