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Blue in heaven...

Blue In Heaven is an Irish band formed in 1982 in Churchtown by Shane O’Neil.

They released their first album "All the gods men" in 1985. Followed in 1986 by the album "Explicit material".

No mega hit for this group but several interesting titles on their count. Including "I just wanna" released in 1986 which will remain as their most significant success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Julie cries 1984

  • Across my heart 1984

  • A whiter day 1984

  • In your eyes 1985

  • Sometimes 1985

  • I just wanna 1986

  • Beating in my head (Little flower) 1986

  • Just another day 1986


Clips :

1984 ... a first track with very strong Cure influences. And my faith, the result is not that bad !

1984 ... a group which in the end will remain little known but with obvious talent. The proof with this new song of certain quality

1984 ... a group that mixes together almost all the best New-Wave influences of the moment. No really defined style but a mix of everything ...

1985 ... we start again more or less on the same bases the following year. Of course, we are far from the top of the Charts but in its field, the group is far from being ridiculous

1985 ... surely one of their most successful titles. A group with a dazzling career but which will have largely deserved its place in the musical history of the 80s

1986 ... a change of vintage which rhymes with darker and more aggressive sound. A confusing choice to say the least ...

1986 ... the aggressive side is confirmed. A radical change that will not really benefit them. Too bad, too bad ...

1986 ... we already end more calmly with this title a little more inspired than the 2 previous ones. A really special group that it would have been a shame not to talk about ...


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