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36 Popular Front...

Corinne Hermès, whose real name is Corinne Bondeaux, is a French singer who started her artistic career by winning a ... beach competition in 1974.

But it was only five years later, in 1979, that she released her first single "La ville où je vis", a record that was met with meager esteem. But it still allows her to be noticed and to be offered a leading role in the musical "36 front populaire" alongside a certain… Julien Clerc. A musical that will never see the light of day against the background of blockages linked to political power.

She was found four years later in 1983 at the Eurovision Song Contest where she represented Luxembourg with the title "Si la vie est un cadeau". A title that France had previously failed ... The title is a real hit and explodes the notoriety of the singer overnight.

Ephemeral success because the singles "Michael" and "Ma liberté" which came out thereafter did not experience the success of their predecessor.

A fleeting return to success in 1989 with the title “Dessine-moi”. Title for which she won the prize for Female Revelation of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique in 1990 (an award that will spark controversy as she has already been singing for more than 10 years) !

The last notorious episode of his career in 1993 with the recording of the title song of the series "Les grandes marées". Song composed by François Valéry.

She will try to bounce back in the early 2000s and relaunch her career, unfortunately without convincing results.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • La ville où je vis 1979

  • Si la vie est un cadeau 1983

  • Vivre à deux 1983

  • Michael 1984

  • Ma liberté 1986

  • Dessine-moi 1989

  • SOS 1990

  • Suffit d’y croire 1991

  • L’amour est artiste 1993


Clips :

1979 ... 100 % Disco debut. A sound that sticks quite in tune with the times but that will not be enough to make the young singer take off. This is only a postponement...

1983 ... then much more until THIS title. A sumptuous Intimist title that will propel the singer into the highest spheres of success and glory. And which makes her fit One Shot into the musical legend of the 80s. HU-GE !

1983 ... a year definitely placed under the sign of the 'emotional' register. And even if this title possesses all the qualities required to also know success, it will unfortunately not be able to compete with the previous steamroller

1984 ... we stay on the same trend in this new year. An intimist domain which becomes its trademark but in which inspiration must be at its maximum to make the difference. It's not easy to be on top all the time ...

1986 ... she finally dares to bet on Dance. But the delay taken compared to the competition is now too important and it will be almost impossible for her to catch up with the leading pack ...

1989 ... the empty years follow one another. We find her somewhat metamorphosed at the end of the decade, both physically and in terms of sound. And my faith, the metamorphosis on this blow there is good because she gives us here surely one of its best titles. Unfortunately, the public has already turned the page in recent years concerning her ...

1990 ... and yet she never gives up. She tries by all means to adapt to the new standards of the moment. But unfortunately she is a metro behind the sound side and her good will is no longer enough ...

1991 ... of course, it's always nice but how to compete with little kids who died of hunger and who perfectly master the new trends ...

1993 ... she tries a shattering comeback in the Intimist field but the 90s are anything but Intimist. It's a decade where everything goes very quickly, sometimes even too fast. How can she fight under these conditions. An equation impossible for her to solve. Race results : a great adventure that ends with this title ...


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