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Another day in the big world...

Eurogliders, originally named Living Single, is an Australian band formed in Perth in 1980 and originally composed of Bernie Lynch, Amanda Vincent, Crispin Akerman, Don Meharry and Guy Slingerland. Which will be joined a year later by Grace Knight.

A first album called "Pink follows blue day" was released two years later in 1982, an album which allowed them to obtain their first ranked title with the single "Without you". A success that is limited for the moment only to Australia.

It was the next album "This Island", released in 1984, which would bring them the expected tan global recognition. The album will produce no less than 4 hits with at the top of the list "Heaven (Must be there)", a single which will be a hit throughout the Anglo-Saxon sphere.

New album "Absolutely" in 1985, album which in turn is a hit and from which will be extracted two very high-caliber singles "We will together" and "Can’t wait to see you".

Despite these successes, the band imploded shortly thereafter and it was therefore a totally overhauled team that would work on the next album, an album called "Groove" which would be released three years later in 1988.

Unfortunately, the new team is somewhat lacking in inspiration and this album will only meet with limited success. At the same time precipitating the inevitable end of the group.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Without you 1982

  • Laughing matter 1982

  • No action 1983

  • Another day in the big world 1983

  • Heaven (Must be there) 1984

  • Maybe only I dream 1984

  • We will together 1985

  • The city of soul 1985

  • Can’t wait to see you 1985

  • Absolutely 1986

  • So tough 1986

  • Groove 1988

  • It must be love 1988

  • Listen 1988

  • Precious 1989


Clips :

1982 ... first title and already first success. Admittedly for the moment limited to Australia but it is already better than nothing as they say !

1982 ... this title will not be classified but it does not matter, the group is already on a dynamic which augurs beautiful things thereafter, it is clear !

1983 ... success returns but still limited to the land of kangaroos. Anyway, the talent of the group is obvious and just waiting to be expressed !

1983 ... title after title, the group shows a know-how and a musical maturity of the most obvious. It is certain that they will never be part of the elite but will come close to it, very little ...

1984 ... then THIS title comes ! The title that will finally bring them the long-awaited planetary recognition, offering them by itself a direct ticket to posterity. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a planetary success which unfortunately will not last. The group will have to be content again with a level of success that will be limited exclusively to Australia. Which does not spoil their talent ...

1985 ... a hybrid title half Intimist half Dance. And why not ? With them, we are the taker of everything because each title is inspired and that's the main thing !

1985 ... a BIG year 1985 with no less than 3 high-caliber titles that year. The group continues to hang on and does better than resist, that's clear !

1985 ... the adventure continues for some reason and the goodwill of the group is evident. We will therefore be largely satisfied ...

1986 ... which will surely remain as one of their most emblematic titles. A group that would have really deserved recognition much greater than what it was ...

1986 ... this title will not have the same level of recognition as the previous one but largely holds up. Like all the rest of their work !

1988 ... after an empty year 1987, the group returns in this year 1988 in an obvious form. A form which allows them to obtain a new major success thanks to this title. Like what nothing is ever finished ...

1988 ... just like the year 1985, the year 1988 will count 3 titles on the clock. Certainly, not all will have the recognition of the public but what is certain is that none will demerit !

1988 ... especially this one which will not even be classified. We also wonder why because it is far from being ridiculous. The beginning of the end as they say ...

1989 ... another excellent title to finish, one more. A talented group that would have deserved to continue the adventure but fate will have decided otherwise. Hard law of the trade ...


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