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Luna Parker is a French duo composed of Eric Tauchi and Rachel Ortas both from another group the "Tokow Boys".

After the Tokow Boys and before joining Luna Parker, a short solo period of transition for Rachel Ortas who is releasing 2 sister albums under the name Rachel-Rachel. “Muchacho” and “Méli-Mélodie". Albums of esteemed success. We are then in 1984.

The first single from the group "Tes états d'âme Eric" was released in 1986 and for a first draft, it was a master stroke. The song is a real hit, carried by this sparkling and somewhat atypical duo.

So much so that it even made it into the top 10 places of the French Top50 in 1987. It sold over a million copies !

The album "Félin pour l'Autre" was released immediately. Album from which a new single “Le challenge des espoirs” will be extracted. But the bellows fell as quickly as it went up. The album did not meet the expected success.

And the two singles that will be released later will not do much better.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Swimming pool (Tokow Boys) 1980

  • Petite roquette (Tokow Boys) 1980

  • Elle hôtesse (Tokow Boys) 1980

  • Classe touriste (Tokow Boys) 1981

  • Cobra ! Cobra ! (Tokow Boys) 1981

  • Muchacho (Rachel Rachel) 1984

  • Tes états d’âme Eric 1986

  • Le musée des araignées 1986

  • Le challenge des espoirs 1987

  • Fric frac 1988

  • Tic-Taquatique 1988

  • La tour de Londres 1988

Clips :

1980 ... the Tokow Boys epic. An original style which sticks well with the times but which borders on experimental music. Not won all that ...

1980 ... you have to start well one day but it is clear that the group will have to raise its level of play to hope to make talk about him in the long term ...

1980 ... force is to note that the group does not manage to find the good recipe and is lost in its melodic deliriums. When it doesn't want, it doesn't ...

1981 ... we feel a little better but the level is still not sufficient to hope to be able to fight on equal terms with the competition. Can and must do better ...

1981 ... but unfortunately there will never be better. The group will not have been able to take the real measure of its time and will have missed its history ...

1984 ... start of the Rachel Rachel adventure. The sound is trendy but the style borders on caricature, we are still far, very far, from the potential of the future Luna Parker. Still missed unfortunately ...

1986 ... then comes the metamorphosis and especially THE miracle. A single title, THIS title, was enough to bring this nice duo into the musical legend of the 80s on the French side. They sign here quite simply one of the most striking titles of the decade in France, just that. HU-GE !

1986 ... a title which contrasts radically with the previous one. As much the 1st title of Luna Parker was light and playful, as much this one would rather do in the dark and the blackness. Astonishing paradox ...

1987 ... it's nice, it's fresh, but that's not enough to make a nice hit. Too bad the rest is not up to what came before ...

1988 ... a really original style which would have made it possible to do great things. But fate will decide otherwise ...

1988 ... it's rhythmic, it's wacky, but it's inspired. And that will not be enough unfortunately ... Too fast end of an adventure that could have made this group one of the best of the decade

1988 ... it's not quite finished but this title will unfortunately not change the situation. Final clap as they say ...

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