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Gilbert Montagné is a French singer whose peculiarity, apart from the fact that he is blind, is that he was born very premature at the age of 6 months. He only weighed 950 grams !

He really started his musical career in 1968, when he was only 16 years old, by passing a few auditions and recording two 45 laps "Le phénomène" and "Quand on ferme les yeux". Both are failures. Disappointed, he left to join his sister in the United States and enrolled in university to pursue classical music studies.

It was Salvatore Adamo who turned his destiny upside down when he asked him in 1971 to return to Europe. Winning return because he will record two titles. "Hide away" and a certain ... "The fool". "The fool" is a real planetary success. The singer finally goes on TV and even treads the boards of the Olympia after Julien Clerc invited him on stage. He is only 20 years old.

A second album was released in 1973, then a third in 1976. But success was no longer there.

New flight to the United States. He returned 3 years later thanks to Johnny Hallyday who asked him to accompany him on the piano during his show at the Paris Pavilion. New winning return.

In 1980, he released the single "Believe in me" which met with some success.

But it is above all in the jingles and advertising music that he will be illustrated for several years.

The year 1984 and the release of the album "Liberté" arrives. Album including 2 titles in particular are signed by a certain… Didier Barbelivien. And what titles ! The now cult "On va s'aimer" and "Les sunlight des Tropiques". The album is a real hit ! And definitely establishes the fame of the singer for decades to come.

Other albums will be released later, but without being able to match the colossal success of this legendary album.

Gilbert Montagné will remain in the French musical history of the 80s as much by his extraordinary personality, both physical and mental, as by the fact that he will have provided 2 of the biggest dance hits in history.

Tubes that make happiness every weekend of many weddings, parties and other fiestas with friends !

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Quand on ferme les yeux (Lord Thomas) 1968

• The morning comes 1970

• The fool 1971

• Aime moi 1972

• Dans mon piano il y a des oiseaux 1973

• La craie dans l'encrier 1974

• Believe in me 1980

• M’laisse pas tomber 1981

• Besoin de vous 1981

• Ta vie 1981

• On s’en fout nous on s’aime 1982

• On va s’aimer 1983

• Liberté 1984

• Les sunlights des tropiques 1984

• J’ai le blues de toi 1984

• Au soleil (Robinson Crusoé) 1985

• Quelques notes de musique 1985

• Laissez la lumière 1986

• Sans elle 1987

• Je veux tout 1987

• Laissez les enfants rêver 1987

• Entre douceur et violence 1989

• Le cœur en sursis 1991

• Si le ciel existe 1991

• Comme une étoile 1996

• Histoire de femme 1997

• Si tu te souviens 1998


Clips :

1968 ... the very first steps of a young unknown man who will not stay there for very long...unknown. At this stage, nobody imagines the huge continuation which awaits him in the years to come, that is clear ...

1970 ... obvious skills for the Intimist. And yet, it is not really in this area that he will experience his biggest successes ...

1971 ... then this title arrives ! The little Frenchie delivers an incredible title that will become one of the biggest hits of the 70s, just that. With the key a notoriety that will explode. MAS-TER-FUL !

1972 ... almost impossible to repeat the previous exploit. We will therefore be satisfied with this nice suite and this time in French...

1974 ... surely one of the most beautiful titles of the decade on the French side. A magnificent duo where he shares the poster with a certain Catherine Lara. 2 very great future ...

1980 ... return to English for this sumptuous ballad. A new decade that promises to be most promising ...

1981 ... a new sumptuous ballad, this time in French. Also good in both languages the guy. The decor is now well placed for the great fireworks ...

1981 ... a title passed somewhat unnoticed and which nevertheless deserves a detour. An inspiration that will soon bear fruits. And what fruits !

1982 ... last pretty ballad before the tempo suddenly starts to get carried away ... And that, to get carried away, it will get carried away !

1983 ... the big fireworks, there it is ! The singer delivers here quite simply one of the biggest Dance hits of the 80s on the French side, just that. Didier Barbelivien has just offered him a gem on a platter which ensures him a special place in the Pantheon of French song. MAS-TER-FUL !

1984 ... a sequel which will not have the same success story but which confirms the status of the singer of the phenomenon of the moment. Especially when you see what is on the horizon !

1984 ... having signed one of the biggest hits of the decade was not enough for him, he did it again and offered us a second one, just that. A hit which is still one of the most played titles to date during an evening with friends in France, just that. HU-GE !

1984 ... how to compete with the previous road rollers ... Well my faith, we do what we can and the result is not that bad !

1985 ... nothing exceptional about this title but just a good job. A light, fresh and airy title that just begs to relax as they say ...

1985 ... Ultimate Slow, very large, as we like. A mastery of the field that borders on perfection. MA-GIC !

1986 ... simple but always effective melodies. This title will not be the hit of the year but whatever ...

1987 ... a new return to the fundamentals of the romantic ballad. An area where he excels. But that we already knew ...

1987 ... of course, he no longer prances at the top of the Charts but quietly continues on his way. Simply talent !

1987 ... he alternates with obvious mastery Dance titles and Intimist titles of very large caliber. Even if this title will have a limited success, we want more !

1989 ... the end of the decade which once again combines in Intimist mode. And why not ? Especially that the overall quality in this area does not weaken by an Iota !

1991 ... a new decade which, like many colleagues of his generation, was to prove particularly unfavorable. Hard law of the trade ...

1996 ... the production of titles slows down from year to year and the little produced goes relatively unnoticed. The decade too many as they say ...

1997 ... the adventure goes on and on. Even if it is only him to believe it, he continues to deliver titles that hold the minimum. Like what, nothing is never finished !

1998 ... a nice duet with Nikole, his wife, to end the decade in the best possible way. This will not change the situation for him but it is nice and that is the main thing !


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