Ziggy, he was called Ziggyyyy...

David Bowie, real name David Robert Jones, was an English singer and songwriter who sold over 140 million albums worldwide during his career.

He took his first steps in music at the age of 13, learning to play the saxophone.

And it was during a fight with a classmate at the age of 15 that his left eye was severely damaged with the direct consequence of this impression of wall eyes (two eyes of different colors).

He really started his musical career in 1964 playing in different groups rather oriented Rhythm & Blues Rock and it is also at this time that he takes the nickname of David Bowie to avoid being confused with the singer Monkee Davy Jones.

The name "Bowie" comes from the hero of the conquest of the west James Bowie.

In 1967, he met Lindsay Kemp, who would teach him mime and body expression.

But it is the year 1969 that will reveal him to the general public with the title "Space Oddity".

In 1971, he released the album "The man who sold the world" where he posed dressed as a woman on the cover creating a huge buzz.

Shortly followed by the album "Hunky dory".

In 1972, he became a media phenomenon when he dyed his hair red and took on the role of Ziggy Stardust.

He released the album "Aladdin sane" in 1973, then "Diamond dogs" in 1974.

1974 when his cocaine use became problematic, making him completely paranoid and megalomaniac.

1975 will be the year of rebirth with the release of the album "Young americans" where he radically changes both aesthetically and musically.

Unfortunately, he plunged back into his excesses in 1976 and gave sometimes totally crazy interviews.

He released 3 albums between 1977 and 1979, "Low", "Heroes" and "Lodger" said to be from the "Berlin period" because he settled there.

The transition to the new wave is obvious.

1980 was the year of the worldwide success of the album "Scary Monsters" and of the now cult "Ashes to ashes".

In 1981, it was the title "Under pressure" made with the group Queen which in turn enjoyed enormous success. Bowie goes on success after success.

It was not until 1983 that his new album "Let’s dance" was released, which quickly became a colossal global success, notably with the 2 hits "Let’s dance" and "China girl".

The album will sell 14 million copies. Bowiemania is at its peak.

In 1984, the album "Tonight" was released, from which the hit "Blue Jean" was extracted.

But bowiemania is already coming to an end. Sales are falling.

This decline was confirmed by the relative failure of the album "Never let me down" which was released in 1987.

The artist will never find the same level of success as before in the years that follow.

An incredible adventure that will end for good on January 16, 2016, the date of his death from cancer.

An exceptional and totally extraordinary artist, to this day he remains one of the most emblematic artists of the 70s and 80s, as much by his provocative and excessive side as by the exceptional quality of certain albums which will go down in history as incredibly rich in terms of sound.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Liza Jane 1964

• Laughing gnome 1967

• Space odity 1969

• Changes 1972

• Starman 1972

• John, I'm only dancing 1972

• The jean Genie 1972

• Drive-In Saturday 1973

• Life on Mars 1973

• Sorrow 1973

• Rebel rebel 1974

• Diamond dogs 1974

• Knock on wood 1974

• Win 1975

• Young Americans 1975

• Fame 1975

• Golden years 1975

• TVC 15 1976

• Stay 1976

• Sound and vision 1977

• Heroes 1977

• Beauty and the beast 1978

• Boys keep swinging 1979

• DJ 1979

• Ashes to ashes 1980

• Fashion 1980

• Scary monsters (And super creeps) 1981

• Under pressure 1981

• Wild is the wind 1981

• Cat people (Putting out fire) 1982

• Peace on earth 1982

• Let’s dance 1983

• China girl 1983

• Modern love 1983

• Blue jean 1984

• Tonight 1984

• This is not America 1985

• Loving the alien 1985

• Dancing in the street 1985

• Absolute beginners 1986

• Underground 1986

• Magic dance 1986

• When the wind blows 1986

• Day-In Day-Out 1987

• Time will craw 1987

• Never let me down 1987

• Under the god 1989

• Prisoner of love 1989

• You belong in Rock'N'Roll 1991

• Real cool world 1992

• Jump they say 1993

• Black tie white noise 1993

• The Buddha of suburbia 1993

• The hearts filthy lesson 1995

• Hallo spaceboy 1996

• Little wonder 1997

• Thurdays child 1999

• Slow burn 2002

• Arnold Layne 2006

• Where are we now ? 2013

• The stars (Are out tonight) 2013

• Valentine's day 2013

• Sue (Or in a season of crime) 2014

• Blackstar 2015

• Lazarus 2015

• I can't give everything away 2016

• No plan 2017

Clips :

1964 ... the very first steps, certainly nice but nothing more. He will have to work a little more, it's clear ...

1967 ... a completely crazy genesis typical of the ambient madness reigning in the 60s. Who would imagine at this stage the incredible career which awaits the singer in the years to come ...

1969 ... the Alien lands on earth...the visual and sound shock, the total ! But what planet is he from ?

1972 ... after years 1970 and 1971 without much relief, the young singer returns in this year 1972 in a certain form. The proof with this title !

1972 ... the first BIG year. The big-caliber titles follow one another at an impressive speed and augurs well for a most interesting sequel ...

1972 ... it is well and truly started for an almost uninterrupted surge of hits. This singer really has something different. From all points of view ...

1972 ... a year 1972 which ends in apotheosis with this title. In just one year, he will have become one of the biggest phenomena of the moment across the Channel. And that's only the beginning !

1973 ... each title is inspired and shows that this singer really has a talent above, even very above the average. A talent that only asks to express itself !

1973 ... Madam, Sir, we no longer know ... What is certain is that this enormous title is the gateway to the court not of the Great but of the Very Great ... A title that will surely remain as one of the flagship titles of the 1970s. MAS-TER-FUL !

1973 ... here he is in the cover, amazing thing about him. Here he revisits the McCoys' title dating from 1965 and my faith, the result is to say the least astonishing ...

1974 ... the interplanetary hit that will really change everything. The Bowie legend has just started and nothing, and no one, can prevent this man from reaching an unprecedented level of success and popularity !

1974 ... admittedly this title will not have the same level of success as its predecessor but each title produced cannot be a Masterpiece, that's clear ...

1974 ... who could have said that this title by Eddie Floyd dating from 1966 was going to be taken up as much. The Bowie version is interesting but it is especially the incredible and especially hyper Dance version of Ami Stewart a few years later in 1978 which will remain as the most famous !

1975 ... a nice title full of finesse which shows in a brilliant way that he also knows how to do in this area. An extreme versatility of styles found only with the Greatest !

1975 ... the style evolved in an obvious way in this mid-decade. A more dancing style that goes perfectly with the new trends of the moment

1975 ... a notorious evolution which is confirmed with this title. An evolution that pleases since he will obtain here its biggest success across the Atlantic of the decade

1975 ... the definitive breakthrough is confirmed in the United States with this title. The singer now shines all over the planet and his Aura is not ready to go out ...

1976 ... small air gap during this year 1976. The number of titles produced does not weaken but it is rather the inspiration which is a little to the sorrow ...

1976 ... a small slump that is confirmed with this title which will go squarely under the radar. He does not deserve, far from it. But he will have to recover and quickly to avoid leaving the road prematurely ...

1977 ... luckily business resumes with this title. We suspected with him that this slight air hole was not going to last very long ...

1977 ... the confirmation of an extraordinary talent which will literally explode during the 1980s and submerge the whole planet. What talent !

1978 ... the relapse. A year 1978 which will not remain as the best vintage of the singer, it is clear. But hey, given what is on the horizon, no worries about him ...

1979 ... this title there will do a little better but we feel that the singer is somewhat struggling at the end of the 70s. The change of decade should do him the greatest good ...

1979 ... a year of transition in the overall interest. He will therefore have to quickly find a new source of inspiration in order to avoid shipwreck ...

1980 ... then this title arrives ! The title of the awakening that allows the singer to start the 80s in a big way. An incredible title which will undoubtedly remain one of its most emblematic. MO-NU-MEN-TAL !

1980 ... the 80s version tube machine starts up. A tube machine that will crush everything in its path in the years to come and consecrate him as one of the best singers of all time, just that !

1981 ... the year 1980 set the stage. The year 1981 will serve as a transition year to prepare for the sequel. Nothing exceptional to expect from this year so ...

1981 ... when 2 of the biggest phenomena of the moment combine, the result is necessarily up to par ! 2 phenomena that will both reach the status of legend in the years to come ...

1981 ... this title cover all in finesse of the title of Johnny Mathis dating from 1957 contrasts radically with everything he usually offers. A title with limited success but which shows another facet of the artist ...

1982 ... a year in 1982 that saw him come back in force and prepare a suite that promises to be incredible. The singer now has total control of the world around him and the result will exceed all expectations !

1982 ... in the series of prestigious duets, this one is also worth its weight in peanuts. A surrealist duo between 2 generations who have nothing in common and who nevertheless agree perfectly on this title !

1983 ... THE mega tube which makes him definitively enter the musical legend of the 80s, or even in the legend, the one with a big L ! He simply signs here one of the biggest Dance hits of the decade, if not of the end of the XXth century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1983 ... one mega hit can hide another. The proof with this one ... Just as HUGE, just as effective. The singer literally walks on the water and nothing, and no one, is able to compete with him at this stage !

1983 ... the year of all records ! An incredible 1983 year when he linked mega tube to mega tube with disconcerting ease, leaving the competition light years behind ...

1984 ... a change of vintage and a quality that never falters from an Iota. The mind-blowing level of success remains constant and maintains the artist at an almost unrivaled level of notoriety

1984 ... in reggae mode ! If there is one area where we weren't expecting him, this is it. In addition in gallant company and not least again. A duo that works perfectly, just like the previous ones !

1985 ... which will surely remain one of the most inspired titles of the decade. He excels in all areas, whether dance or more Intimist. A rare quality that can only be found in the Very Greatest !

1985 ... the 'little' hit of the year. But a small hit for him corresponds to a top hit for others. It all depends on where we put the cursor as we say ...

1985 ... there, it is downright 2 of the biggest planetary stars of the moment who respond and have fun like kids. Duo of phew, result of phew !

1986 ... the years go by in this decade and the level of success is still in good shape. Every track produced instantly becomes a mega hit and makes the singer one of the most successful hitmakers around

1986 ... and the year is not over. Nor the decade, far from it. One really wonders how long the singer will manage to hold on to this level of success. It is truly amazing !

1986 ... surprisingly, this title will not even be classified. But what happened ? It is simply part of the soundtrack of the film 'Labyrinth' and all the soundtracks do not know their hour of glory unfortunately ...

1986 ... this soundtrack will do a little better. The success of a soundtrack depends a lot on the quality of the film that carries it. This surely explains that ...

1987 ... it beats hard in this year 1987 with a Bowie once again at the top of its form. But frankly, will he have experienced a single stroke during this decade ? None, it is clear !

1987 ... and it is not on this title there either that he will know the slightest failure. A real war machine, there are no other words !

1987 ... we go from one extreme to another. After 2 supercharged titles, this time it's Intimist and restrained Bowie. We take, we take !

1989 ... after a surprisingly empty year of 1988, the singer opens the 'Tin Machine' parenthesis in 1989. A parenthesis that will produce titles for 2 years but which will not really be what the artist has done best ...

1989 ... a very relative level of success for this group, to say the least, which unfortunately will not find its place on the global musical chessboard ...

1991 ... new air hole in 1990 where we will have to be content with his cover of his own title 'Fame' dating from 1975. Here he is back in 1991 still in the company of his Tin Machine acolytes with the key a once again mixed results on the Charts side for this title ...

1992 ... new soundtrack this time for the film 'Cool world'. A title which will also be his only title of the year. A 90s decade which hardly resembles the previous one ...

1993 ... back in force with this title which gives him his first real big success of the decade 90. It was about time because we began to seriously worry about the continuation of the events ...

1993 ... an original title, far from its usual universe. A title that will have at least had the merit of showing another facet of the character ...

1993 ... the level of success is in free fall but the qualitative level remains nevertheless up to par. The essential is therefore preserved !

1995 ... new air hole in 1994, air holes which unfortunately come up more and more often. He is back in this year 1995 in relative form. Attention danger...

1996 ... Bowie and the Pet Shop Boys...who could have imagined such a musical encounter ... Unusual universes and crazy talent in both cases. The end result is a nice planetary top hit !

1997 ... the singer explores more and more tortuous ways where the melody becomes almost secondary. Highly risky bet as they say ...

1999 ... his last hit of the 90s. Hits that are becoming more and more widely separated. One would think that it is the last one...only denied ! See you in the next millennium ...

2002 ... he will have successfully crossed the decades 60, 70, 80, 90 and here he is in 2000. Incredible and phenomenal career !

2006 ... a decade of 2000 which will prove to be very complicated to manage with very few titles produced and a level of success in free fall. There are still some great encounters like this one with a new shock from the Legends !

2013 ... surely one of the most beautiful titles of all his career. And which will be his last hit. Where is he now...? Quite simply returned to his planet in the depths of a galaxy far, far away ... Farewell David ... you will be missed

2013 ... a decade 2010 much more inspired than the previous one, that's clear. The singer finally finds the level he should never have left. To our greatest delight !

2013 ... certainly he will never again find the incredible level of success he experienced during the 80s but the 2010 decade sees him finding his inspiration in an incredible way. Unfortunately, fate will decide otherwise ...

2014 ... an unclassifiable title, outside all the standards of the moment and which however will know a very honorable course in the Charts. Bowie's magic ...

2015 ... a dark title, dark like the period looming on the horizon for the artist. The adventure is drawing to a close, both literally and figuratively. After 50 years of an exceptional career in all respects, the disease is unfortunately putting an end to it by eating away at him from the inside ...

2015 ... the end is fast approaching and yet the artist is still standing. Not for very long, but his rage for life commands respect ...

2016 ... a posthumous title which once again shows all the exceptional talent of this exceptional artist. He will have amazed us until the end !

2017 ... a last title full of finesse to close this magnificent adventure, an incredible adventure which will have allowed this extraordinary singer to be hoisted to the rank of demigod ...

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