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La Bande à Basile is a group formed in the late 1970s by singer Gérard Curci and composer Claude-Michel Schönberg, a group they decide to start after their fruitful collaboration on the rock opera "La révolution française". Group composed at the time mainly of illustrious young unknown man and women but unknown who will not remain so very long since there are names such as Julie Piétri, Sapho and other Sloane ! Group whose particularity, apart from the playful and festive side, is to sport a dress look for the less colorful, in fact inspired by the Commedia Dell'Arte. They released their first title "Les Chansons Françaises" in 1976, a title which was to meet with great esteem and allow them to stand out for the very first time. But it was especially a year later, in 1977, that the fate of the entire squad changed definitively when they released their new title called ..."La chenille".

The title will be a hit in the hexagon, sell more than 2 million copies and literally explode the notoriety of the group. An incredible and above all, unexpected success, which they will have difficulty confirming afterwards. They will have to wait 3 years and the year 1980 to regain the public's favor thanks to the title "La danse du balai". A decade of 80 which will inexorably out of date them and which unfortunately will see them gradually disappear from radar. And this despite a relative last success in 1989 with the title "O va faire la Java". To discover or rediscover. Discography (among others ...) :

  • Les chansons françaises 1976

  • La chenille 1977

  • Le dindon 1977

  • Vive les vacances 1978

  • Le petit train du magicien 1978

  • Le jardin de grand-mère 1978

  • Radio basile 1979

  • La danse du balai 1980

  • Cecile et Rebecca 1981

  • C’est chouette le sifflet des copains 1981

  • Le piano couleur 1982

  • Touche moi Oh oh 1984

  • On va faire la Java 1989

  • La France se marre 1991


Clips :

1976 ... the beginnings of a group of excited good people who will become in a few years one of the most representative groups of this decade 70 on the French side

1977 ... just a single title, THIS title, was enough to bring the group One Shot into the musical legend of the end of the twentieth century on the French side. A title that will surely remain as one of the most simplistic hits of the time, but with absolutely formidable efficiency in terms of evening entertainment. Often the simplest recipes are the most effective !

1978 ... it is clear that this group will not stay in history as the most talented of its generation, it is clear. But that's not their goal either, all they want is to make people happy. And at this level, it's mission accomplished !

1978 ... basic melodies, just like the lyrics. It is clear that we are always close to caricature, but how can we blame them when we see their permanent good humor ...

1978 ... it must be said that there is not a lot of competition against them in this particular niche of ''wacky music'. A single group is more than enough to satisfy the expectations of an audience of connoisseurs after all quite limited ...

1980 ... it is clear that the transition to the 80s will strengthen the 'UFO' side of the group. An inevitable marginalization in the face of primarily rock or electronic competition. Difficult to fight on equal terms in these conditions ...

1981 ... the group continues the adventure for whatever reason, but we suspect that it will be harder and harder for them to resist, and especially to exist. Hard law of the trade ...

1981 ... it's good-natured, festive and joyful but at one point, too much caricature kills caricature. The disappearance of the group is inevitable in the more or less short term. It remains to be seen if it will be more or less ...

1982 ... anyway, they resist. For how much longer, we don't really know but their desire to continue the adventure a little more is more of total unconsciousness than anything else ...

1989 ... and yet, almost 10 years after having signed what will remain their 'Masterpiece', they come back in an incredible way on the front of the scene thanks to this title. A title, once again very basic, but once again with a formidable rhythm. Incredible but true !

1991 ... they will even attempt the transition to the 90s. It is daring and above all it is a bet that is necessarily lost in advance. As much as the 1980s were more or less lenient with them, the 1990s will be ruthless and will leave them no possibility of existing. End of the adventure !


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