Ziggy, he was called Ziggyyyy...

David Bowie, real name David Robert Jones, was an English singer and songwriter who sold over 140 million albums worldwide during his career.

He took his first steps in music at the age of 13, learning to play the saxophone.

And it was during a fight with a classmate at the age of 15 that his left eye was severely damaged with the direct consequence of this impression of wall eyes (two eyes of different colors).

He really started his musical career in 1964 playing in different groups rather oriented Rhythm & Blues Rock and it is also at this time that he takes the nickname of David Bowie to avoid being confused with the singer Monkee Davy Jones.

The name "Bowie" comes from the hero of the conquest of the west James Bowie.

In 1967, he met Lindsay Kemp, who would teach him mime and body expression.

But it is the year 1969 that will reveal him to the general public with the title "Space Oddity".

In 1971, he released the album "The man who sold the world" where he posed dressed as a woman on the cover creating a huge buzz.

Shortly followed by the album "Hunky dory".

In 1972, he became a media phenomenon when he dyed his hair red and took on the role of Ziggy Stardust.

He released the album "Aladdin sane" in 1973, then "Diamond dogs" in 1974.

1974 when his cocaine use became problematic, making him completely paranoid and megalomaniac.

1975 will be the year of rebirth with the release of the album "Young americans" where he radically changes both aesthetically and musically.

Unfortunately, he plunged back into his excesses in 1976 and gave sometimes totally crazy interviews.

He released 3 albums between 1977 and 1979, "Low", "Heroes" and "Lodger" said to be from the "Berlin period" because he settled there.

The transition to the new wave is obvious.

1980 was the year of the worldwide success of the album "Scary Monsters" and of the now cult "Ashes to ashes".

In 1981, it was the title "Under pressure" made with the group Queen which in turn enjoyed enormous success. Bowie goes on success after success.

It was not until 1983 that his new album "Let’s dance" was released, which quickly became a colossal global success, notably with the 2 hits "Let’s dance" and "China girl".

The album will sell 14 million copies. Bowiemania is at its peak.

In 1984, the album "Tonight" was released, from which the hit "Blue Jean" was extracted.

But bowiemania is already coming to an end. Sales are falling.

This decline was confirmed by the relative failure of the album "Never let me down" which was released in 1987.

The artist will never find the same level of success as before in the years that follow.

An incredible adventure that will end for good on January 16, 2016, the date of his death from cancer.

An exceptional and totally extraordinary artist, to this day he remains one of the most emblematic artists of the 70s and 80s, as much by his provocative and excessive side as by the exceptional quality of certain albums which will stay in history as incredibly rich in terms of sound.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

• Liza Jane 1964

I pity the fool 1965

You've got a habbit of leaving 1965

Do anything you say 1966

Rubber band 1966

• Laughing gnome 1967

• Space odity 1969

The prettiest star 1970

Holy holy 1971

• Changes 1972

• Starman 1972

• John, I'm only dancing 1972

• The jean Genie 1972

• Drive-In Saturday 1973

• Life on Mars 1973

• Sorrow 1973

• Rebel rebel 1974

• Diamond dogs 1974

• Knock on wood 1974

• Win 1975

• Young Americans 1975

• Fame 1975

• Golden years 1975

• TVC 15 1976

• Stay 1976

• Sound and vision 1977

• Heroes 1977

• Beauty and the beast 1978

• Boys keep swinging 1979

• DJ 1979

• Ashes to ashes 1980

• Fashion 1980

• Scary monsters (And super creeps) 1981

• Under pressure 1981

• Wild is the wind 1981

• Cat people (Putting out fire) 1982

• Peace on earth 1982

• Let’s dance 1983

• China girl 1983

• Modern love 1983

• Blue jean 1984

• Tonight 1984

• This is not America 1985

• Loving the alien 1985

• Dancing in the street 1985

• Absolute beginners 1986

• Underground 1986

• Magic dance 1986

• When the wind blows 1986

• Day-In Day-Out 1987

• Time will craw 1987

• Never let me down 1987

• Under the god 1989

• Prisoner of love 1989

• You belong in Rock'N'Roll 1991

• Real cool world 1992

• Jump they say 1993

• Black tie white noise 1993

• The Buddha of suburbia 1993

• The hearts filthy lesson 1995

Strangers when we meet 1995

• Hallo spaceboy 1996

• Little wonder 1997

• Thurdays child 1999

• Survive 2000

• Seven 2000

• Slow burn 2002

• Everyone says 'Hi' 2002

• New killer star 2003

• Arnold Layne 2006

• Where are we now ? 2013

• The stars (Are out tonight) 2013

• Valentine's day 2013

• Sue (Or in a season of crime) 2014

• Blackstar 2015

• Lazarus 2015

• I can't give everything away 2016

• No plan 2017

Clips :

1964 ... the very first steps, certainly nice but nothing more. He will have to work a little more, it's clear ...

1965 ... a style which fits well with its time and which allows the young singer to rise in power slowly but surely. Let's give him time to grow up as they say ...

1965 ... from the first titles we feel that there is a more than obvious potential in this artist. After that, what will he do with this famous potential in the future, good question ...

1966 ... for the big takeoff, we will have to be a little more patient. You just have to give him time to find the little extra that will be able to set him apart from the crowd ...

1966 ... the character 'Bowie' is structured and begins to take shape. It may well be that the coming years have some nice surprises in store for us ...

1967 ... a completely crazy genesis typical of the ambient madness reigning in the 60s. Who would imagine at this stage the incredible career which awaits the singer in the years to come ...

1969 ... the Extra-Terrestrial finally lands on earth...and what a landing ! He offers the astonished world a hallucinating spectacle as much visual as sound, the total! But what planet is he from ?

1970 ... after having sealed the world with his previous title, it was thought that the young David was gone to smash everything. For now it does not take the path at first glance ...

1971 ... decidedly, the beginning of the 1970s saw him frankly with difficulty. But where is the genius and hyper innovative side seen on 'Space Odity' ...?

1972 ... after two years 1970 and 1971 without much relief, the young singer finally returns in this year 1972 in a certain form. The proof with this title !<