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Even if it hurts...

Corina, whose real name is Corina Ayala, is an American singer-songwriter born to Puerto Rican parents who can boast, apart from being a singer, of having also been elected Miss Hispanic America and of having also competed for the title of Miss Puerto Rico.

It was from the year 1987 that she officially began her career as a singer with the release of a first Single "Out of control", a Single which unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed.

It was with the following Single "Give me back my heart", which was released a year later in 1988, that she finally began to reap the fruits of her efforts. A first success that will call for another in 1990 with the successful release of the title "Loving you like crazy".

But it is above all the year 1991 that will bring her a semblance of consecration with the release of her 2 biggest hits, namely "Temptations" then "Whispers". A year 1991 which will also see the release of her one and only album "Corina".

The adventure will not stop there, however, and she will release other Singles in the years that will follow, but the level of success will only decrease drastically thereafter...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Out of control 1987

  • Give me back my heart 1988

  • Loving you like crazy 1990

  • Temptation 1991

  • Whispers 1991

  • Now that you’re gone 1992

  • Summertime summertime 1997

  • Master and servant 2005

  • Run away 2009

  • Aunque me duela 2011

  • Tni li neshika 2021

  • Take me away 2022

  • Don't take your love 2023


Clips :

1987...the style and the sound are trendy but that will not be enough for the young Corina to go from shadow to light at this stage...

1988...she didn't have to wait very long in the end to achieve a first success, admittedly limited to the United States, but that's already it as they say...

1990... this new title will go a little more unnoticed but it doesn't matter what is important is that the dynamics of success are now well in place...

1991...then comes THIS title. The title that will bring her fame and fortune and offer her her direct ticket to posterity. HU-GE !

1991...a 1991 year which sees her at its best and which will undoubtedly remain as its best Vintage. It's been like this for years !

1992... the relapse in the Charts will be violent the following year, to say the least, but the essential is done as they say...

1997...we will lose sight of her for almost 5 years but here she is back in a form that we will qualify as certain. Enough in any case to land a last major hit thanks to this luxury cover of the title of Nocera dating from 1986...

2005...she will come back during the following decade but all the titles that will be released will go unnoticed to say the least...

2009...a second part of his career that looks nothing like the first. Hence the results that have nothing to do with the previous ones... she is now in Latin mode. She decides to honor here her family roots but that will not change the situation concerning her...

2021... she will even attempt the transition to the next decade and despite an obvious desire to do well there will be no return to grace unfortunately...

2022...but at least she's trying. And as in music everything is always possible, find out if a return to the front of the stage might not be possible... any case, she continues to believe in it and in principle she is absolutely right. So we imagine that we will find her later no matter what...


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