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Goodbye yesterday...

Nick Heyward is an English composer and singer well known for having been the leader of the group "Haircut One Hundred" before converting to a rather successful solo career.

He started his musical career with his friend Les Nemes in 1977 with whom he played in a group first called "Rugby", then "The Boat Party", then "Captain Pennyworth", then finally "Haircut one Hundred".

The group signed with the label Arista Records in 1981 and will have four singles classified in the English Top10 between 1981 and 1982. As well as an album "Pelican West" which will experience great commercial success.

It was during the recording of the second album that Heyward decided to leave the adventure "Haircut one hundred", or at least, according to the real story, that he would rather have been asked to leave the adventure.

His solo career started in 1983 with the single "Whistle down the wind", followed by few titles "Take that situation" and "Blue hat for a blue day" which will appear all 3 in the Top20.

As well as the album "North of a miracle" which will also work well.

In 1984 the singles “Love all day” and “Warning sign” were released, with relative success.

In 1986 the second album "Postcards frome home" was released, which was also relatively successful, but which contains the excellent title "Goodbye yesterday" which will surely remain as one of his best achievements.

Other albums will be released subsequently which will only have meager successes but of significant quality.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

80s  Decade :

• Whistle Down the Wind 1983

• Take that situation 1983

• Blue hat for a blue day 1983

• On a Sunday 1983

• Love all day 1984

• Warning sign 1984

• Laura 1985

• Over the weekend 1986

• Goodbye yesterday 1986

• You’re my world 1988

• Tell me why 1989

90s  Decade :

• Kite 1993

• He doesn't love you like I do 1993

• The world 1995

• Rollerblade 1996

• The man you used to be 1997

• Star in her eyes 1998

2000s  Decade :

• Indian summer 2006

• Lay the blanket down 2006

• Secret garden 2006

2010s  Decade :

• The Stars 2017

• Baby blue sky 2017

• Perfect sunday sun 2017


Adventure Haircut One Hundred :


Tracks :

1983 ... a solo career that started could not be better with this first title. A hit directly to build confidence, what more could you ask for ...

1983 ... this one will do even better than the previous one. But only across the Channel. We will largely be satisfied !

1983 ... a particularly prolific year 1983 which saw him produce no less than 4 very large titles. Just that !

1983 ... we end the year in style with this title. Always on this light and airy sound base which will forever remain its trademark

1984 ... we can change the year, the basics remain the same. As long as it works, why change what works ...

1984 ... which will surely remain as one of his best songs. Inspired, rhythmic, everything to please ! And yet success will remain limited to England, go figure ...

1985 ... the romantic touch that was missing from his palette is filled with this slightly 'two much' title. We will have to be content with it because it will be his only title for this year 1985 ...

1986 ... certainly, he has not long since reached the top 10 of the Charts but still obtains very honorable places. Many would be satisfied ...

1986 ... as paradoxical as it may seem, this title is among its best and will not even be ranked. A flagrant injustice bordering on the incomprehensible ...

1988 ... we will have to be satisfied with only one title in this year 1988. But what a title ! Another of its best, quite simply !

1989 ... an end of decade in halftone with a title once again of quality but which will not find its public. Beware of premature departure from the road ...

1993 ... a few years have passed and he is back in great shape in 1993. Who says new decade, says new style. And it works my faith very well !

1993 ... the adventure goes on and on. Even if the level of success remains concentrated exclusively on England, this minimum is enough for the singer to believe it again and always !

1995 ... still as inspired, still as light and airy, a Nick in great shape. Certainly the production of titles slows down year after year but the adventure continues to be beautiful and that is the essential

1996 ... the last notorious hit. 15 years of solo career at the top, after a very successful first career also with Haircut 100. Mighty prize list !

1997 ... one of his very few Intimist titles. It took many years for him to finally deign to explore this very particular field. Finally !

1998 ... this time, it is indeed the end of the adventure. The end of a great adventure for one of the most gifted artists of his generation and who should not be ashamed of one of the most flattering achievements of this end of the XXth century across the Channel... least we think it's the end, which is far from the case. Because here he is again in charming company 8 years later...

2006...certainly the best years are now behind him but what he has to offer today is far from devoid of interest. The proof with this new 100 % glamorous opus...

2006... light and aerial as we like them. The 2 lovebirds give it their all to offer us very simple titles but with obvious effectiveness...

2017...he will disappear again from the radar for almost 11 years and here he is once again back in this new decade of 2010. To do what, only him knows it...

2017...even if he won't rank any title on this album, the album, it, will be ranked. Which proves that the artist still has a certain base of fans...

2017... so we imagine that this title will not be the last because we now know that with him, nothing is ever over. To be continued...



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