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Everywhere they go...

QED is an Australian band formed in 1983 and originally composed of Jenny Morris (ex The Crocodiles), Rex Goh (ex Air Supply), Ian Belton (ex Dave Dobbyn) and Shane Flew.

The group signed with the EMI label the same year, signing which allowed them to release a first single “Everywhere I go”. Single which will meet with a great success in esteem throughout the southern sphere.

What will not really be the case of the following “Solo and more”, single which will unfortunately pass somewhat under the radar.

They will release a new single "This one" still in 1984, single which allows them to return to success, at least temporarily.

A few months later their unique album "Animal magic" will be released, an album that will not confirm their comeback.

A poor performance that precipitated the fall of the group, which ended up separating a year later in 1985.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Everywhere I go 1983

  • Solo and more 1984

  • I’ll get it right 1984

  • This one 1984

  • Sayonara 1984

  • Barbie Doll 1984


Clips :

1983 ... first title and already first success. An ideal start to say the least even if the success is limited mainly to the Southern sphere ...

1984 ... unfortunately, the band cannot capitalize on the suction effect created by the previous track. This title will pass somewhat under the radar ...

1984 ... just like this one. The adventure had started in an ideal way but the rest will be a little more complicated to manage than expected ...

1984 ... they will still manage to rise to the surface thanks to this title. We suspected that with a potential like theirs, it would have been a shame to disappear so quickly ...

1984 ... a comeback that will only last for a moment. The group sets off again in the depths as quickly as they left ...

1984 ... an adventure to say the least ephemeral because here comes the last title of the group. And yes, already ! Two years of existence and then goes away. Frankly shame ...


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