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Your master is calling...

Pink Turns Blue is a German band formed in 1985 and originally composed of Thomas Elbern, Mic Jogwer and…a drum machine !

The group began to make a name for himelf in 1986 when they won a tele-hook organized by WDR radio with the reward of a recording session in a professional studio.

But it was only a year later, in 1987, that the band finally released something concrete with the album "If two worlds kiss". Album which will go somewhat unnoticed but still manages to make talk about it with the single "Walking on both sides".

New album "Meta" in 1988, album with greater success and which will above all produce what will remain as their most emblematic single, namely "Your master is calling".

A major success that they unfortunately will not be able to reproduce despite the release of several albums afterwards.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Walking on both sides 1987

  • If two worlds kiss 1987

  • Touch the skies 1988

  • Your master is calling 1988

  • Michelle 1990

  • Waiting for the son 1991

  • Seven years 1991

  • Overloaded 1992

  • Star 1992

  • Talk baby 1994

  • Now’s the time 2005

  • Can’t be love 2007


Clips :

1987 ... a very Anglo-Saxon sound for this group from across the Rhine with more than obvious potential. A very promising start as they say ...

1987 ... it is clear that this sound and especially this style are not really intended for the general public but rather for a public for the less informed ...

1988 ... the sound softens somewhat. A positive development which may eventually allow them to join the big leagues. Hopefully at least ...

1988 ... which will undoubtedly remain as their most successful title. The group finally obtains the beginning of recognition after which he has been chasing since its beginnings. Like what, everything happens one day !

1990 ... a style truly unique in its kind but which will unfortunately have difficulty finding its place on the international scene. Like many German bands of the time ...

1991 ... which does not prevent them from continuing to move forward. It is clear that they will never touch the stars but they at least have the merit of believing it !

1991 ... even if their style remains hermetic to the general public, it is clear that they are far from being ridiculous. But their music is really reserved for a very very informed public !

1992 ... we could have hoped for a slow but certain evolution over the years. Evolution which will never happen unfortunately ...

1992 ... by refusing to evolve, the group will be marginalized year after year, decade after decade. Too bad because there was potential, it's clear ...

1994 ... a journey during the 1990s that looks more like figuration than anything else. The group will never have managed to find in the end the style and the sound that could have changed everything ...

2005 ... we find them 11 years later with a style that has still not changed or so little. The result in the Charts will therefore be exactly the same, i.e. reduced to nothing ...

2007 ... a title of sure quality and which shows that when they want, they can. But still in a style that is too obscure for ordinary people. An original adventure anyway ...


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