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Herbert Leonard, born Hubert Loenhard, is a French singer who began his musical career within the group "Les Jets".

Group which occurs in dancing parties around Strasbourg in the 60s.

In 1966, finished "Les Jets", he joined the group "Les Lionceaux" as guitarist and toured with them all over France.

He stood out and when the group separated, the artistic director Lee Hallyday had him sign for 7 years.

He released his first single in 1967. It failed. Like all the albums which will be released thereafter and this for thirteen long years !

It was the meeting with Julien Lepers in 1980 that changed everything. The 2 buddies give birth to the album "Pour le plaisir" and this time, it's a hit!

The single of the same name will sell more than 2 million copies. Album which also contains the touching and excellent title "Petite Nathalie".

In 1982, he released the album "Ca donne envie d'aimer", from which the flagship title of the same name will be extracted as well as the now cult "Amoureux fous" which he performs in duet with the leading singer of the moment, namely Julie Piétri.

The year 1985 will be the year of the consecration with the release of the generic from the event series of the time, namely "Chateauvallon". The singer is at the top of his popularity.

Two years passed and released in 1987 the album "Laissez nous rêver" with 4 major hits that are "Sur des musiques érotiques", "Laissez nous rêver", "Quand tu m'aimes" and "Tu ne pourras plus jamais m'oublier". It's a real tidal wave !

In 1989 released the album "Je suis un grand sentimental" which contains the 2 flagship singles "Je suis un grand sentimental" and "Jaloux de toi".

Impossible to equal the previous album, the success is necessarily less. These will be his last notable successes.

The artist will release other albums thereafter but will not experience the same success as before.

Herbert Léonard will remain for a long time one of the emblematic figures of the 80s due in large part to his "French lover" side and despite a kitsch side which sometimes brushed against caricature.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Pour un peu d’amour 1967

• Quelque chose tient mon cœur 1968

• Pour être sincere 1968

• Oui dans ma vie 1969

• Docteur Caraïbe 1970

• Des rêves clairs 1970

• Puisque je t'aime, ma vie commence 1972

• Je suis un dieu dans mon église 1977

• Pour le plaisir 1981

• Petite Nathalie 1981

• Ca donne envie d’aimer 1982

• Ca pleure pas un homme 1982

• Amoureux fous 1983

• Des raisons d'espérer 1984

• Puissance et gloire 1985

• Mon cœur et ma maison 1985

• Sur des musiques érotiques 1987

• Quand tu m’aimes 1987

• Tu ne pourras plus jamais m’oublier 1987

• Laissez nous rêver 1988

• Je suis un grand sentimental 1989

• Jaloux de vous 1989

• Finir la nuit ensemble 1989

• Entre tes mains 1990

• Parlons d'amour 1991

• Tant qu'elle aura besoin de moi 1992

• Lui et nous 1993

• Je serais fou de l'oublier 1995

• J'ai peur pour elle 1996


Clips :

1967 ... very Sixties beginnings and which do not let predict anything of the following very 'serial lover' of the singer. Each era has its style as they say ...

1968 ... an 'easy' continuation with this luxury cover of the title "Something's gotten hold of my heart" by Gene Pitney dating from 1962. But covers are very fashionable on the French side during this decade, so difficult to escape...

1968 ... the beginnings of future great romantic ballads. The basics are already there, it's obvious. And the future will prove that this young singer really has an above-average talent in this area ...

1969 ... in great shape our Herbert in this erotic year. The end of the sixties on the wheel caps, to say the least !

1970 ... a small quality soundtrack to start the new decade in the best possible way. A decade that will see him rise in strength impressively ...

1970 ... the 'serial lover' style is refined from year to year. The best is yet to come, that's obvious. You just have to give him a little more time to refine all that ...

1972 ... it is confirmed, Herbert is particularly comfortable in the Intimist register. It remains to find THE miracle title that will explode his career ...

1977 ... we approach slowly but surely the big fireworks. But it will not be this time yet ...

1981 ... here it is THE title that will change everything ! A HUGE hit that will forever remain as one of the biggest Ultimate Slows of the decade on the French side and which offers him its direct ticket to posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1981 ... an exceptional year which saw him chain two enormous titles of very very large caliber. He surely signs here one of his most beautiful titles. Magnificent !

1982 ... a Herbert now at cruising speed, which becomes literally essential and which connects hits on hits !

1982 ... the start of a decade that sees everything succeed. A 'Leonard' style that hits the target every time. A decade 60 to hatch, a decade 70 to grow and a decade 80 to explode !

1983 ... surely one of the most famous duets of the decade on the French side. When 2 of the biggest stars of the moment make a beef, the result is necessarily up to par. The most glamorous couple of the moment, without a doubt !

1984 ... in continuity. Nothing extraordinary but titles that work every time and that's the main thing. It is obvious that he cannot produce very large caliber for each title ...

1985 ... the title of the ultimate consecration. He signs here the soundtrack of one of the most famous soap operas of the 80s. A series supposed to compete with Dallas. We know the rest ...

1985 ... pure juice Herbert. A style now recognizable among all and which will forever remain its trademark...

1987 ... once again Ultimate slow, very large caliber, Herbert style. Undoubtedly one of the biggest suppliers in the field for the whole decade !

1987 ... he signs here one of his biggest hits. And for once, on a sustained tempo. Like what, when he wants, he can too !

1987 ... the BIG year. It's a flood of hits that nothing and no one can stop and which shows above all that the singer is at the top of his maturity !

1988 ... the years pass and the quality does not weaken by an Iota. With him, everything seems so simple. Perfectly trendy sound, just like style. The key to staying on top !

1989 ... one might think that the French lover will experience a bit of slack in this end of the decade. Oh no, always on the guy !

1989 ... once again very smoothly. His favorite field is no photo. He will have crossed the decade 60, then the decade 70 and he finishes the decade 80 in beauty. What more !

1989 ... we take the same one and start again. Why change when it works very well like that. A style that does not go out of fashion any more than that. Hope it lasts ...

1990 ... change of decade and...change of pace. Is a new Herbert on the horizon ? Answer soon ...

1991 ... even if he loses its Aura over the years, he continues to deliver titles of certain quality. Simply talent !

1992.. nothing to do, he systematically returns to the Intimist register. Hunt the natural, it gallops ! The problem is that what worked very well the previous decade does not necessarily work in this new decade. Attention danger...

1993 ... still as effective anyway ! A title gone completely unnoticed and yet largely holds the road ...

1995 ... we, anyway, would be crazy to want to forget you Herbert. Don't worry ! With such a discography, it is clear that you will always remain as one of the best of your generation !

1996 ... come on, a little last for the road. A long and prolific career which will have produced several now cult titles. Rather flattering as a result !


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