Who’s that girl...?

Madonna, whose real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone, is an American singer-songwriter who, aside from her status as a near legend, can also boast of having sold no less than 300 million records worldwide to date.

Of Italian origin through her father and Franco-Canadian through her mother, the young Madonna entered her artistic career by learning the piano, a discipline that she quickly dropped in favor of dance lessons, a discipline in which she displayed real skills.

We find her at the end of the 1970s in the Pear Lang Dance Theater troupe, with which she performs a few performances. Then she does the auxiliary dancer for some famous artists.

It was the meeting with musician Dan Gilroy that would speed things up a little, a musician with whom she formed a group called Breakfast Club, a group in which she sang and played the drums in particular. Adventure which unfortunately turns short quickly.

We find her shortly after in a group called Emmy with her new boyfriend of the moment. Adventure that turns short once again.

It is Mark Kamins, producer and DJ, who will put her foot in the stirrup by introducing her to Seymour Stein, founder of the Sire Records label. Label which allows her to release a first single named “Everybody” in 1982, followed by little by another named “Burning up” which, him, leaves at the beginning of the year 1983. Two singles which will hit the mark and launch the career of the singer for good.

A year 1983 which will prove to be exceptional for the young singer with the release of another single named ..."Holiday", a single which will reveal her to the whole world and literally explode her international fame. Single from the album which simply bears the young singer's name and which was also released the same year.

Her look, like her scenic style, then became one of the benchmarks, so much so that they are considered today as notorious references of the 1980s.

New album "Like a virgin" in 1984, first stratospheric album by sales with more than 20 million copies sold worldwide. Album which produced the singer's first global mega hit, namely the enormous single "Like a virgin", a single with a particularly daring clip and which will set fire to all the Dancefloor on the planet. Little followed by another very high caliber single which was none other than "Material girl" which was released a year later in 1985.

A year 1985 which will also see the release of another mega hit with the title "Into the groove", also taken from the album "Like a virgin". And to a lesser extent "Dress you up" which comes out in stride.

Also in 1985, a decidedly exceptional year, she signed 2 titles on the soundtrack of the film Vision Quest, "Crazy for you" and "Gambler", 2 titles with less success but with global success once again. She was also seen in theaters in Desperately Seeking Suzanne, which was to be one of the biggest hits of the year.

And she will do even stronger on the album side the following year with the release in 1986 of the album "True blue", album of all records with 25 million copies sold around the world and a No.1 place in 28 countries. An album which sees the singer reach an almost unprecedented level of notoriety, notably thanks to titles like "Live to tell", "Papa don't preach", "True blue", "Open your heart" the same year and "La Isla Bonita ”in 1987.

A year 1987 which sees her in the credits of a new film called Who's that girl, film for which she also signs the soundtrack with several very high caliber titles including "Causing a commotion", "The look of love" but also, and above all, the enormous single "Who's that girl" which is a real worldwide hit.

We will have to wait for the year 1989 to see the release of the next album called "Like a prayer", album of the scandal notably through the single of the same name which also came out the same year. The music video will unleash the wrath of the Vatican as well as fundamentalist Catholics because it shows the singer abusively using several Christian symbols, even going so far as to want to make love with a Saint.

This does not prevent the album from doing almost as strong as its predecessor in terms of ranking in the Charts, with a sales level in sharp decline (15,000,000 million copies only ...!). The main extract is the enormous "Like a prayer" but also "Express yourself" which, too, will reach impressive sales levels.

New cinematographic adventure in 1990 where we find her alongside Warren Beaty in the film Dick Tracy, a film which will meet with significant success at the Box Office. Just like her soundtrack "I’m Breathless" produced by the singer and whose flagship title will be "Vogue". The single will set fire to every Dancefloor on the planet and confirm, if necessary, its status as the undisputed queen of the end of the 20th century on the music scene.

A 90s which ended in apotheosis with the release of the single "Justify my love", taken from the artist's first compilation "The immaculate collection", and which will also shatter everything in its path.

Surprisingly, the year 1991 will see the release of only one title with "Rescue me". Single also extracted from the same compilation and which will also know a notable success.

New cinematographic appearance in 1992 with her role in the film A league of their own, film for which she once again signed the soundtrack. BO whose main title “This used to be my playground” adds a new star to the singer's already exceptional track record.

1992 also saw the release of his new album "Erotica", an album which once again reached sales levels in decline with only 6 million copies. Album which will nevertheless produce the mega hits "Erotica", "Deeper and deeper" in 1992 and "Bad girl" and "Rain" in 1993. Even if the sales levels remain very high, the personality more and more troubled the singer, especially her exhibitionist and provocative side, is seriously starting to tarnish her image.

The year 1994 sees her again intervene with success on a soundtrack of a film, this time it will be for the film With Honors, a film in which she does not play any role and for which she plays the title "I'll remember" .

Also released is the album "Bedtime Stories", an album which sees the singer trying to restore her image by giving a much more sanitized image. And the effect is quite beneficial since the album is selling better than its predecessor with 8 million copies sold. In particular thanks to titles like "Secret" or "Take a bow" which came out the same year and to a lesser extent "Bedtime story" and "Human nature" which, them, came out a year later in 1995.

Another notorious success the same year with the title "You’ll see", track taken from the compilation "Something to remember".

New soundtrack in 1996 this time for the film Evita, in which she played the role of Eva Peron. Soundtrack from which will be extracted the enormous "Don’t cry for me Argentina" which will be his only notable success during the year 1997.

So we will have to wait for the year 1998 and the release of the album "Ray of light" to see her return in an absolutely shattering way to the front of the stage. After giving birth to her daughter Lourdes, she comes back metamorphosed and this can be felt in her whole personality, whether it be physical or artistic.

The album will sell at record levels (16 million copies worldwide) thanks to an incredible sound and allow the singer to regain her status as the undisputed star that she had somewhat tarnished in previous years. An album carried in a masterly way by what will surely remain as one of his masterpieces, namely "Frozen", a title considered to be one of the most striking of the end of the decade. And to a lesser extent also by "Ray of light", "The power of good-bye" and "Nothing really matters" which, for its part, will be released a year later in 1999.

Also in 1999, new soundtrack for the film Austin Powers : the spy who shagged me and new notorious success with the title "Beautiful stranger". Single which will be the only one released that year for the singer. An extraordinary singer, whose career was far from over and who will once again be found in dazzling form the following decade ...

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • Everybody 1982

  • Burning up 1983

  • Holiday 1983

  • Lucky star 1983

  • Borderline 1984

  • Like a virgin 1984

  • Material girl 1984

  • Crazy for you 1985

  • Angel 1985

  • Into the groove 1985

  • Dress you up 1985

  • Gambler 1985

  • Live to tell 1986

  • Papa don’t preach 1986

  • True blue 1986

  • Open your heart 1986

  • La isla bonita 1987

  • Who’s that girl 1987

  • Causing a commotion 1987

  • The look of love 1987

  • Spotlight 1988

  • Like a prayer 1989

  • Express yourself 1989

  • Cherish 1989

  • Oh father 1989

  • Dear Jessie 1989

  • Keep it together 1990

  • Vogue 1990

  • Hanky panky 1990

  • Justify my love 1990

  • Rescue me 1991

  • This used to be my playground 1992

  • Erotica 1992

  • Deeper and deeper 1992

  • Bad girl 1993

  • Fever 1993

  • Rain 1993

  • Bye bye baby 1993

  • I’ll remember 1994

  • Secret 1994

  • Take a bow 1994

  • Bedtime story 1995

  • Human nature 1995

  • You’ll see 1995

  • One more chance 1996

  • Love don’t live here anymore 1996

  • You must love me 1996

  • Don’t cry for me Argentina 1997

  • Another suitcase in another hall 1997

  • Frozen 1998

  • Ray of light 1998

  • Drowned world 1998

  • The power of good-bye 1998

  • Nothing really matters 1998

  • Beautiful stranger 1999

  • American pie 2000

  • Music 2000

  • Don't tell me 2000

  • What it feels like for a girl 2001

  • Die another day 2002

  • American life 2003

  • Hollywood 2003

  • Me against the music 2003

  • Nothing fails 2003

  • Love profusion 2003

  • Hung up 2005

  • Sorry 2006

  • Get together 2006

  • Jump 2006

  • Hey you 2007

  • 4 minutes 2008

  • Give it 2 me 2008

  • Miles away 2008

  • Celebration 2009

  • Revolver 2009

  • Give me all your luvin' 2012

  • Girl gone wild 2012

  • Masterpiece 2012

  • Turn up the radio 2012

  • Living for love 2014

  • Ghosttown 2015

  • Bitch I'm Madonna 2015

  • Hold tight 2015

  • Medellin 2019

  • Crave 2019

  • I rise 2019

  • Future 2019

  • I don't search I find 2020

  • Levitating 2020

Clips :

1982 ... the first steps of a young unknown girl with certain talent. A talent that is certainly obvious but which, at this stage, does not reveal a potential that is frankly above average. And yet ...

1983 ... after a first title for the less promising, the young singer confirms all the good that one can think of her. But still nothing exceptional for the moment ...

1983 ... then THIS title comes ! We expected the exceptional, we sensed it and here it is ! The singer signs here quite simply one of the biggest dance hits of the decade and makes a literally smashing entry into the big leagues. MAS-TER-FUL !