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Women hold up half the sky...

Ruby Turner, real name Francella Ruby Turner, is an Anglo-Jamaican singer, who started her artistic career playing luxury backing vocals for groups such as UB40 and other Culture Club.

She released her first solo single "Every soul" in 1983 but it went completely unnoticed. It took her another three years and 1986 to finally be rewarded for her efforts when she signed with the Jive Records label.

Label with which she released her first album "Women hold up half the sky", album which will be a hit and from which 6 hits will be extracted, including 2 top hits, just that. Starting with the enormous single "If you’re ready (Come go with me)", single which will remain as the highest ranked of all his discography. Another notorious success still taken from the same album, his luxury cover in 1987 of Etta James' "Id rather go blind" from 1968.

On the album side, it was in 1988 that she had her biggest success with "The Motown songbook", an album which mainly produced the title "Signed, sealed, delivered I'm yours".

She enjoyed a last notable success in 1990 with the title "It’s gonna be alright", the flagship single from the album "Paradise" released a year earlier in 1989.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • If you’re ready (Come go with me) 1986

  • I’m in love 1986

  • Bye baby 1986

  • I’d rather go blind 1987

  • In my life (It's better to be in love) 1987

  • Signed, sealed, delivered I’m yours 1988

  • What becomes of the broken hearted 1988

  • It’s gonna be alright 1990

  • Paradise 1990

  • It’s a crying shame 1990

  • The other side 1991

  • The vibe is right 1991

  • Rumours 1991

  • Stay with me baby 1994

  • Living for the city 1994

  • Never gonna ever give you up 1995


Clips :

1986 ... after a first title which will not have given much, the singer signs with this second title one of the biggest successes of all her discography. An ideal start of career as we say. HU-GE !

1986 ... a great year 1986 with a plethora of titles and quality on every level. She confirms here all the good that one could think of her and we await the continuation with impatience

1986 ... three titles classified in this year 1986, a score to say the least flattering. And given what is on the horizon, the sequel should be of the same caliber !

1987 ... the year 1987 started again on the same bases as the previous year. Only small difference, the singer goes here in Intimist mode, area in which we had not yet seen her venture. A perfectly successful bet as they say !

1987 ... even if the year 1987 will not have quite the same level of success as the year 1986, what the singer delivers is far from being without interest, it is clear !

1988 ... a year 1988 which starts off on the hats of wheel thanks to this luxury cover of the title of Stevie Wonder dating from 1970. Of course, the copy is not worth the original but its adaptation version 80s largely holds the road !

1988 ... duo of shock but especially of charm particularly effective on a title which works my faith very well once again. A dynamic of success that does not weaken an iota and that will continue for some time ...

1990 ... after an empty year 1989, she is back in great shape at the start of the new decade. A decade that starts off with a bang with this enormous title which allows her to add a new star to its prize list, just that !

1990 ... the beginning of the decade which saw her align hit after hit and which saw her above all maintain herself in the leading pack with obvious ease. Pretty good sign all that !

1990 ... a year 1990 which sees her especially aligning hit on hit in the United States whereas until then, her main successes had taken place on the old Continent. Not sure that it lasts but what is taken is no longer to be taken ...

1991 ... a great adventure in the USA which continues with this title. As much as the 1980s saw her as a prophet in her country, the 1990s saw her succeed far from home. Astonishing paradox ...

1991 ... a Dance title very much in tune with the times and which however will not even be classified. Sometimes it is better not to try to understand ...

1991 ... a very Dance year in 1991 which saw her align a quality title with a quality title. The success flees her desperately on the old Continent, which is not the case in the USA once again...

1994 ... big air gap of 3 years and here she comes back to us with this luxury cover of the title of Lorraine Ellison dating from 1966. A rather successful copy which shows that in the field of the Intimist, the singer has talent to spare, that's clear !

1994 ... an excellent Dance track which allows her to show that she is still there and in dazzling form, almost 10 years after her debut. Not sure that it will last very long ...

1995 ... a last year of existence placed once again under the sign of Dance. She is far from being ridiculous but the competition is already light years ahead and she will never be able to close the gap again ...


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