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Raft is a French group created in 1985 in Strasbourg by Christian Fougeron and Pierre Schott. Two friends who began by creating The Drinks in 1983, a group which was to enjoy great success in all of eastern France.

The Raft adventure therefore began two years later with the release of the album "It’s growing light", a first album that unfortunately went somewhat unnoticed. Just like the single "Io (C'est ça)" from which it is taken.

They will have to wait until 1987 to finally see their efforts rewarded with the release of a small single called "Yaka dansé". A single which will be a hit in France and which will sell nearly 600,000 copies. By itself exploding the notoriety of the group overnight.

Success confirmed a year later in 1988 with the single "Femmes du congo". Less successful of course, but success nonetheless.

The year 1989 saw the release of the album "Madagascar", album which was already their last. The album was only of limited success, precipitating the downfall of the group, which eventually split up a year later.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Confession (The Drinks) 1983

  • Dancing Tango (The Drinks) 1984

  • Io (C’est ça) 1985

  • It’s Growing light 1985

  • Yaka danse 1987

  • Femmes du congo 1988

  • Sea, sun and sensy 1989

  • Didididam 1989

  • Debout gazelles 1989

Clips :

1983 ... well, it is clear that it is nice but nothing more. There is still a little work to do, that's clear ...

1985 ... the group's style is refined. The foundations are now laid for a sequel that promises to be the most interesting ...

1985 ... we will still have to be a little patient to see them take off for good. Anyway, we feel that something interesting may be happening. See very interesting ...

1987 ... we will still have to wait 2 years for THIS title to arrive. But what a title ! The group obtains an unexpected success here and is offered a direct ticket to posterity. HU-GE !

1988 ... as very often in these cases, impossible to repeat the exploit. The group will have to be satisfied with a 'small' success on this one ...

1989 ... the group still believes in it and continues on its way. Well, the problem is, they didn't see that the competition is light years ahead ...

1989 ... a BIG year 1989 with a plethora of titles but which did not really meet the expected success. An end of adventure which is fast approaching ...

1989 ... this time, it is indeed the end. The group believed in it until the end, but unfortunately, when it doesn't want to, it doesn't ...

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