Where were you hiding when the storm broke...

The Alarm comes from Wales and was formed in 1981 by Mike Peters, Dave Sharp, Eddie McDonald and Nigel Twist.

Originally, in 1977, a first group was born under the name "The Toilets" and performed in the punko-rock category. Then became “Seventeen” in 1978, which this time played in the pop-rock category.

And finally became "The Alarm" in 1981. It was not until 1982 to see the group release their first real single "Marching on", a highly successful single.

It was a year later, in 1983, that things started to pick up steam when the hit single "The stand" was released. Followed by a few "Sixty eight guns", the flagship single that will make the group famous and hit the ground running across Europe. Both extracts from the album "Declaration".

Which will contain a third single of big caliber with "Where were you hiding when the storm broke" which him leaves in 1984.

A year later in 1985, new success with the release of the single "Absolute reality" which has achieved a good career in the Charts. Single from the new album "Strenght", album which will be the first of the group to enter the American Top40 albums.

In 1986 the single "Spirit of‘ 76 "was released, still taken from the same album and which in turn was a hit.

A year later in 1987 came out the album "Eye of the hurricane" which contained the single hit "Rain in the summertime", which remains to this day one of their highest ranked singles.

The year 1989 saw the release of the album "Change", a tribute to their homeland of Wales. Album which produced their biggest hit across the Atlantic with the title "Sold me down the river". Followed by little "Devolution working man blues" and "Love don’t come easy" which will in turn be very successful.

Last notable successes for the group because the dissensions are more and more strong within the latter and will lead inexorably to the implosion in 1991.

To discover or rediscover.

Discography (among others ...) :

  • The stand 1983

  • 68 guns 1983

  • Where were you hiding when the storm broke 1984

  • The deceiver 1984

  • The chant has just begun 1984

  • Absolute reality 1985

  • Strenght 1985

  • Spirit of 76’ 1986

  • Knife edge 1986

  • Rain in the summertime 1987

  • Rescue me 1987

  • Presence of love 1988

  • Sold me down the river 1989

  • The road 1990

Clips :

1983 ... after a year 1981 without much relief, here they are again in this year 1983 in great shape. Thanks to this particularly assertive style which allows them to obtain their first major hit

1983 ... but it is THIS title which will propel them overnight under the spotlight. And this on both sides of the Atlantic, a significant feat !

1984 ... surely one of their most emblematic titles. They confirm here a certain talent thanks to a style that is unlike any other

1984 ... they are now making big caliber hits at an impressive speed. And that's only the beginning !

1984 ... the first year with 3 hits. They confirm, piece by piece, their status as the sure value of the moment

1985 ... we start again on the hats of wheel the following year. And it still hits so hard. Pure and hard rock but in the English style. And that changes everything !

1985 ... their biggest success to date. A maturity that pays off and makes it possible to record success after success

1986 ... now they just need to unwind without forcing themselves too much. Well, sometimes it's the bare minimum ...

1986 ... an already more important relief for this colorful title. An inspiration that never falters !

1987 ... yet another of their most emblematic pieces. Paired with world-class success. All good little guys !

1987 ... Olympic form in this year 1987. They will not equal the previous title on this one but the quality is there, once again !

1988 ... then, downturn or continuity in success ? Continuity my Captain, continuity. Another World Class title, one more !

1989 ... another year with 3 hits. Starting with this one. A perfectly mastered end of the decade !

1990 ... the last notorious success. And almost 10 years at the top. Few of the group can say the same. The mark of the Great !

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