Women wrapped in cellophane...

Edith Nylon is a French group formed in 1977 and composed of Mylène Khaski, Christophe Boutin, Isaac Khaski aka "Zako Khaski", Laurent Perez called "Karl Mormet" and Albert Tauby.

The name, Edith Nylon, would be a contraction in reference to Edith Piaf and the muse of the New York punk movement namely Judy Nylon.

A group that first stood out in 1978 by rock show hosts Alain Maneval when they took part in a springboard organized at Golf Drouot. Highlight that allows them to sign at CBS.

They released a first title of the name of the group in 1979, which enjoyed great esteem. Followed by few "Femmes sous cellophane". Two singles which do not go unnoticed and which allow the group to figure among the phenomena of the moment.

Unfortunately, the bellows will fall as quickly as it is mounted and the two albums which will be released thereafter, "Johnny, Johnny" in 1980 and "Echo, Bravo" in 1982, will meet only with meager success.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Edith Nylon 1979

  • Femmes sous cellophane 1979

  • Tank 1979

  • Quatres essais philosophiques 1980

  • Cinemascope 1980

Clips :

1979 ... the beginnings of a small group which will pass like a shooting star in the French musical landscape of the 80s. And yet this group could have, and should have, done great things given what they offer us already in 1st title !

1979 ... a group which will know its hour of glory - ephemeral - with this title. A group that really should have continued the adventure further but fate will have judged otherwise ...

1979 ... the sound is trendy, even if the style is particularly punchy, the style is inspired. Everything you needed to do great things ...

1980 ... they will attempt the transition to the 1980s. Unfortunately, an attempt will quickly end. Pity...

1980 ... an exit through the front door. They unquestionably sign one of their best titles here, proving once again that there was talent in this group ...

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