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Yeeeaaahhh Maaannnn II...

Peter Tosh, whose real name is Winston McIntosh, is a Jamaican songwriter who began his artistic career in 1963 in what will become a legendary group, The Wailers. In the company of a certain Bob Marley ...

Very active within the group despite the omnipresence of Marley, Tosh will be the author and the interpreter of many songs. Whether in the Ska period (from 1963), the Rocksteady period (from 1966) or the reggae period (from 1968).

It was not until 1976 that he decided to stand on his own two feet, no longer bearing the overwhelming presence of Marley and his leadership on the Wailers.

He released his first album "Legalize it" in 1976. Followed by "Equal rights" in 1977 and "Bush doctor" in 1978. Albums that will stay in history as his most famous.

The other albums that will be released will not find the same response despite a certain quality.

And the adventure will end in drama on September 11, 1987 when he is assassinated at his home on account settlement funds. Settlement of accounts partly linked to the takeover of a radio station in Jamaica.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • I'am the toughest 1967

  • Legalize it 1976

  • Whatcha gonna do 1977

  • Pick myself up 1978

  • Don’t look back 1978

  • Jah seh no 1979

  • Buk-In-Hamm palace 1979

  • Mystic man 1979

  • Can’t blame the youth 1980

  • Nothing but love 1981

  • Rock with me 1982

  • Where you gonna run 1983

  • Mama Africa 1983

  • Bush doctor 1984

  • In my song 1987


Clips :

1967 ... the very first steps. Impossible to imagine at this time what awaits this young singer in future years. But the potential is already there, it's clear !

1976 ... the title of emancipation which really launched the solo career. An obvious know-how but which still lacks a bit of relief ...

1977 ... the ramp-up...slowly but surely. Let time go by, it's the essence of reggae ...

1978 ... certainly, this singer will never reach the level reached by a certain Bob. But he will not have to be ashamed of everything he will produce afterwards, on the contrary !

1978 ... the duo completely improbable and which will however remain like a meeting at the top. An explosive encounter between 2 totally opposite musical universes. And why not !

1979 ... 100 % Rasta attitude. There is talent in this Peter Tosh, it is undeniable. But the student is really struggling to match the teacher for now ...

1979 ... he almost arrived in Dance mode, incredible fact about him. The result is astonishing and far from being ridiculous. But not enough to finish N°1 of Charts unfortunately ...

1979 ... what will have made all the difference with Bob, is that Peter will never have produced THE title which could have made him familiar with the stars. And this despite obvious good will ...

1980 ... welcome to the 1980s...but not too quickly, once again. So evolution or continuity. Hum hum...

1981 ... a much more refined sound, a feminine voice and not just any one to reinforce the structure, in short, good work. An obvious evolution !

1982 ... now at cruising speed and in a much more efficient style. It only remains to unroll ...

1983 ... a quality that has never faltered. An 80s decade that will have boosted him like never before and that will have allowed him to get the best of himself

1983 ... a subtle blend of influences ... A hint of Africa, a hint of the Caribbean and a rasta zest. Astonishing !

1984 ... Dr. Tosh heals everything. Well almost everything. Because there, it seems to have gone back 10 years. Pity...

1987 ... one last farewell gift. In the end, nothing exceptional but an effective style that will allow him to make a name for himself in the sun


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