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Working for the weekend...

Loverboy is a Canadian group formed in 1979 and originally composed of Paul Dean, Scott Smith, Matt Frenette, Doug Johnson and Mike Reno.

Group which signs the following year in 1980 with the Columbia Record label, label which allows them to release a first eponymous album. And for a first try, it's a real masterstroke since the album will be a real hit throughout the Anglo-Saxon sphere and project the group in a sensational way on the front of the stage. In particular thanks to the huge Single "Turn me loose".

Success was confirmed and amplified the following year in 1981, at least on the entire North American continent with the release of the album "Get lucky", an album from which the flagship Single "Working for the weekend" would be extracted the same year. But who will also produce "When it's over", a slightly less successful Single which will be released a year later in 1982.

It was the turn of the album "Keep it up" to be released in 1983, an album that would produce the biggest hit of their entire discography on the Singles side with the title "Hot girls in love". A success that they owe in part to the huge broadcast of the clip on MTV...

The year 1984 will see them compose the theme of the American team for its participation in the Olympic Games, a theme which will bear the name of "Nothing's gonna stop you know".

New album "Lovin' every minute of it" in 1985, an album with certain success but less successful than its predecessors. Album which will produce all the same 3 titles of big gauges which are "Lovin' every minute of it" and "Dangerous" in 1985 as well as "This could the night" in 1986.

Also in 1986, we find them on the soundtrack of a small film called…Top Gun ! All thanks to the single "Heaven in your eyes", a title that will not remain as the best known of the soundtrack unfortunately...

In 1987 it was the turn of the album "Wildisde" to be released, an album which confirmed the slow, but irreversible, deceleration of the group in the Charts. A relative failure which will precipitate the fall of the group and especially its dissolution in 1988.

The group will be reborn from its ashes a few years later and other albums will be released thereafter but none will meet with success equivalent to those released previously...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others…) :

  • Turn me loose 1980

  • Lady of the 80's 1980

  • The kid is hot tonite 1981

  • Working for the weekend 1981

  • When it’s over 1982

  • Take me to the top 1982

  • Lucky ones 1982

  • Jump 1982

  • Strike zone 1983

  • Hot girls in love 1983

  • Queen of the broken hearts 1983

  • Nothing’s gonna stop you know 1984

  • Lovin’ every minute of it 1985

  • Dangerous 1985

  • This could be the night 1986

  • Lead a double life 1986

  • Heaven in your eyes 1986

  • Notorious 1987

  • Love will rise again 1987

  • Break it to me gently 1988

  • Too hot 1989

  • Secrets 1997

  • Spinnin' my wheels 1997

  • The real thing 2007

  • Fade to black 2007

  • No tomorrow 2012

  • Heartbreaker 2012

  • Fire me up 2014

  • Ain't such a bad thing 2014

  • Come undone 2014


Clips :

1980...first title and already first planetary hit ! Admittedly, success will mainly concern the Anglo-Saxon sphere, but all the same, that's a lot of countries !

1980...unfortunately, they can't confirm behind all the good that we could think of them. It will therefore be necessary to prove now that the enormous success of the first title was anything but an obvious stroke of luck...

1981...they set the record straight with this title and proved indisputably that they deserved their place at the highest level. We were afraid of the opposite...

1981... not only do they confirm but they add a layer of it with this title. New planetary top hit which establishes their dominant position in an undisputed way this time... drop in speed for this title except on the North American continent where the level of success remains the highest. We will therefore say that this title is a success but limited...

1982... there on the other hand it is the big unscrewing in the Charts. As much on the previous title they had limited the breakage as much on this one there will be no miracle...

1982...and this one won't do much better. But what happens to them, there is really something to ask the question. Already the beginning of the end...?

1982...after 2 years 1980 and 1981 which were particularly favorable to say the least, 1982 saw them really struggling. They will therefore have to ask themselves the right questions and quickly... improvement in sight for the moment. The group looks for himself and does not manage to find himself at first sight. But it's not for lack of trying... first sight they finally asked themselves the right questions ! Return of frank and massive success and above all return to the race in a way that is spectacular to say the least...

1983... now remains to go the distance. Are they making a stealthy return or can we expect a long-term return ? Only them can answer this question...

1984... they will all the same have the privilege in 1984 of signing one of the themes of the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984. Nice reference all the same !

1985...a mid-decade that was particularly successful for them since they signed one of their biggest titles here. Everything is going for the best in the best of all possible worlds !

1985...a great adventure which continues quietly and which above all allows them to maintain a level of success worthy of the greatest. Hope it lasts !

1986...a year 1986 which started in the best possible way with some big caliber hits as an appetizer. That's for the good news. For the bad, this top hit could well be the last...

1986... the group will again unscrew on this title and this time the unscrewing risks not being recoverable. Hard law of the trade... appear on the soundtrack of a small film like...Topgun is, to say the least, flattering. Unfortunately, concerning them, it will not bring them more than that... of the last classified titles. After 7 years at the top of the bill, the group will very strongly decelerate in the Charts then completely disappear from the radars with the titles which will follow...

1987... the group will not know how to reinvent himself in the mid-1980s and will pay a high price for it. Yet they are far from demerit, it is clear...

1988 ... it must be said that with such overspeed, the general public is not likely to follow. Gentlemen, don't confuse speed with haste...

1989... they will very temporarily return to the race at the very end of the decade. But it will indeed be the last time because now the adventure will be more figurative than anything else...

1997...we will lose sight of them for almost 8 years and here they are back in this year 1997 in a form that we will qualify as relative. In any case, insufficient to bring them back into the race...

1997...even if they disappeared purely and simply from the Charts, that does not prevent them from continuing to believe in it. Right or wrong, that's something else...

2007... there it is downright 10 years that will separate this title from the previous one. But they come back again and don't intend to let go of the matter like that...

2007...a will to believe in it until the end which indisputably commands respect. As long as they enjoy doing what they do, isn't that the main thing...

2012...they come back at least once during each decade. And it doesn't matter that success is not necessarily there, the main thing for them is to always be present...

2012... whatever it is, the basic fans find themselves there necessarily. Seeing their favorite group pass the years, decades and centuries can only delight them !

2014...they will even allow themselves the luxury of releasing two albums almost in quick succession. The group is in great shape and it shows, especially it can be heard...

2014...a great form which does not allow them to return to the race. Despite an obvious desire to do well, nothing works... remains to be seen whether this title will be the last or not. But as with them nothing is ever finished, it could be that we find them the following decade...


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