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Yes Sir We can boogie...

Baccara is a Spanish duo formed in 1977 and originally composed of Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola.

Duo who is spotted by Leon Deane, director of the German subsidiary of the RCA label, while they interpret Spanish songs while dancing Flamenco in a hotel on the island of Fuerteventura.

The same Leon Dane who later baptized them Baccara in reference to the black rose and the dark side of Spanish women...

The duo releases a first title the year of its formation and for a first title, it is a real masterstroke. The Single "Yes sir, I can boogie" will be a real worldwide success and project the 2 singers on the front of the international scene in a sensational way to say the least.

Not to mention that the track will sell more than 18 million copies worldwide and become the best-selling Single of all time by a girl group, just that !

1977 was an exceptional year in all respects for the duo since the album "Bacarra" which was also released that year was also going to smash everything on a planetary level. In particular thanks to a second Single of very high caliber which is "Sorry, I'm a lady".

The year 1978 saw the release of a new album "Light my fire", an album which did not confirm the enormous success encountered by the first and which would save the furniture in extremis with the title "Parlez-vous Français ?"…

Other albums will be released later, "Colours" in 1979 and "Bad boys", but none will allow the 2 girls to return to the front of the stage.

Repeated counter-performances which will create inevitable tensions within the duo which will end up separating in 1981.

To discover or rediscover...


Discography (among others ...) :

70s Decade :

  • Yes Sir I can boogie 1977

  • Sorry, I’m a lady 1977

  • Darling 1977

  • Koochie-koo 1977

  • Parlez-vous français ? 1978

  • The devil sent you to Lorado 1978

  • Body talk 1979

  • Ay, ay, sailor 1979

80s Decade :

  • Sleepy-time toy 1980

  • Colorado 1981

  • Ohio 1981

  • Spend the night 1981

  • Mucho mucho 1981

  • Call me up 1987 (New Baccara)

  • Fantasy boy 1988 (New Baccara)

  • Touch me 1989 (New Baccara)


Tracks :

1977... the title of a lifetime, the one that made One Shot into the legend and propelled it to the forefront in a sensational way to say the least ! The 2 girls will deliver here what will remain as one of the most emblematic titles of the end of the 70s and the end of the 20th century. MAS-TER-FUL !

1977 ... not to mention that they will be almost as strong behind ! In just 2 titles the duo has become one of the biggest musical phenomena of the moment and this in an indisputable way !'s a veritable avalanche of successful titles that we are witnessing from the girls in this year 1977. It's what we call literally walking on water !

1977... it is certain that they cannot all the same align the mega hits as one puts on the pearls especially the same year. This title will therefore be the 'little' hit of the year...

1978...who would have thought possible that 2 young Spanish girls would represent Luxembourg at the Eurovision Song Contest ? Not many people, that's for sure and yet they did it !

1978...the problem is that the girls climbed too high and above all too fast, which meant that the descent was going to be violent, to say the least. Not yet from this title but from the next one... terms of success in the Charts, we will therefore go from one extreme to another. After having reached record levels, they fall here to levels that are close to the final exit from the road... is clear that their style is festive, which has always been their strength. But it is also this style that is likely to be their main weakness in the years to follow...

1980... on the way to the next decade they will try to evolve their style to better stick to the latest musical developments of the moment. It's a good feeling but it's not really going to bring them more than that...

1981...the duo now chained poor performances and its future darkened title after title. Without a deep questioning, it will become very difficult for her to simply continue to exist...

1981... the gap with the competition is more and more obvious, as much on the style side as on the sound side. The girls will really have to ask themselves the right questions and quickly...'s a little better but not enough to bring them back in the race unfortunately. Will 1981 be their last year in business, only time will tell...

1981...the style has remained too typical of the '70s' and that inevitably does them a disservice. A muscular recovery is needed as soon as possible...

1987...the original duo will not survive the year 1981. It is therefore a new duo which returns 6 years later and above all with a style and a sound much more adapted to its time...

1988...a duo that works pretty well and will produce titles of more than certain quality. Without equaling the original duo in terms of success unfortunately...

1989...good job again. An adventure that won't go any further but that will still have produced several titles that will have deeply marked the 70s and just for that, congratulations ladies !


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