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All he took was a sign...

Jean-Jacques Goldman is a French singer-songwriter who began his artistic career at the age of 14 in the choir of the church of Montrouge, more precisely in the 'Red Mountain Gospellers' for which he notably plays the organ.

It is with this group that he will record his first 45 rpm in 1966 (he is then 18 years old), 45 rpm self-produced by Father Dufourmatelle who directs the choir. A disc which contains gospel songs and a cover of Donovan ("Colors") and which unfortunately will not meet with much esteem.

We find him a few years later with the Phalansters, a group he created in the company of illustrious strangers including Alex and Chris Gibson, the same ones who would found the Gibson Brothers a few years later. Things are getting more serious as the group manages to perform at Golf Drouot. A great adventure that came to a halt following his departure for Lille to integrate EDHEC. A student break during which he still took the opportunity to perform in student hostels and local MJCs.

Then came the year 1974, a pivotal year for the artist, as he crossed paths with the 'Taï Phong' group that year, a group founded a few years earlier by the brothers Khanh Mai and Taï Sinh. The group then looks for a replacement singer, a golden opportunity that will allow young Jean-Jacques to show what he is really worth. And success is at the rendezvous, especially on the track "Sister Jane". The group's flagship Single which was released in 1975 and which will remain their biggest record success.

A year later in 1976 he had the 'revelation' during a concert by Léo Ferré, the quality of the latter's texts literally sealed him off and made him glimpse new dimensions that he had never dared to imagine at the musical level. A year 1976 which sees him finally launching in solo with a first 45 turns called "C'est pas grave papa". Title that will go completely under the radar. Just like "Les nuits de solitude" which came out a year later in 1977.

Year of transition in 1978, a year in which the artist was refused a tour with Taï Phong (he was replaced by a certain…Michael Jones) and the release of a new solo opus "Back to the city again". Without more success than his first 2 titles. 1979 will be the year of separation from 'Tai Phong'.

He was found the following decade in the family sporting goods store where he acted as a salesperson. This does not prevent him from continuing to write songs, songs that we will find on his first album which was released in 1981.

Album that he would have liked to call "Démodé" but his record company will refuse outright. So an unnamed debut album is released, which will produce a debut Single "Il suffira d'un signe". And this time the miracle takes place. The title will be a hit and propel the artist to the forefront in a shattering way.

Faced with this unexpected success, the Epic label put pressure on him to release a new album quickly. This was done a year later in 1982 with the release of an album that should have been called "Minoritaire", but just like the previous album, the title will be judged not in accordance with the label's requirements.

In any event, the success of the previous year is confirmed but above all is amplified in an incredible way. The album is even stronger than its predecessor, in particular thanks to titles such as “Quand la musique est bonne” which also came out in 1982. Then with two other Singles which are “Comme toi” and “Au bout de mes rêves” which, them, leave a year later in 1983. The notoriety of the singer literally explodes singer and makes him one of the biggest phenomena of the moment in the hexagon.

The following year in 1984 released the album "Positif", finally an album which finally bears a real name. And the public reception is so positive that the album will sell more than a million copies ! And produce three new top hits which are “Encore un matin”, “Envole-moi” and “Long is the road (American)”. The singer aligns the hits at an incredible speed now.

It was precisely during the tour following the release of the album that the Goldman-Jones tandem was born. Old acquaintances who had already crossed paths within 'Tai Phong' and who will become inseparable.

1985 was no exception to the rule and saw a Goldman in Olympic form release the album "Non homologué". Album that will be even stronger than the previous one as it sells around 1.3 million copies. With as the first Single “Je marche Seul”. Followed by little "Je te donne", Single which allows the Goldman-Jones tandem to be finally reunited on a title, and what a title ! But there will also be the sumptuous "Pas toi", which was released in 1986 and which will undeniably remain as one of his finest masterpieces.

The following tour allows the recording on stage of another of the singer's most iconic songs, "La vie par procuration".

The year 1987 saw a Goldman at the height of his art release the album "Entre gris clair et gris foncé". Album which will sell more than 2 million copies and from which will be extracted 5 new top hits with "Elle a fait un bébé toute seule" and the enormous "Là-bas" in 1987, title that he interprets in duet with Sirima. Which will unfortunately be murdered by her partner a few months later against a backdrop of romantic rivalry.

Then in 1988 it was "Il changeait la vie", "C'est ta chance" and the magnificent "Puisque tu pars" which in turn came out. The artist then literally walks on water. It was also around this time that he began to work with a certain Carole Fredericks, who currently serves as backing vocalist on several tracks on the album.

The end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s will rhyme with work in three. No more solo albums, this time he decides to work with others. Notably with very close friends like Michael Jones and Carole Fredericks. This is how the album "Fredericks Goldman Jones" was released. Album which will produce the enormous “A nos actes manqués” and “Né en 17 à Leidenstadt” in particular. And which will also sell more than 2 million copies.

New album at 3 in 1993 with the release of the album "Rouge". But the mayonnaise is settling down a bit and even if several tracks are doing quite well, the album's sales figures are down sharply from the previous one.

Back in solo from 1997 with the album "En passant", an album carried at arm's length by 2 flagship titles that are "Sache que je" and "On ira". The artist is visibly at a turning point in his career and decides to take more Intimist paths. A new direction that pays off given the level of success encountered.

An extraordinary success that is never going to end, neither for him nor for all those for whom they compose, in particular a certain… Céline Dion.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

Taï Phong adventure :

  • Sister Jane (TaÏ Phong) 1975

  • Going away (TaÏ Phong) 1975

  • North for winter (If you're headed) (TaÏ Phong) 1975

  • Games (TaÏ Phong) 1976

  • St John's Avenue (TaÏ Phong) 1976

  • C’est pas grave papa (TaÏ Phong) 1976

  • Les nuits de solitude (TaÏ Phong) 1977

  • Back to the city again (TaÏ Phong) 1978

  • Follow me (TaÏ Phong) 1978

  • Fed up (TaÏ Phong) 1978

  • Shangaï Casino (TaÏ Phong) 1978

  • I'm your son (TaÏ Phong) 1986

  • Melody (TaÏ Phong) 2021

70s Decade (solo) :

  • Slow me again 1978

80s Decade :

  • Il suffira d’un signe 1981

  • Quand la musique est bonne 1982

  • Comme toi 1983

  • Au bout de mes rêves 1983

  • Envole-moi 1984

  • Encore un matin 1984

  • Long is the road 1984

  • Je marche seul 1985

  • Je te donne 1985

  • Pas toi 1986

  • La vie par procuration 1986

  • Elle a fait un bébé toute seule 1987

  • Là-bas 1987

  • C’est ta chance 1988

  • Puisque tu pars 1988

  • Il changeait la vie 1988

  • Il y a 1989

90s Decade :

  • Nuit 1990

  • A nos actes manqués 1991

  • Né en 17 à Leidenstadt 1991

  • C'est pas l'amour 1991

  • Tu manques 1992

  • Rouge 1993

  • Juste après 1994

  • Fermer les yeux 1994

  • Elle attend 1996

  • Sache que je 1997

  • On ira 1997

  • Quand tu danses 1998

  • Le coureur 1998

  • Bonne idée 1998

  • Elle ne me voit pas 1999

  • Le rapt 1999

2000s Decade :

  • Ensemble 2001

  • Tournent les violons 2001

  • Si je t'avais pas 2001

  • 4 mots sur un piano 2007


Tracks :

1975 ... the first steps of a young man who will become a few years later one of the greatest French composers of the end of the twentieth century. Particularly successful first steps and which above all show a more than obvious potential ... is clear that there is talent in this group but that it is not found on all the titles unfortunately...

1975...after that, you have to start well one day, as they say. So let's leave time to time and we'll see what will come out of it in the end...

1976... the whole thing is still of good quality, which suggests a musical future for all or part of the group...

1976... certain members necessarily emerge more than others and the young Jean-Jacques is necessarily one of them, it's obvious...

1976 ... the start of the solo career. Well, it is clear that there is still work to be done to reach the big league...

1977 ... given what he is proposing at this precise time, we realize that it will take a few more years before he really manages to break through ...

1978 ... we feel that something can happen. He is far from being ridiculous but he cannot find its place in this decade which sees the end of one musical world and the beginning of another ...

1978...but it is clear that all this will end up paying off at one point or another. It's just a matter of time...

1978...come on, we're getting closer and closer to the big takeoff for young Jean-Jacques. A few more efforts and it should be good...

1978 ... what is surprising is that he will radically change his style and sound the day he takes off solo. Astonishing paradox... he plays Serial Lover for us with this mega medley of Intimist titles which have recently and above all deeply marked contemporary musical history...

1986...a Tai Phong story that he will continue a little further despite his sensational debut on the solo side. Beautiful solidarity as they say...

2021...we will even find him on this opus released at the beginning of the 2020 decade. A Tai Phong adventure that he cannot deny and which will still have allowed him to be where he is today, that's certain... adventure that he will leave at the end of the 70s to take control of his career and in what way. It's going to take him 3 years to find the right recipe for a solo career, but now that he's found it, what happens next is going to be nothing short of amazing. The official start of a success story that will span several decades and produce an incredible number of mega hits !

1982 ... the title that will make him one of the biggest phenomena of the beginning of the decade. Here he signs an enormous Dance title which will literally set fire to all the Dancefloor in France. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... we have already seen his writing skills far above average in the field of Dance. He will quickly prove to us that he is capable of doing even better in the Intimist field. Yes Yes, it's possible !

1983 ... it's not complicated, now 1 title released = 1 top hit. His limitless inspiration truly works wonders and makes him one of the most prominent artists of the moment. And that's only the beginning !

1984 ... 3 top hits in a row, just that. He literally crushes the competition with amazing ease. And this is only the beginning...

1984 ... the years go by...and look alike. With him, no air hole. Top inspiration, exceptional writing talent and a personality that shuns rhinestones and glitter. The perfect recipe to make this incredible adventure last as long as possible !

1984 ... in a decade where everything is synthesizer and drum machines, he takes the risk of remaining on a very simplistic musical style. But it is the quality of the melodies that makes all the difference and he understood that for a long time !

1985 ... it's a minimum of 2 top hits per year. At this rate, one can imagine the incredible number of successes that he will have garnered within 10 years. A near record !

1985 ... until then he drove alone and that suited him very well. Michael Jones appears for the first time, first choice partner with whom he will come a long way in the years to come ...

1986 ... its 1st WONDER ! Here he signs one of his most incredible titles, an absolutely sumptuous Intimist title, with extraordinary inspiration and which raises him to a level of notoriety that is truly astounding. MA-GIC !

1986 ... an absolutely exceptional year 1986 with a second title also inspired by extraordinary inspiration. In just one year, he offered himself a ticket to posterity and unquestionably became one of the major composers of this decade

1987 ... once again, he stands out from the crowd with a musical style totally out of step with his time. And the craziest thing is that he hits the mark every time. Like what, it's never the style that defines the level of success of a song !

1987 ... the 2nd WONDER ! A magical song, this time in duet mode of shock, and especially of charm, and which will remain as one of his most beautiful achievements. But who could have imagined at that time the tragic fate that awaited Sirima, who ended up murdered 2 years later by her companion at the time ...

1988 ... he continues to unroll with an ease that literally repels the competition. But what does he have more than the others ? Quite simply, an extraordinary talent as a composer !

1988 ... 3rd WONDER ! And as paradoxical as it may seem, this title will experience a lower level of success than the average of the other titles that came before it. A decrease which shows above all that for the first time in years, the artist is starting to lose ground against the competition ...

1988 ... and yet, nothing has changed, neither in his style, nor in his inspiration. It is perhaps this also which makes that the public follows him a little less. At the end of the decade when musical habits are changing once again, he will have to quickly find a new lease of life ...

1989 ... the beginning of the dropout which accelerated at the very end of the decade. And yet, quality is always essential. But we feel that something is happening that is not going in the right direction concerning him ...

1990 ... dazzling return of inspiration which allowed him to regain the leading pack at the start of the new decade. It's like cycling, talent can't be lost. He proves it here in a striking way and reassures everyone at the same time. MA-GIC !

1991 ... the beginning of the adventure at 3. Risky bet but winning bet given the level of success encountered. He can't do anything like the others, it's clear and tries things that others wouldn't even dare to imagine !

1991 ... the most emblematic title of the trio. And yet, it is not this title that will meet the most success in this group adventure. Like what...

1991 ... a BIG year 1991 with a plethora of titles and remarkable thing, in completely different fields. In any case, everything works perfectly !

1992 ... a little-known track which once again demonstrates his exceptional talent as a composer in the Intimist. Another title which literally floats in the air and which does us a lot of good !

1993 ... a committed song, completely outside the standards of the moment and which necessarily is not for all audiences. Hence its relative failure ...

1994 ... this one is already much more accessible and will remain as one of the most emblematic titles of the trio. Quite simply a good job !

1994 ... he will not have the same level of success in this decade of 90 as during the previous one but it is clear that he still remains one of the best in terms of composition...

1996 ... and always this atypical style, unique in its kind, that he is the only one to dare to try. In this decade of 90 where everything is based on totally unbridled rhythms, he acts as a UFO, necessarily ...

1997 ... then suddenly, the wheel turns when he decides to go solo again. The public is back and the level of success is on the rise again. Like what, you must never let go ! HU-GE !

1997 ... a return of the frank and massive success which is confirmed with this title. A decidedly astonishing year 1997 with a Goldman at the top and which suddenly becomes one of the big phenomena of the moment. Like what...

1998 ... the year 1998 starts again almost on the same bases as the year 1997. With a level of success which cannot be denied and which allows the artist to position himself at the end of the 90's as one the best of the moment

1998 ... he plays it once again in an atypical and offbeat style. A risk taking that he is really the only one who can afford. And it works !

1998 ... a truly unique Goldman style that will always remain his trademark. In any case, in his case, more a strength than a weakness, that's clear !

1999 ... when Jean-Jacques plays in the BO category for films. Astonishing that we find him on the soundtrack of the film 'Asterix and Obelix contre Caesar' but whatever, it's the result that counts as they say !

1999 ... the last hit of the decade. A little over 20 years after his debut, he is still there and has an incredible number of top hits, both for himself and for others. And it is not over because the legend will continue to be written for the next decade ...

2001...the proof, because here he is again. But we will have to take advantage of it because it could well be that this decade 2000 will be the last where he still composes for himself...

2001... the gifted seems to have reached the end of an adventure which he considers to have come to an end. At least as a performer...

2001...but that absolutely does not mean the end of the adventure. He will simply reorient his career in a radical way to say the least...

2007...we will now find him very sporadically on collaborative projects. But as soon as he reappears, the magic happens immediately...


What he will write or compose for others :

1980...Anne-Marie Batailler

1980...Anne-Marie Batailler

1980...Janic Prevost

1982...Jane Surrey


1983...Emilie Bonnet

1983...Jeane Manson

1985...Danielle Messia

1986...Les Restos Du Coeur

1986...Johnny Hallyday

1986...Johnny Hallyday

1986...Catherine Ferry. On this title, it is not JJ Goldman, composer, but JJ Goldman, author...

1990...Rose Laurens

1990...Sabrina Laury

1992...Philippe Lavil

1993...Patricia Kaas

1993...Christopher Thompson

1993...Marc Lavoine

1995...Céline Dion

1995...Johnny Hallyday


1996...Patricia Kaas

1995...Christophe Deschamps

1996...Patricia Kaas

1997...Florent Pagny

1997...Robert Charlebois

1998...Céline Dion

1999...Céline Dion

1999...Carole Fredericks

1999...Joe Cocker

1999...Cheb Khaled

1999...Marc Lavoine

1999...Patricia Kaas

2000...Audrey Sara

2000...Gerald De Palmas. On this title, it is not JJ Goldman, composer, but JJ Goldman, author...

2000...Maxime Le Forestier

2000...Yannick Noah

2002...Idir. On this title, it is not JJ Goldman, composer, but JJ Goldman, author...

2002...Patrick Fiori

2003...Céline Dion

2003...Dan Ar Braz

2003...Emile & Images




2003...Patricia Kaas

2003...Roch Voisine

2004...Julie Zenatti. On this title, it is not JJ Goldman composer that we find but JJ Goldman author...


2004...Liane Foly


2005...Richard Cocciante

2008...Patrick Fiori

2009...Garou. On this title, it is not JJ Goldman composer that we find but JJ Goldman author...

2009...Calogero. On this title, it is not JJ Goldman composer that we find but JJ Goldman author...

2010...Patrick Fiori

2011...Amel Bent

2011...Christophe Maé

2012...Circus. On this title, it is not JJ Goldman composer that we find but JJ Goldman author...



2014...Patrick Fiori

2015...Christophe Willem

2016...Céline Dion

2017...Patrick Fiori

2019...Emmanuel Moire. On this title, it is not JJ Goldman composer that we find but JJ Goldman author...

2020...Patrick Fiori

2022...Trois Cafés Gourmands


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